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Find Durham NC AC & Furnace Repair Companies | Best AC Installation Services

Are you planning to install a new AC unit? Air-conditioning systems are no longer a luxury but a necessity in the fight against the summer heat.

Even the best model won’t provide the expected performance and efficiency unless it’s installed properly. Therefore, homeowners in Durham should be cautious when selecting the best installation services. Numerous aspects are supposed to be factored in, such as quality, size, location, ductwork, durability, etc.

The following factors are worth considering.


The initial factor to take into consideration when hiring AC installation services in Durham is quality. Air-conditioning systems of higher quality are costlier to install, but their lifespan is significantly longer. Homeowners should focus on unit specifications to opt for the most appropriate alternative on the market.

Fortunately, AC installation experts can provide invaluable assistance in selecting the most suitable system for your needs. Most AC & Furnace installation companies, like Alternative Aire Inc, offer exceptional workmanship and favorable warranties. The quality of installation is crucial as well, as improperly installed systems result in inefficiency. If possible, have no hesitations about investing in a high-quality system to prevent frequent repairs and replacement.


Another indispensable factor to consider when hiring AC installation services is the size of the air-conditioning unit. It’s of vital importance for the unit to be of suitable size and be placed easily at the location of preference. Homeowners often end up choosing units of the wrong size for their households due to their lack of knowledge in assessing the available space.

Nevertheless, experienced installers analyze the space and determine the best air-conditioner dimensions for your house/apartment. If the unit is overly small compared to the available space, you will have to run it consistently, which induces high energy consumption. Conversely, small systems cool the air too quickly and have a fast on and off cycle.


Prior to any AC system installation, professionals should inspect the condition of the ductwork. Inefficient and old ducts have a tendency to leak up to twenty percent of cool air, thus failing to cool the rooms properly. Homeowners can impede such problems by hiring the assistance of a professional company. Read here about duct materials, components, cleaning, and sealing. 

Experienced technicians are skilled at resolving duct issues by sealing joints and ensuring cool air remains in the room. To guarantee high efficiency, some companies provide custom duct fabrication and design. The ductwork has to be secured before installation takes place.


The location of the system is another important consideration for homeowners in Durham to cool their homes efficiently. Professional installers know how to pick the best location to guarantee maximum efficiency. They will make sure the unit’s condenser is located in a shady area.

Keeping the condenser in an overly bright spot might cause the system to overheat. By selecting the wrong condenser location, the room won’t be as cool as expected. Additionally, professionals do their best to keep the surrounding area sufficiently clean for better performance. This article, https://www.thespruce.com/how-home-air-conditioning-system-works-4121077, explains how a home air-conditioning system works.


Purchasing a durable air-conditioning unit is necessary for avoiding constant repairs. Homeowners in Durham can select a model by carrying out their own research. Trustworthy technicians, however, assist them in comparing various brands and models in the search for the most durable units. Durable models enable homeowners to make significant savings in the long run.

Wrap up

A professional AC installer will assist you in purchasing a durable, high-quality unit and placing it in the most favorable location!

Wait no longer!

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