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Save nearly 30% on the Xpods Pro wireless earbuds

It can be somewhat of a challenge to find wireless earbuds that provide great sound quality. Finding wireless earbuds noise-canceling capabilities? Equally tough. What about those with great battery life? How about something that has all three features?The Xpods Pro True Wireless Earbuds, on sale for just $46.99 in the AG Deals Store, pack a whopping 25 hours of play-time per charge. The earbuds themselves last for up to five hours; the case also charges them up with an additional 20 hours.Additionally, they come with customizable tips that contour to your ears so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. Bluetooth-enabled and offered in three colors (red, black, white), they come with built-in microphones, touch sensor controls, and precision-tuned drivers. Xpods Pro FeaturesPrecision-tuned drivers for richer acousticsLatest Bluetooth technology ensures faster data transmission & solid signal connectionAdvanced wireless play allow the best sound for both music & callsBuilt-in microphones ensure that your voice comes through crisp & clear Flexible silicone eartips lock in sound & seal out distracting ambient noisesIntuitive touch sensor controls for easy navigationUp to 5 hours of playtime on a single chargeOrder Yours Today!Right now, the Xpods Pro are on sale for only $49.99 in the AG Deals Store. Save 28% on them while the discount lasts.Earn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

Moto G10 and G30 announced for Europe

Motorola on Tuesday announced a pair of new affordable smartphones with the introduction of its Moto G10 and Moto G30. Set to launch in Europe, the two are launching points for new models.Both phones come with 6.5-inch IPS LCD displays at a 720 x 1,600 pixel resolution. The Moto G30 has a 90Hz refresh rate and 13-megapixel cutout display notch; the Moto G10 has a 60Hz refresh and 8-megapixel selfie camera.The two phones are powered by Android 11 and house four cameras on the rear. Moreover, they’re both water repellent and have 3.5mm headphone jacks as well. Here’s a breakdown of the major specifications for the Motorola G10 and G30.Motorola G306.5-inch Display (90Hz) 1600×720 pixelsQualcomm Snapdragon 662 (2GHz) octa-core processor6GB RAM128GB internal storage w/ microSD (up to 512GB)5000mAh battery w/ 20W chargingRear Camera64MP sensor | 16MP output (f/1.7, 1.4um) Quad Pixel technology8MP (f/2.2, 1.12µm) | 118° ultra-wide angle2MP (f/2.4, 1.75µm) | Macro Vision camera2MP (f/2.4, 1.75µm) | depth sensorFront Camera13MP (f/2.2, 1.12um)Colors: Dark Pearl, Pastel SkyPrice: £159.99Motorola G106.5-inch Display 1600×720 pixelsQualcomm Snapdragon 460 (1.8GHz) octa-core processor4GB RAM64GB/128GB internal storage w/ microSD (up to 512GB)5000mAh battery w/ 10W chargingRear Camera48MP sensor | 12MP output (f/1.7, 1.6um) Quad Pixel technology8MP (f/2.2, 1.12um) | 118° ultra-wide angle2MP (f/2.4, 1.75um) | Macro Vision camera2MP (f/2.4, 1.75um) | depth sensorFront Camera8MP (f/2.2, 1.12um)Colors: Sakura Pearl, Aurora GreyPrice: £129.99The Moto G10 will go on sale for just £129.99 (~$180 USD) while the G30 will be as low as £159.99 (~$220 USD) in select European markets in the coming months.

