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6 Must-See Storage Bins For Your Outdoors

One day, you look at your backyard and think, “What could I possibly do to make it a better, more organized place?” Say no more. Here is a list of storage bins that you definitely must see to give you ideas on how to spruce up your outdoors.

Buddeez Original Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy

The first outdoor storage bin in this list is somewhat a simple concept but is incredibly efficient and is a great organizer. The Buddeez Charcoal Kaddy is the perfect grill accessory you didn’t know you need. Opening a sack of charcoal is easy, but if you’re not planning on using everything, storing it could be a pain.

With this storage bin, you’ll be able to put the whole sack of charcoal inside and close the lid for safekeeping. Its rugged design also keeps the coals dry, fresh, and ready to be poured at any time. It also has heavy-duty handles that makes it very portable. Lastly, it’s not exclusive for charcoal use only. You can use it to store seeds, fertilizers, or whatever you can fit inside.

KETER Patio Store Outdoor Storage Shed

This next storage unit is an outstanding addition to any backyard. Keter’s Patio Store Storage Shed has ample space for all of your equipment, from gardening tools to outdoor toys. The material used for the shed has a wood-like texture, making it easily paintable, and is made out of a water-resistant resin that isn’t affected by weather damage.

There is also a customizable aspect to the shed, a set of adjustable brackets to support an extra shelf. The best part is that it is compatible with any standard padlock, so you can lock it and feel secure because of that added protection.

PHI VILLA Decorative Firewood Log Rack

If you have a campfire, an open fire pit, or a wood oven in your backyard, then this next storage bin is for you. Phi Villa has produced a firewood log rack that meets a high standard for wood storage. The frame is made of thick steel and has a powder-coated finish which makes it exceptionally durable and sturdier than a typical log rack.

You can get a sense of its high quality and strength when you put logs on it since it can carry up to a hundred and fifty pounds of wood. The assembly for this product is also easy to follow because of the manual, and you’d only need a wrench to tighten and secure the bolts.

Permasteel Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler

Do you want to leave a great impression on your guests? If you do, then you should probably get this next outdoor storage bin. The Rolling Patio Cooler by Permasteel is a container that will certainly garner the attention of anyone that sees it at your next backyard gathering.

The cooler can contain up to a hundred twelve-ounce cans, with some extra room to spare for the ice. It comes with a built-in bottle opener and cap catcher, so you won’t need to look for one in the kitchen. A drain plug also comes installed on the cooler, so cleaning it up will be a breeze. Finally, you can’t forget about the large grip handles and four caster wheels with two locks, ensuring the cooler is portable and easy to maneuver.

Suncast Resin Outdoor Hideaway Durable Storage

Leaving your hose just lying on the ground can become very unsightly. You can try to roll it up and hang it somewhere, but it would still look messy and unorganized. What you need is this Outdoor Hideaway Storage from Suncast.

This storage includes a hose that is a hundred feet long, so you won’t have any issue running out of hose length when you use it around your house. It also has a built-in crank handle for easy, fast, and reliable hose winding. Now, you won’t need to worry about your hose being littered around your yard with this hideaway storage.

Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep Station

If you love your outdoor grilling and barbecuing, then you’ll also love this next item. Another product from Suncast, this Grilling Prep Station is a must-have for any good griller everywhere. Having this beside your grill will make things easier for you to prepare, and you’ll have additional storage if you’ll need it.

The station has two drop leaf extensions on the side if you want more surface for your ingredients. It also has two cabinets that are ideal storage for your condiments and eating and grilling utensils. Fretting about this item’s longevity is not needed since it is built to last a long time.


These are the six must-see storage bins for your outdoor needs. Purchasing any of these items will guarantee a better backyard experience for you and your family, although getting all of them would be best.

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