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Benefits of Business Intelligence Reporting Tools

Businesses organizations nowadays are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, and one of the methods employed is leveraging on...

Call Center Answering Services for Banking Sector: Insights and Benefits

Outsourcing customer services is a decision that benefits the banking sector to a great extent. It's essential to open the lines for...

Transform Your Home With Custom Blinds And Shutters

There are various ways that you can make changes to the way your home looks and feels, but a lot of these...

Technologies That Help You to Pass Borders

Before the pandemic started, international travel increased at a very rapid rate. In 2017,  experts believed that about 1.4 billion tourists traveled...

How to Know What Your Car Accident Case Worth

If you have been involved in a car accident, the first question that may come to your mind is how much is...

The History of Marketing Operations

Infographic brought to you by Wrike low cost project management software

4 brands that have nailed the cart abandonment email strategy

2020 has brought a lot of changes along, and there's no industry that wasn't affected by what we all are undergoing. The...

A Guide on Incorporating Technology into Your Business

Technology presents a lot of opportunity and growth for businesses across all divides. This is why implementing its use is so important....

A Complete Guide to Market Your Plumbing Business Online

Plumbing is considered one of the most profitable businesses. In fact, industry revenue has grown to a total of $107 billion from...

Incredible New Hobbies You Should Give a Try This 2021

Pandemic has forced us to figure out what to do with all the spare time we have. No clubs, socializing, restaurants, gatherings,...

3 Ways to Optimize Business Processes While Working Remote

Starting early in 2020, most employees who were capable of working remotely transitioned to the home office. For workers, there are pros...

How To Set Your Computer Up To Play The Most Popular First-Shooter Games

A first-person shooter (FPS) game is a combat game wherein you will be able to experience the action in the eyes of...

How Can Public Safety Be Improved in the Digital Age?

Technology is developing faster than ever before. The entire human experience is evolving to work alongside these innovations. The digital age is...

Hani Zeini highlights the Effect of Technology on the Fitness Industry

Technology is ruling overall and has paved its way into the fitness industry. Technology impacts many aspects of the world of health...

NASA and Nokia will build the first 4G network on the Moon

The IT giant Nokia will build the first ever 4G network on the Moon, being chosen to do so by NASA. This...

Can You Qualify for Disability from COVID-19?

As the pandemic stretches into the new year, many people are still seen facing issues while coming to terms with this new...

New Business Equipment – Myths and Truths About How to Start New Business

Starting a business can be a wonderful way to make a living. You get to be your own boss and control your...

SOCKS Proxies: Overview, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Online security plays a massive role in how people interact on the internet. It offers better opportunities for surfing the internet without...

Top Ways Cloud Computing can Improve Your Digital Transformation Journey

In today’s time, a customer’s experience is paramount for determining the success of a business. In simple words, if customers applaud a...

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes in Just No Time

Listening to music in your computer is cool and great but sometimes, you can’t help but have the nagging feeling of being...



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Facebook is using AI to better describe photos for the visually impaired

Facebook's alt text descriptions are currently available in 45 different languages.What you need to knowThe latest version of Facebook's automatic

The best cases for your Google Pixel 4a (5G)

The Google Pixel 4a 5G is a wonderful option for customers looking to get the most phone for their money, especially if 5G connectivity is a concern. The handset runs pure Android the way Google intends, features an excellent point and click camera experience, and is priced considerably lower than most other 5G devices.For all the good that the phone is, none of it matters if the phone doesn’t work. To that end, you want to keep your beloved handset protected. If you need to pick up a new protective case for the Google Pixel 4a (5G), these are some of the best you’ll find.Blu Element 2-in-1 FolioFeel free to leave the wallet behind as this folio style allows for multiple credit cards and cash. It’s durable, stylish, and practical stuff and we love it. And best of all, it allows for easily attaching and removing the phone. Thanks, magnets! As low as $35.MNMLThin is is with this case. Seriously, this is about as thin of a protective layer you can find for your phone. It keeps your device guarded against scrapes and scratches yet adds almost zero thickness to your phone. Like a fraction of a millimeter. Pick it up in a handful of finishes, including frost. As low as $27.Spigen Rugged ArmorFlexible, thin, and easy to grip, you’ll barely notice it’s there. That is until you knock it off the table. Not to worry, though, it’s tougher than you are. As low as $20.Case-Mate ECO 94 ClearBuilt using sustainable(plant-based) materials, this eco-friendly case can handle drops up to 10 feet. Completely clear, it lets you show off the color of your phone, too. As low as $20.Tech 21 EvoCheck Smokey/BlackSturdy and strong yet not overly bulky, this case will safeguard against drops up to 12 feet. With just the right bit of thickness along the edges, you’ll appreciate the added lip around the camera. The accent design looks cool regardless of which color phone you have. As low as $40.Caseology SkyfallConstructed of two layers, one is soft TPU material that’s soft yet protective, while the other is a hard polycarbonate bumper for the edges. The extra reinforcement will help should you drop your phone. Not that you’d ever do that. As low as $30.Incipio GripHaving a phone case that handles drops is nice, but we don’t really want to worry about that do we? This case has multidirectional grip along the edges so your handset doesn’t go tumbling out of hand. But, unless it’s falling more than 14 feet you shouldn’t stress. Oh, and there’s a lifetime guarantee behind it all. As low as $24.Otterbox CommuterComprised of two pieces, the phone is surrounded by a synthetic rubber slipcover that’s bolstered by a polycarbonate shell. It’s thinner than it sounds, and doesn’t impact your wireless charging. Rest easy knowing you’ve got a lifetime warranty behind it. As low as $40.WoodgrawConstructed from 100% natural wood, this one-piece case has a rubber bumper around the edge and raised lip. Slim and light, it’s a durable case that looks unlike anything else you see on this list. Choose from a variety of designs and patterns that fit your style. As low as $40.Speck Presidio ExoTech with GripsConstructed from a single layer of soft-touch and no-slip material, this case is designed to meet military specifications for extreme durability. Bolstered by a lifetime warranty, it also has Microban antimicrobial protection against bacteria. Oh, and those raised grips make one-handed use a breeze. As low as $40.

