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Snag a year’s access to Norton’s ‘Secure VPN’ while it’s 75% off


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For one of the best VPN deals today, check out Stack Social which currently has Norton Secure VPN available for just $20 for a one-year subscription instead of the usual price of $80. Protecting up to five devices including all your iOS and Android devices, as well as your laptop or desktop, it’s fantastic value for such strong peace of mind. If you’re in the market for a new VPN, keep reading while we explain why it’s worth buying Norton Secure VPN.

Why you should buy Norton Secure VPN

You won’t see Norton Secure VPN in our look at the best VPNs, but don’t fret as it’s still a major name in the security world featuring prominently in looks at the best antivirus software. With Norton Secure VPN, you get real-time threat protection for up to five of your devices along with online privacy.

Read up on what is a VPN and you’ll learn that companies such as your ISP can potentially track your online activities or location. Worse, when using public Wi-Fi, nefarious sources can potentially intercept data too. Needing to use a VPN at home is helpful but when traveling, it’s downright necessary. Use VPN and you’ll enjoy bank grade encryption with your private information kept secure and private. It’s possible to send and receive passwords, bank details, and credit card numbers without worrying about anyone unwanted checking it out.


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It means you can access all your favorite apps and websites from anywhere without worrying about it being noticed. Also, your location is encrypted with Norton Secure VPN being a no-log VPN so there’s no record of your visit. Norton Secure VPN even blocks ads by intercepting cookies and removing identifying information.

On Windows and Android, Norton Secure VPN also has a killswitch which automatically disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection is lost. There’s also split tunnelling functionality whereby you can connect to a service via a VPN while browsing unprotected elsewhere. At times, this will be very useful.

Whatever your intentions, Norton Secure VPN will keep you secure and safe. It usually costs $80 but right now, you can buy it from Stack Social for just $20. In exchange, you’re protected for a full 12 months so there’s great peace of mind for something that costs just $20. Check out the deal now.

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