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Mobvoi and LifeSmart collaborate to introduce the Cololight

Today, Mobvoi, the manufacturer of the TicWatch and TicPods, announced Cololight, smart LED panels produced in collaboration with LifeSmart.The Cololight are hexagonal panels that boasts audio visualization with ability to adjust according to volume and adjustment via the app, a remote, Google Home, and Mobvoi’s TicWatch.The Cololight can be arranged in any way you wish and can even be put on the included pedestal to make a desk lamp. They only consume 0.3W per light of power on the regular, with max power consumption at 5W per light.The Cololight can be purchased now at Mobvoi’s website, at $49.99 for a set of 3 and $79.99 for a set of 6. The website even includes some arrangements to give you inspiration for your own personal setup.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab review: A tablet, and then some

The Android-based tablet offers enough smart features to set it apart from the competition.

How to activate and use Google Assistant on your non-Pixel Chromebook

Way back in 2016, Google announced a new initiative for the company: Google Assistant. This was the evolution of Google Search into the new decade for Google. And it’s spread Assistant to most of the company’s connected portfolio.This includes Chrome OS although this portion of Google Assistant was originally reserved as a Pixelbook exclusive. The in-house Chrome OS laptops even have a dedicated button for launching Assistant.What are we doing?In this tutorial, I’d like to walk you through making sure Google Assistant is turned on and the ways you can navigate this option. Whether it be voice, keyboard, or cursor, we’ll cover all the basics to using Google’s new virtual butler.How to make it workAll of what we are doing will live inside the Settings app on Chrome. This can be opened via the app gallery or by clicking on the notification area, and then selecting the gear icon.Open SettingsClick the Search and Assistant optionMake sure Google Assistant is enabledEnable and review options on the next screen 1 of 5 Now, we have made sure our new laptop has Google Assistant enabled and at our fingerprints. Next, we need to cover how to spring it into action. There’s a couple of ways to get there via the user interface.Click the App Launcher buttonChoose the Assistant button from the pop-upThis pop-up can also be achieved by pressing the Search key on the keyboard 1 of 3 These last few steps should get you to the Assistant input option. You can also jump straight to the Assistant with a handy keyboard shortcut combination. If you press the Search key and the “A” key at the same time you will get Google Assistant directly.AI is the futureYou can now use Assistant to answer your favorite trivia, play a song, or even turn off your home automation. Let us know in the comments about how you commonly use Google Assistant on your Chromebook.

Google Assistant now answers your Coronavirus related questions

Google has added a new function to its Google assistant called ‘Coronavirus tips’ which is a shortcut that could be accessed by either clicking on the shortcut from the Google Assistant app or by using the command ‘Do I have Coronavirus’. Once you use the command, your Google Assistant will show you a symptoms page for the Coronavirus where you could get detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and prevention for the virus.The Google Assistant also responds with a short voice message giving you information about the Coronavirus, the symptoms, and the latest updates. You can also click on other useful links provided on the results page to learn more about the virus and get the latest news. The new Coronavirus tips function in the Google Assistant could also be accessed by clicking on the ‘Coronavirus tips’ shortcut on the home page or the discover page of the Google Assistant.You can also select other relevant shortcuts like tips for working from home, how to wash your hands, and even set a reminder to wash your hands. Google Assistant will also provide you with the latest news updates in the relevant topics once you use the Coronavirus tips shortcut from the home page of the app. The aim of this new shortcut is to spread as much awareness as possible and also help people to get the right information especially with so many misinformation and fake news about the virus out there.Apple also has added a similar function to its digital assistant Siri, which essentially asks you a series of questions about the Coronavirus symptoms to help you to self-diagnose yourself or to just learn more about the virus. While the Google Assistant just redirects you to relevant websites with information about Coronavirus, hopefully, we can see a similar functionality added to it soon by Google.