Treblab HD Max Bluetooth Speaker review

Treblab has been making quality audio devices for years now with the brand becoming a popular pick of online marketplaces like Amazon. The company’s latest offering is the Treblab HD Max wireless speaker. After time with the device I have come away impressed.Rugged DesignThe first thing you’ll notice when taking the Treblab HD Max speaker out of the box is that it is built like a tank. The unit weighs in at around six pounds and comes with its own carrying strap. I don’t think this is a bad thing though.Treblab intends for the HD Max to be used in some rigorous environments and has built it accordingly. The casing is a nice mix of thick soft-touch rubbers and nylon which leads to a speaker that really feels like it belongs in a Jeep Wrangler.To further this, Treblab has made sure the HD Max speaker meets the IPX6 water resistance rating as well. This truly makes the audio device capable to withstand a common house party or a week in the wilderness.The button layout is pretty standard with a volume up, play/pause, volume down, and power. It does have a microphone for taking phone calls if you’d like but I haven’t found a button to launch Google Assistant.Booming soundLooking the part is one thing, but how does the Treblab HD Max perform as a boombox? Very well. This speaker will not disappoint. The unit has a punchy bass and rich audio playback balance. It immediately became the best speaker in my house.This is all understandable with a 50W speaker and four drivers powering the audio. There’s also a passive subwoofer on board. Overall, the sound is crisp, rich, and loud enough to fill any room without distortion.There are also three different playback modes that try to auto-equalize the audio based on surroundings. Indoor gives you the best balance of mids, highs, and bass for the richest playback option. Bass Boost is pretty self-explanatory and pumps up the boom for punchy music. Finally, Outdoor seems to tamper things for a more natural balance that carries more in an open space.Battery lifeAnother great feature of the Treblab HD Max is the built-in 12000mAh battery pack. With this powerbank you can enjoy up to 20 straight hours of playback at 30 percent volume and five hours at 100 percent.Not only can you power the speaker, but the USB-A 2.0 pass-through will also charge your other mobile devices while on the go. Both charging external devices and recharging the HD Max via USB-C only charges at 5-volts.I found battery life and charging to be on point with the manual. You get standard 5-volt rates on smartphones and topping off the Treblab HD Max takes about 5 hours to get back to 100 percent.Stereo audio is an optionYou can even pair two HD Max speakers together in stereo mode to add more robust audio to your mix. Once you’ve set up the first speaker with your phone, you simply turn it off and start the sequence over.Power on both speakers. Double-clicking the power button on the initial device should get a blue and green flashing indicator. Then place each speaker close to one another. A soft pairing tone should sound and you’ve successfully got both speakers working in unison.ConclusionI’m usually not a huge Bluetooth speaker guy. I much prefer WiFi solutions like Chromecast, but Treblab has a great package in the HD Max. This utilitarian monster has amazing sound, a durable build, and a bottle opener!The Treblab HD Max is available now on Amazon now for $170. While that’s a bit much for a speaker, it’s totally worth it with this one. Oh, and if you add our code HDOFF10NOW you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 available to pre-order

Samsung on Tuesday announced that its Galaxy Chromebook 2 is now available for pre-order. First introduced as part of the virtual version of CES 2021, the unit is offered in two colors: Fiesta Red and Mercury Gray.The pre-orders for the Galaxy Chromebook 2 run from February 16 until the end of the month (28th) through Samsung.com and Best Buy. Consumers who pre-order the new device can earn up to $50 which can be used towards select purchases at the place where the pre-order was made.The Galaxy Chromebook 2 will be available for general purchase starting March 1. Customers who buy the unit before March 14 will receive up to $30 off of their next purchase from either Samsung.com or Best Buy.We’re really interested in the Galaxy Chromebook 2; we named it one of the best devices from CES 2021. Not only does it keep the main hardware and capabilities in line with its predecessor, the price comes in at a fraction of the first generation. There’s a trade-off, of course, but it comes in the display resolution. Out is the 4K screen while in comes the QLED display, the first for a Chromebook.

Teracube 2e gains retail availability

The sustainable smartphone that is the Teracube is formally back with a successor today. Indeed, the Teracube 2e, which recently racked up more than $300,000 on Indiegogo, is available for retail purchase.The Teracube 2e is comprised of 25 percent recycled plastics and comes with a fully biodegradable protective case. Equipped with a 4,000mAh replaceable (yeah, you read that right) battery, users can easily swap it out and avoid leaving an otherwise functioning device behind.One of the key features of the Teracube is that it is DIY repairable, which means you can fix or replace some of the components yourself. For those who don’t feel like messing around or getting their hands dirty, the company backs it with an industry-leading Four-Year Premium Care Warranty with two-way free shipping and flat-fee ($59) accidental repairs.We were pretty impressed with the first generation of the Teracube phone and it was about $90 more expensive. We have to imagine that this version should be equally impressive.As far as specifications are concerned, the Teracube 2e is mostly in line with entry-level devices. It’s powered by Android 10 and features a 6.1-inch display at 720 x 1560 pixel resolution. The phone is promised to receive three years of Android and security updates.Teracube 2e FeaturesOperating System: Android 10.0 with Google Play StoreProcessor: MediaTek Helio A25 Octa-core processor 1.8GhzMemory: 4GB RAM with 64GB storageScreen: 6.1” HD+ IPS Display (720X1560)Rear Camera: 13+8MPFront Camera: 8MPBattery: 4000mAh replaceable lithium-ion polymer batteryConnectivity: WiFi A/B/G/N/AC, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC (Supports Google Pay)Ports: Headphone Jack, USB-C port, Dedicated Dual SIM with separate Micro SD slotWarranty: 4 Year Premium Care with Flat Fee RepairsUnder the hood we find a MediaTek Helio A25 Octa-core 1.8GHz processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. A microSD expansion card slot allows for (up to 128GB) external media should one need more space.Rounding things out, the Teracube 2e comes with a fingerprint reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C charging port, and the aforementioned 4,000mAh battery. Depending on the type of person using it this could yield around two days of usage.The Teracube 2e is an unlocked phone that works with a variety of GSM carriers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and their respective prepaid and MVNO brands. Worth pointing out, of course, is that this one doesn’t have support for any 5G networks.Learn more about the Teracube 2e, or purchase one for yourself at the company’s website for $199. Note this is only offered to consumers in the US and Canada.Where to buy an unlocked phoneAsk yourselves these questions before buying an unlocked phone