The Android best phones at UScellular (January 2021)

The fourth largest carrier in the United States, UScellular, has a fairly robust selection of devices. With phones at the top of the line and products at the entry level, there’s plenty in between, too.If you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone from UScellular, and are considering an Android, we’re here to help. What you’ll find below is a collection of the best phones at UScellular, as we see it.The following models have been assigned “categories” which should help to identify the target user base. All of them, though, are worth your time and interest.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraAll the Bells and WhistlesIf you’re looking for the biggest and most powerful all-around device from Verizon, this is it. With a screen size (6.9-inches) that rivals early tablets, it packs an upgraded S Pen stylus and cutting-edge hardware. Oh, and then there’s a first-of-its-kind 108-megapixel camera, too.Powered by Android 10 with Samsung’s custom UI, the handset has generous battery, tons of (expandable) storage, and support for Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network. Choose from Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray color options, both of which are stunning.Shop Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at UScellularSamsung Galaxy S20 Fan EditionIf you’re on the hunt for a phone that you plan to own for a few years, you don’t want to cut corners. You want a flagship phone. The problem is that too many of them cost way more than we’re willing to spend.The Fan Edition of the flagship S20 is what happens when you keep the most important stuff and toss aside the frills (and extra cost).Here, you get a large screen with high refresh rate, a large battery, three rear cameras, and a modern Android and user interface. Offered in two attractive colors, it’s the S20 you deserve.Shop Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition at UScellular Google Pixel 4aEveryman AppealSure, there are plenty of other devices with considerably more robust hardware at Verizon. Do you want, or need to spend hundreds for that luxury? Nope. This phone is a mid-range phone that punches above its weight.The stock Android experience stays as current as anything you’ll find and it only get better with each, timely update. Toss in a camera that wows anyone and everyone, a solid battery, and a surprising $350 price tag and you’ll just why we like it so much.Shop Google Pixel 4a at UScellularMotorola G PowerFirst-time BuyerWhen you care more about messaging, social media, and tasks than gaming, you don’t need to worry about high-end hardware. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the important stuff.This phone runs a lean and mean Android 10 and features a sizable 6.2-inch FHD+ screen. The inner workings are sufficient enough to get the job done for many users and the 5,000mAh battery ensures it goes all day.Shop Motorola Moto G Power at UScellularSamsung Galaxy Z FlipThe Future of Folding PhonesThe Galaxy Z Flip 5G brings back the familiar clamshell design that your parents had at the turn of the decade but with a much smarter operating system… and a heftier price tag.Fully opened, you’ve got a 6.7-inch screen that rivals other phones in size and quality. Under the hood are a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 5G support, and more than enough storage. Grab it in Mystic Gray or Mystic Bronze.Shop Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at UScellular

NVIDIA SHIELD TV 8.2.2 released with Control4 support

SHIELD TV was launched back in 2015, and has received 26 updates since then. Now number 27, version 8.2.2 is rolling out now.NVIDIA SHIELD TV 8.2.2 brings support for next-generation controllers such as controllers for the Xbox Series S/X and Playstation Dual Sense controllers. To get started playing GeForce Now or Android games:Start Bluetooth pairing on SHIELDStarting pairing mode on the controllerDualSense: Hold PlayStation and Share/Clip button until light pulses blueXBox Series X/S: Hold the pairing button until the Xbox button blinksSHIELD TV 8.2.2 also brings Control4 support for people with home theaters. Your Control4 remote or app can navigate SHIELD and directly launch installed apps. To get started, just contact a certified Control4 installer to add your SHIELD today.NVIDIA SHIELD TV 8.2.2 brings the Discovery+ and Noggin app, as well as a variety of new GeForce NOW games including Among Us and Cyberpunk 2077.SHIELD TV 8.2.2 is rolling out right now, but might take up to a week. Read more about it here.