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The Pixel 3a is the best unlocked Android phone you can buy

In a world where most people in the United States buy smartphones through carriers like Verizon and AT&T, it's important

Misfit Vapor X Review: Simple, unfussy, and very impressive

The Misfit Vapor X watch keeps a low profile in black, but don't take this for an inability to impress. It's among the best Wear OS smartwatches to date.

Managing dozens of tabs on Google Chrome is about to get way easier

Google will soon introduce new changes to Chrome, including a much easier way for users to manage hundreds of tabs on their browser.

Google Search celebrates Friends 25th anniversary with fun Easter eggs

Googling the cast members names will reveal a surprise.What you need to knowGoogle is celebrating the 25th anniversary or Friends

Google Chrome gets customizable themes on desktop, tab grouping on Android

Google says some more improvements are coming to Chrome later in the fall.What you need to knowGoogle is introducing new

Google announces biggest corporate purchase of green energy in history

Google's latest energy purchases will increase its existing renewable energy portfolio by over 40 percent.What you need to knowGoogle has

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