The time is not too far when we would become a cyborg. Once we will overcome our consciousness and get rid of our pesky body functions, we’ll be there. In the meantime, we’re getting closer to it every day. We already have crossed 7 months of this year and stepped in the second half of 2019, we’re all set to see the innovative gadgets all with the same goals, i.e, to distract us from the fact that there is no meaning to life.

Well, just joking, there is nothing like that. We all know that the advancement in technology has done a lot to ourselves. That is why, with the time, scientist all around the world keep trying to innovate gadgets or systems to make our life easier.

So, here are the upcoming 5 cool gadgets that you can have in the upcoming year.

1. LG 8K TV

With an already so much advancement done in the designing of the television, you surely have thought that wouldn’t see anymore advancement, especially in this lifetime. But look what happened, LG has announced 8K OLED panel TV ahead of CES. Yes, you heard it right. It is the 8K who is claiming to be the largest and the highest-resolution OLED panel ever.

We don’t have the idea about the price but don’t expect it less than the price of a small house.

2. Halberd

Halberd is one of the most innovative gadgets of the upcoming year. It is the world’s most advanced NextGen smart Bluetooth key and lock. It will automatically lock your PC when you will walk away. It is made by GateKeeper. A halberd is a perfect gadget for those who are less cautious when it comes to privacy and security. It is an ideal desktop companion. So, if you forget to log out or lock your machine while leaving your workplace temporarily, it will shut it down.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

Many Laptop manufacturing companies are trying to make thinner and lighter computers all powered by 8th generation Intel core processors. But you know who has won the battle. It is non-other than Lenovo.

The new ThinkPad T series is the most trustworthy among all the fresh line-up. It is marketed as the “Corporate Workhouse” as this series includes privacy protection features such as an IR camera, fingerprint reader, and ThinkShutter webcam to protect the users from being monitored by the computer hijackers. Lenovo is claiming that it has the battery that would last over more than 24hrs.

4. Samsung Curved QLED Monitor

Samsung has done advancement in the field of connectivity and performance capabilities and thus designed a curved display, claiming it to be the first curved monitor to feature Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

CJ791 monitor, a desktop essential for anyone needs to be multitasking to get everything done in time. It is designed for a business audience, but entertainment purposes too. All thanks to the 3440*1440 ultra-wide QHD resolution display. Through it, users can link and dock their monitor and laptop without a chaos of tables. It’s processing speed is up to 40 Gbps.

Samsung has said that it would be available by the end of this year or first quarter of next year.

5. Proof

The proof is a wearable wristband. It doesn’t only look after your health but also by doing so, it might save your life. It is revolutionizing the way we are consuming alcohol by tracking our BAC levels and relaying statistics to the accompanying app for both platforms, i.e., iOS and Android.

It is designed for the person who takes alcohol, even from casual drinkers to all-night partying animal. It has a patent-pending technology to help you safely consume.

It is currently still in development but we can see it later this year.

Wowww. The list was amazing, right? Yes, we know that it is, after all, each of them has exciting features and ready to launch in the upcoming time. This list covers everything from a laptop to monitor, from locks to the wrist band. Which one do you want? Obviously, the most amazing one.

So, start saving your money to buy these gadgets at the earliest.

Summary: Just like me, do you also remain always eager about the upcoming gadgets? If yes, then my friend without wasting a single minute, read this blog and know what amazing you’re going to experience very soon.

Author’s Bio:- Mira Smith is a tech-freak as well as an academic writer. She provides online assignment help to students in overcoming their academic challenges. In her free time, she loves to do gardening.