Discover Editor X: the advanced web creation platform for designers and agencies

As more and more brands lean on their digital presence for success, web experiences are increasingly in the spotlight. Designers are constantly innovating as they craft inspiring visitor experiences for each new project. It’s therefore no surprise that the platform they choose has to meet an incredibly high standard. Editor X is a cutting-edge platform that empowers designers to meet any client need with responsive web design, rich business infrastructure and reliable cloud hosting. It’s become extremely popular among professional web creators for a few reasons.CSS control, combined with smooth drag and drop.The Editor X workspace is wide and intuitive—very similar to the experience on a lot of native design and prototyping tools. With resizing handles at the sides of the canvas, you can see and design sites for every viewport width, and you can also add up to 6 custom breakpoints. For quick adjustments by eye, you can drag elements and gridlines with your mouse—but you can also access a range of CSS functions to precisely control the size, position and behavior of any element on any screen.Integrated business solutionsEditor X also offers a suite of built-in business and marketing solutions, from online stores with reliable payment solutions, to booking systems, blogs and SEO tools. Each solution is fully maintained and secure, so you’ll never need to worry about the security of client sites.Powerful CMSThese days dynamic, data driven sites are in high demand, with businesses wanting to update their content regularly and easily. Editor X has its own integrated content management system, where every kind of content can be stored behind the scenes and updated by clients without touching the site layout or design.Custom code capabilitiesYou can build highly complex sites on Editor X without touching a line of code, but there’s also the option to turn on dev mode. This opens up tons of additional capabilities, from writing custom Javascript to connecting to external APIs, so you can build really advanced web applications.If you’re looking to master Editor X, there are a few ways to get started. Firstly their educational hub, Academy X, is filled with video tutorials, lessons and hands on exercises. And another great way to dive in, is by exploring their beautiful array of designer-made templates. They’re fully customizable and free to play with, so you can break them apart and see how they were built before tackling your next project.It’s no wonder this platform has caught the eye of professional web creators. Go ahead and try it yourself at editorx.com.

This smart ear wax cleaner is the grooming tool you didn’t know you needed

Here’s a softball question for you: should you use a cotton swab (Q-Tip) to clean out your ear? Wrong. The answer is no, but that’s the first thing millions of us reach for on a daily basis.It’s not so much the danger of perforating your eardrum or digging too deep and damaging your ear. No, it’s the very item you’re using, cotton, isn’t the best material to use for cleaning your ear. According to Cedars Sinai, all pushing and wiping you’re doing with your cotton swab is just smearing it and sending it deeper. That’s not just a bad look, but it’s dangerous, too.The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover, $86.99 (normally $126) is the smarter, healthier, and much cooler way to clean your ears out. With a 3-megapixel camera, it wirelessly streams a full view of the inside of your ear to your mobile device while its EarPicks clean things out. It has 6 inner-mounted LEDs to provide lighting, four different shapes, and lasts up to 60 days on a full charge. SPADE Features3MPX sensor camera: Wirelessly streams a full view of the inside of your earWi-Fi connectivity. Connect the camera on your phone via Wi-FiEarPicks: Gently scoops out stubborn earwax at any depth, without missing a spot6 inner-mounted LEDs: For added brightnessTemperature control: Keeps a safe, comfortable room temp when inside your ear350mAh battery: Lasts up to 60 days on a single charge3-in-1 base: Charger, dock & storageOrder Yours!Right now, you can save more than 20 percent off the price of a Spade Ear Wax Remover, getting it for just $99.99. But, if you use promo code CLEAN13 at checkout, you’ll save an extra $13 and get it for the low price of $86.99.Earn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

