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Top 5 websites to download GIFs

GIFs are a vital part of web history and culture. Once they burst onto the scene back in 1987, few might have unreal GIFs that would gain the maximum amount of attention or live as long. But, today, they’re an online mainstay. In keeping with statistics website W3Techs, 22.7% of all the websites on the internet use GIFs.

What is a GIF?

The first-ever known GIF was created in ’87 by a man named Steve Wilhite. GIF stands for “graphic interchange format.” GIFs square measure animations supported regular delays. They’re additionally set in loops; barely several can agree it a lot of pleasurable.

GIFs are Versatile

The great factor concerning GIFs is that there is one for each moment. Sure, you wouldn’t use a kitten GIF in a vital business presentation; however, you may produce a shocking mental image to showcase knowledge And on the far side of displays, GIFs will be used on social media and in emails. In fact, one in all the a lot of standard ways in which of driving clicks to sites is by mistreatment video GIFs in emails. They’re partaking and demand interaction. Dell’s analysis into the ability of GIF in email found that they:

  • Can boost open rates by 7%
  • Can increase click rates by forty 45%
  • Drove a 103% increase in conversions
  • Grew revenue by 109%

Where to Find The Best GIFs

Finding an effective way to communicate a particular message is difficult, particularly if you’re making an attempt to search out a GIF that resonates along with your audience, tone, and topic. That is why we’ve curated a listing of the most effective websites to search out GIFs. Our list includes 5 sites we’ve found to be full of all the most effective GIFs to urge your message. There are also many ways to help you download GIFs from Twitter. We’ve additionally enclosed a group of fascinating facts and figures regarding every website.


Giphy first appeared on the internet in 2013 under three people partnership which are Jack Cooke, Alex Chung, and Henry Lockwood. Together, they created what we predict is one amongst the foremost vital GIF platforms within the world. Giphy’s assortment includes reactions, diversion, sports, food/drink, animals, action, anime, cartoons, emotions, and gaming. Whereas these classes square measure accessible through the most menu, clicking on the classes link provides you access to everything from action to news and politics GIFs.

Giphy’s additionally done over most alternative GIF suppliers ought to create their content accessibly. By partnering with brands and varied platforms, you’ll simply access GIFs from Giphy’s in-depth info, providing you with a world of choices to precise yourself.

Giphy facts and figures:

  • Recently it was acquired by Facebook for associate calculable $400 million
  • According to the selection, Giphy has over 700 million users
  • Serves up ten billion GIFs daily
  • Shows eleven million hours of content daily
  • Users consume simply over 2 hours of content per day
  • Receives 2 billion API calls every month
  • Offers videos and memes
  • Also available as iOS and Android apps

2. Reaction GIFs

Reaction GIFs was based in 2011. whereas very little is understood regarding the online-based corporate, they need some serious pull. You’ll seemingly see main classes (Yes, No, OMG!, Dance Party, PopCorn GIFs, Lol, Love, and WTF?). However, reaction GIFs have a lot to supply. You’ll realize GIFs for everything in classes that vary from “Abandoned Thread” to “Yuck.” And if that’s not enough to assist you to discover the right GIF, you’ll be able to use the “I am feeling…”, “My answer is…” and search fields.

Reaction GIFs facts and figures:

  • It receives over 100 million website visits every month
  • Over 30% of all the visitors come from the U.S.

3. Tumblr

David Karp created Tumblr in 2007. The platform is meant to control as a hybrid of a microblogging and social media website. It’s additionally home to over micro-blogs and GIFs. In addition, you’ll be able to use Tumblr to search out quotes, photos, audio, and videos. The positioning additionally comes with AN “Asks” class. Through it, users will post a matter for members to answer.

Tumblr facts and figures:

  • Hosts over 500 million blogs
  • Over 15 million posts are which are published every day
  • Users can also post text, photos, GIFs, videos, live videos, and audiAuAutomattic then acquires Tumblr3 million dollars
  • Also available as iOS and Android apps

While Tumblr wasn’t designed as a fanatical GIF resource, it’s still a strong tool. With over five hundred million blogs and fifteen million-plus daily posts, you’re ready to explore for GIFs for pretty much any occasion.


4. Imgflip

Imgflip first time appeared on the internet in 2011. The positioning permits users to take pictures, GIFs, and charts victimization their demeanor online service content generator. They’ve conjointly inbuilt a social part that permits users to share content with friends. Imgflip offers a professional setup. It offers users the power to get rid of the Imgflip watermark from content, disables advertisements, whereas, on the positioning, it provides a lot of storage, higher image quality, and longer videos.

Imgflip facts and figures:

  • Receives approx 11.2 million visits per month
  • Users post text, photos, GIFs, videos, live videos, and audio
  • It also Offers API and Slack integration

5. GIFbin

GIFBin was founded in early 2009. Since then, the positioning has been home to a number of the foremost amusive GIFs on the net, like this one titled “Dog desires to travel for a walk.”

GIFs square measure sorted by tag, and you’ll be able to notice nearly any reasonably GIF on this weIn addition, the website simply. GINFBin conjointly offers random GIFs. Kind of like Google’s “Feeling Lucky” feature, users wanting to be pleased will click on the “Random GIF” button to be pleasantly stunned. If you’re searching for the foremost standard GIFs, just select the “Top-Rated,” “Most Viewed,” and “Commented” tabs.

GIFBin facts and figures:

  • GIFBin staff itself create some of its GIFs
  • Receive around 50k visits on monthly bases
  • France and the U.S. make up a third of GIFBin’s most frequent visitors of all time.
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