New Google Assistant feature turns the internet into one giant audiobook

The Read It feature is available on browsers and Android smartphones

Opinion: Amazon’s Echo products make Google Assistant look boring

Ever since I got my first Echo Dot, I’ve been hooked on having smart speakers in my home. I started with Alexa, but being a heavy user of Google services, I quickly made the change to Google Assistant with the first Google Home speaker.It took a little time for Assistant to catch up with Alexa, but it did, and I’ve never regretted the switch in digital assistants. At least in terms of AI smarts and capabilities. I can’t say the same for the hardware.While there are plenty of devices to choose from on both sides, I’ve always been a little disappointed with the lack of innovation from Google’s Assistant-enabled hardware.Since the first Echo speaker, we’ve seen Amazon launch product after product featuring Alexa, each experimenting with different designs and ways to get Alexa into our lives. Google, on the other hand, only offers up a handful of hero products for Assistant.A perfect example would be the Echo Show, Amazon’s first smart display launched back in 2017. It would take over a year from the release of the Echo Show for Google and its partners to release a Google Assistant-enabled smart display.Amazon hasn’t stopped there though, since the release of the Echo Show, it has gone onto release several more innovative Alexa products. For example, there is an Echo Sub to add more bass to your Echo speakers, or the Echo Input that allows you to add Alexa capabilities to your existing audio setup.Think of as sort of a Chromecast Audio before Google discontinued it, except there is a mic, and it reacts to Alexa commands. That’s a product I’d love for my current home audio equipment.Then, at Amazon’s annual hardware event in 2019, it unveiled even more innovative ways to use Alexa while on the go. First, there are the Echo Frames, a pair of prescription glasses with Alexa built-in. Next, was the Echo Loop, which is a smart ring with Alexa built-in, it looks somewhat weird when in use, but it’s still pretty ingenious.One could argue, that these are both niche products and neither are essential. And while that is certainly true, it doesn’t change the fact that both are far more innovative than anything Google is doing with its Assistant hardware. I’d love to see more experimentation from Google, finding new fun ways to work Assistant into our lives.Beyond the more out-there concepts, Amazon also showed off some more practical Echo products. Starting with the Echo Flex that will add Alexa to any outlet along with a USB charging port. There are even accessories for the Echo Flex, including a nightlight and motion sensor attachment.Finally, Amazon introduced a new Echo Dot with a clock built-in. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been wanting something exactly like this since the first Echo Dot launched. Sony released something similar with the S50G using Google Assistant previously, but it is quite pricey. There was also one from Insignia, but it has since been discontinued and I never cared for the style of that one.All I want is a cheap, attractive alarm clock replacement with a visible clock. If Google made a similar product with a built-in clock, I’d have it on pre-order as soon as it popped up. In the meantime, I’ve had to make do with a smart display, which works great, but is also a bit overkill for a beside alarm clock.No matter how you look at it, Amazon is straight-up killing it with Echo products. It releases far more options, and many more innovative products feature Alexa than Google’s Assistant.Next to Amazon’s offerings, Google Assistant looks boring. Seeing as how I’m so invested and committed to Assistant products, I just wish we could see some more experimentation on Google’s behalf with its hardware.

Google’s next virtual assistant could chat your ear off on just about any topic

In a new paper, Google detailed Meena, a "human-like" chatbot that can "engage in conversation on any topic."

