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DJI Mavic Air 2 hands-on and first impressions

The DJI Mavic Air 2 proves that drones can keep getting better. The Mavic Air 2 sets a new standard

Best cheap drones to get you up in the air

Find thrill in taking flight, buy a gift your kids will love, or kickstart your aerial photography hobby.

New Jersey cops use speaker-drones to help enforce pandemic lockdown

The drones have been deployed in New Jersey following similar action in Europe.

Mysterious drone tells New Yorkers to socially distance during pandemic

No one seems to know where the speaker-drone came from

Cops use drones to shame people flouting lockdown rules

Police in the U.K. posted a drone video that highlighted transgressors

Pandemic drones that can detect fevers and coughing will soon take to the sky

Could drones help stop the further spread of coronavirus?

The age of human exploration is behind us. Machines will take it from here

Robots can see things and explore places that humans will never be able to

French police the latest to use speaker-drones to enforce coronavirus lockdown

Cops in Nice are using drones to blast orders at citizens who should be indoors

Spanish police are using drones to scold citizens who go outside

It's unlikely that U.S. police would take similar measures

Spanish cops deploy speaker-drones to enforce coronavirus lockdown

Spanish citizens have been told to stay home for at least the next 15 days

The world needs a drone traffic control system, so AirMap is building one

If unmanned crafts are ever going to take off, this is what's needed

This awesome drone station could be coming to a hospital near you

It's part of a highly autonomous drone delivery system for medical samples

Drones are flying beneath the ground in Japan, and here’s why

It's another example of how the flying machines are transforming the way we work

Using drones to detect coronavirus? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

Could drones be used to monitor the spread of coronavirus? Absolutely, says CEO of a top drone company.

Amazing aerial drone display uses smoke machines and laser projection

This startup takes drone displays to the next level -- thanks to a laser writer and some cool smoke machines.

DARPA tests drones that can be dropped from planes and collected in midair

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently tested out a new drone it calls the X-61A Gremlins.

Drone delivery: Medical supplies will soon be flying around San Diego

UPS and Matternet are teaming up for a trial drone delivery service for health care facilities in San Diego.

When it comes to delivery drones, Google’s Wing is miles above the competition

The world has been waiting on autonomous drone deliveries seemingly forever. Google sister company Wing promises to make them a reality. Here's what it's achieved so far on its journey.

Apple Hires Drone and Aviation Law Expert as Washington Lobbyist

Apple has retained Lisa Ellman, a lawyer specializing in drone and aviation law, as a Washington lobbyist, reports Bloomberg.Ellman, a

U.K.’s busiest airport deploys new anti-drone system for safer skies

London Heathrow, the U.K.'s busiest airport, has installed a new safety system capable of detecting rogue drones flying nearby, and also of pinpointing the person operating it.

Latest Reviews

Four ways to choose the best web design agency for you

You probably know someone who is a web designer. If you do a simple search for web design London, you’re likely to get hit by numerous results for many design firms, online specialists, and even app developers. The most confusing thing is that all these agencies will tout their services as the best, but you must put your hard-earned resources at work with the best agency.If you don’t get it right the first time, you will not only pay top dollar for poor services, but you may also end up with a website that will not meet your needs or that of your business. If you want to save yourself all this hassle, all you need to do is follow the simple tips we provide below to get you the best web design agency that’ll fulfill your requirements and meet your needs.Experience and ExpertiseBefore you contract an agency to design your agency, you must ask for proof of their relevant experience. Even if you can only contact them online, ask them to point you in the direction of recent similar work. Once they do, you will be able to go through their work and check whether they will be suitable for you and deliver high-quality work. The only exception to the rule when it comes to a potential agency offering work samples is if your project is unique.Your BudgetBefore you speak to a potential agency, you should have an idea of what a comfortable budget looks like to you. Just because you want excellent services doesn’t mean that you should pay the highest quote. To make the most of your budget and have a clear picture of what you should pay for web design services, consider how long your project will take.Once you have an idea of the number of hours, consider how long your project will take. Once you know the number of hours your project may take, you can multiply this by regular industry hourly rates. This will give you a general idea of how much you should spend on your project.TechnologyDifferent web design services are specialists in specific technologies. For instance, some are experts at frameworks or programming languages and have loads of experience working on them. When choosing such agencies, you want to ensure that the technology they offer you is scalable and portable.This will ensure that if there are any future changes, then you can do them quickly. When it comes to scalability, the technology you choose must grow with your site as you get more traffic and introduce new customers.Reviews From Past CustomersBefore choosing a web design agency, you must consider what previous clients had to say about them. If the agency has nothing to hide about their work, they will have no problem introducing you to their past clients. It is also essential that you use their website and search for any comments or reviews that their clients have made. You have to make sure that you put your project into the hands of people that you can trust. Whatever your agency promises you, they should be able to deliver.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

Verizon streamlines data plans for connected devices

Verizon has offered up new Unlimited data plans for connected devices such as smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and mobile hotspots.With the introduction of a new $30 monthly plan, Verizon now offers three different Unlimited options for its subscribers. Select plans will include access to 5G Ultra Wideband.Here’s a quick breakdown of how things look as of today.$10 UnlimitedSmartwatches: Unlimited 4G LTE with 15GB premium data and unlimited talk/text.$20 UnlimitedTablets: Unlimited 4G LTE plus 15GB premium data, unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB 4G LTEJetpacks, MiFis, Hotspots: Unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB 4G LTE$30 Unlimited PlusTablets: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband, unlimited 4G LTE with 30GB premium data, and 30GB of 4G LTEJetpacks, MiFis, Hotspots: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband, unlimited mobile hotspot with 30GB 4G LTEThe aforementioned prices are per month with an existing phone on an Unlimited plan. Customers who sign up for a Do More or Get More plan get a 50% discount on the three connected device plans.The rate plans are in effect as of September 17.

Apple Watch Series 6 Reviews Roundup: Brighter and Faster, Blood Oxygen Measuring Requires Precise Fit

First impressions of the Apple Watch Series 6 have now been shared by select media outlets and YouTubers, providing a

Xiaomi Poco X3 review: The right compromises

Find out if ads are worth paying less for in our Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC review.