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The LG Wing soars again as a handheld gaming console — well, only part of it

Chinese developer Laozhang created 50 units as a commission, turning the LG Wing into a handheld gaming console. The handheld

Temple Run gets the Disney treatment in Temple Run: Brave

A movie twist on an old classic

Hurry — This RTX 3090-powered Alienware gaming PC is $1,490 off

Buy an Alienware gaming PC that will last you years thanks to its truly high-end specs, all for considerably less than usual from Dell.

Amazon’s Choice gaming keyboard is only $20 today

We're always on the lookout for the best budget mechanical keyboards, especially when we have confidence they can stand up to heavy use.

Alienware’s new X14 gaming laptop just got a $300 price cut

Pick up the world's thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop at a hefty discount when you buy the Alienware x14 direct from Dell.
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This could be a major blow for Android gamers