Hisense TV line for 2020 includes ULED, hands-free voice, and lasers

Chinese manufacturer Hisense typically comes into Las Vegas with a whole array of interesting tech for CES and 2020 proves to be no exception. It hits the new year with a full suite of new TV models, including some with Ultra LED, hands-free voice controls, and a projector/laster TV hybrid.Given we’re mostly focused on mobile tech, we won’t go too deep into the details here. That said, we appreciate Hisense for its continued usage of Android TV for its smarts. Moreover, it also utilizes built-in Google Assistant for a number of models, something we’re really quite fond of to be sure.Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from Hisense and its TVs as 2020 gets underway.L5 SeriesL5 SeriesThe L5 Series offers specifications which closely align with the L10 short-throw Laser TV but with a more user-friendly Android TV platform. It has a smaller color gamut, but Hisense claims it’s able to reproduce more than 95% of the DCI-P3 color space. In other words, expect excellent HDR performance. The dedicated, ambient light-rejecting screen and 2,600 nit brightness will certainly help block out the real world as you dive deep into a movie.Availability: April 2020100″ ($6,000)H9G Quantum SeriesAs the brand’s premium Quantum Dot ULED TV, this line offers up 1,000 nits of peak brightness. Features include support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, plus microphones located in the bezel. Using far-field voice, users can leverage Google Assistant for finding TV shows and movies or any of the myriad smart home tasks. Oh, and it runs Android TV, too.H9G SeriesA screenless mode lets you treat the H9G as a smart speaker so you can even work with Assistant when it appears otherwise powered off.Availability: April 202055″ ($700)65″ ($1,000)H8G Quantum SeriesMoving down the line of affordability, the H8G Quantum Series gains quantum dot technology. With 700 nits of peak brightness and up to 90 full-array local dimming zones, it also offers Dolby Vision. Also present is Dolby Atmos support for audio.H8G SeriesSimilar to the H9G, it has Android TV with a voice remote, as well as built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast.Availability: March 202050″ ($400)55″ ($500)65″ ($700)H65G SeriesPerhaps our favorite of the bunch, this series deliver a wallet-friendly 4K, Dolby Vision-capable TV with Android TV. Available in a variety of sizes, it’s damn near impossible to beat the feature set at these prices. These TVs include a voice remote as well as a dedicated Game Mode that disables processing for ultra-fast response times. Also present are DTS Virtual: X, Motion Rate Technology, and Bluetooth connectivity.Availability: Q2 202043″ ($270)50″ ($300)55″ ($330)65″ ($480)75″ ($900)85″ ($1,500)Other OptionsThose who don’t care for 4K, or who might be looking for a smaller display may consider the H55G Series, which starts at just $140 (32-inch) and goes up to $230 (43-inch).Hisense also plans to have a range of cheaper Roku TVs later this year. Pricing ranges as low as $115 for a 32-inch H4G Series TV up to $500 for a 65-inch 4K H6 Series. Somewhere in the middle will be an H5 Series but we’re not clear on the details just yet.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance to Develop Open Standard for Smart Home Devices

Apple, Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance today announced a new working group that plans to develop and promote the

Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is coming to mobile devices

Google Assistant's interpreter mode, which translates words as you speak them, is coming to iOS and Android phones. The feature was previously exclusive to Google Home and Nest Home devices.

The Pixel 4’s A.I. will soon screen robocallers without disturbing you

Hate robocalls? They won't get past the doorman, thanks to improvements to the Pixel 4's Call Screen feature that are set to arrive in the first Pixel feature drop.

Google Assistant can now book movie tickets for you all by itself

Google has released a new feature to Google Assistant on your phone -- the ability for Assistant to navigate through movie-booking websites and book tickets for you.

Google Assistant provides a smarter way to listen to the news you care about

The "Your News Update" feature from Google Assistant makes it easier than ever to listen to the news. Just ask to hear the news you'll and receive a tailored series of stories based on your interests.

What Blade Runner got right (and wrong) about 2019

1982's Blade Runner is rightly considered a masterpiece. But how accurate were its predictions about the world of November 2019? Here's what it got right and, in one case, very wrong.

Your Alexa speaker can be hacked with malicious audio tracks. And lasers.

Think your smart speaker is secure? Two recent demonstrations will make you think again. From adversarial music to laser attacks, this is how hackers could turn your smart speaker against you.

SiriusXM comes to Nest Home devices to boost your listening and watching options

SiriusXM's many radio channels are coming to Google Nest smart speakers and displays this week, and subscribers will be able to watch exclusive video content too.

