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Google Pixel 3a vs. Pixel 3: Which should you buy?

Here at Android Central we use dozens of phones every year, from $1,000 flagships to $100 entry-level devices. That's why

Google Photos’ overflow menu is getting a revamped design

Access with the three-dot button or by swiping up.What you need to knowA redesign of the Google Photos overflow menu

Can’t get Disney+ on your Android phone? You aren’t alone

Disney+'s launch is off to a rocky start for Android users.What you need to knowA lot of people are having

Honor V30 to launch November 26, and it’s going to have 5G

Honor will launch the V30 smartphone on November 26, and not only will it have a dual-selfie camera inside a cutout on the screen, but it will also have 5G.

The Galaxy S10+ is the best waterproof Android phone you can buy

Over the years, water-resistance in phones has gone from being a luxury reserved only for top-end phones to a standard

How to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with an Android phone

Playing games on your smart phone is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. However, with some games it

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