Amazon Echo Buds review: Alexa lays a smackdown on the AirPods

With an astounding number of features for the money, Amazon's $130 Echo Buds look great on paper. Do they live up to their promises? We put them to the test.

Google Nest Mini review: A better sounding in-home assistant

Google's second-generation in-home Assistant packs a brand new speaker that makes it a much more musical companion.

Google Assistant 2.0 is now rolling out, starting with Pixel phones

At Google's annual hardware event, the company also announced some impressive improvements to Google Assistant. Notably, Assistant will now largely live on-device.

Latest Reviews

Four ways to choose the best web design agency for you

You probably know someone who is a web designer. If you do a simple search for web design London, you’re likely to get hit by numerous results for many design firms, online specialists, and even app developers. The most confusing thing is that all these agencies will tout their services as the best, but you must put your hard-earned resources at work with the best agency.If you don’t get it right the first time, you will not only pay top dollar for poor services, but you may also end up with a website that will not meet your needs or that of your business. If you want to save yourself all this hassle, all you need to do is follow the simple tips we provide below to get you the best web design agency that’ll fulfill your requirements and meet your needs.Experience and ExpertiseBefore you contract an agency to design your agency, you must ask for proof of their relevant experience. Even if you can only contact them online, ask them to point you in the direction of recent similar work. Once they do, you will be able to go through their work and check whether they will be suitable for you and deliver high-quality work. The only exception to the rule when it comes to a potential agency offering work samples is if your project is unique.Your BudgetBefore you speak to a potential agency, you should have an idea of what a comfortable budget looks like to you. Just because you want excellent services doesn’t mean that you should pay the highest quote. To make the most of your budget and have a clear picture of what you should pay for web design services, consider how long your project will take.Once you have an idea of the number of hours, consider how long your project will take. Once you know the number of hours your project may take, you can multiply this by regular industry hourly rates. This will give you a general idea of how much you should spend on your project.TechnologyDifferent web design services are specialists in specific technologies. For instance, some are experts at frameworks or programming languages and have loads of experience working on them. When choosing such agencies, you want to ensure that the technology they offer you is scalable and portable.This will ensure that if there are any future changes, then you can do them quickly. When it comes to scalability, the technology you choose must grow with your site as you get more traffic and introduce new customers.Reviews From Past CustomersBefore choosing a web design agency, you must consider what previous clients had to say about them. If the agency has nothing to hide about their work, they will have no problem introducing you to their past clients. It is also essential that you use their website and search for any comments or reviews that their clients have made. You have to make sure that you put your project into the hands of people that you can trust. Whatever your agency promises you, they should be able to deliver.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

Verizon streamlines data plans for connected devices

Verizon has offered up new Unlimited data plans for connected devices such as smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and mobile hotspots.With the introduction of a new $30 monthly plan, Verizon now offers three different Unlimited options for its subscribers. Select plans will include access to 5G Ultra Wideband.Here’s a quick breakdown of how things look as of today.$10 UnlimitedSmartwatches: Unlimited 4G LTE with 15GB premium data and unlimited talk/text.$20 UnlimitedTablets: Unlimited 4G LTE plus 15GB premium data, unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB 4G LTEJetpacks, MiFis, Hotspots: Unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB 4G LTE$30 Unlimited PlusTablets: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband, unlimited 4G LTE with 30GB premium data, and 30GB of 4G LTEJetpacks, MiFis, Hotspots: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband, unlimited mobile hotspot with 30GB 4G LTEThe aforementioned prices are per month with an existing phone on an Unlimited plan. Customers who sign up for a Do More or Get More plan get a 50% discount on the three connected device plans.The rate plans are in effect as of September 17.

Apple Watch Series 6 Reviews Roundup: Brighter and Faster, Blood Oxygen Measuring Requires Precise Fit

First impressions of the Apple Watch Series 6 have now been shared by select media outlets and YouTubers, providing a

Xiaomi Poco X3 review: The right compromises

Find out if ads are worth paying less for in our Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC review.