Mophie’s latest lets you triple up the wireless charging

Mophie this past week introduced a new member to its family of wireless charging stands. The latest lets users charge up to three devices at one time with two dedicated charging spots and a USB-A port. As more phones and devices pick up the ability to charge wirelessly, it makes sense to consider a platter or unit that supports multiple things at once. Unlike the past when we would fight over the charging cord for a phone, now we can place our handsets, wireless earbuds, and other things on the same surface. The new mophie wireless stand+ runs about $80 and features the brand’s signature dark fabric finish. As is the case with pretty much everything it offers, this one matches the décor of any environment.Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ FeaturesThe wireless charging stand+ is compatible with Qi-enabled phonesEngineered to safely deliver up to 15W of power to the standCan charge your phone in portrait or landscape modeCharges through lightweight cases up to 3mm thickIncludes an Apple Watch adapter; all you need to charge your Apple Watch is the magnetic chargerThe dark fabric finish easily fits with any décorOne of our favorite brands in the charging space, mophie’s products are consistently built with quality and attention to detail. Moreover, they are backed by two-year warranties as well.The Mophie wireless charging stand+ comes with a flat surface for phones and/or earbuds and an upright dock-like stand which can hold your handset in portrait or landscape orientation. Learn more about the wireless charging stand+ or purchase one at mophie’s website.

BLUETTI EP500: Giant 5100 watt hour solar battery lets you to cut the cord to the electrical grid

As an innovative pioneer in the renewable energy industry, BLUETTI established its name in the off-grid power world with cutting edge, reliable power station product lineups.In addition to medium and small size portable power stations, they are also dedicated to research and development of high-power,  large-capacity solar battery storage products.In July 2020, Bluetti made the initial move to replace traditional gasoline generators with their groundbreaking AC200.   The AC200 features a 2000 watt rated inverter with 1700 watt hour battery capacity, a large array of outlets (including a groundbreaking 25 amp 12 volt outlet) and up to 700W solar input with advanced built-in MPPT controller. The AC200 raised over US$6.8M on Indiegogo and changed the game in the portable power market immediately upon its release.Upon crowdfunding completion, a follow up retail product the AC200P, with increased battery cycle life and LiFePO4 chemistry kept the legacy of AC200 while adding product improvement.   The AC200P is loved by van-lifers, campers and RV travelers and people, those who are subject to frequent power outages. The AC200P has also been well received by those who want an integrated all in one solution to short or long term emergencies that result in the need for continued power supply for their homes.6 months later, the BLUETTI Team is back with a brand new, finely engineered and crafted product with ground breaking capacity: The EP500The EP500 contains a massive 5100 watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack that has more than 6000 charge cycles.  The AC inverter is rated for 2000 watts of continuous output power with a surge capacity of 4800 watts.  This inverter appears to be the same high quality and reliable unit being used on the highly successful AC200P.The EP500’s elegant, minimalist design with massive capacity reminds us of the first-generation of Tesla’s Powerwall. With the four smooth rolling transport wheels, the EP500 is not meant to be large solar battery mounted on the wall or garage. The BLUETTI EP500 is designed to be a “no installation needed” plug-and-play product that can easily be moved to the desired location when needed.Whether you use it as a seamless UPS home backup, or as an off-grid emergency power supply, all that is required is a press of the power button followed by activating the AC/DC switches and connecting the appliance(s) you want to power.Compared to the long installation lead times of energy giants like Tesla or Sonnen, which take months or more than a year to make an appointment to install, the no-installation-needed BLUETTI EP500 is a game-changer in the large capacity solar battery market.The rated AC inverter output power of 2000 continuous watts is high, but certainly not enough to power all of your electrical appliances. As an emergency energy storage power for the whole family, Bluetti has an option to double the AC output. For higher power loads, Bluetti is releasing its own “Fusion Panel terminal board”. With this accessory board, users can connect two EP500s in series, to double the rated 4000 watt power output.  The Fusion board will also offer the option of 220/240 volt output to power 220 volt appliances.  The high power output means you can now run your home air conditioner, clothes dryer, in-wall Electric Heater and other high power appliances with ease. No need to worry about power outages on hot summer nights or cold, bitter winters anymore.To monitor and operate remotely, the BLUETTI EP500 now supports remote App With their exclusive B-Lynk connection technology, you can easily monitor your EP500’s status and adjust settings whether it is near you or a thousand miles away. No more having to walk to a unit to determine remaining battery or inverter capacity.Equipped with the highest-capacity battery pack ever in the BLUETTI lineup, the EP500 also features powerful solar charging capability with up to 1200 watts input through its built in MPPT input.  With prime sunlight, it takes only 5 hours to fully charge with solar input alone.  The EP500 can be also charged at 600 watts input through and AC wall outlets. A built-in AC adapter is included so you can charge it with only a single AC power cable without needing a separate heavy power brick.Still want faster charging?  This class leading unit can be recharged at up to 1800 watts (1200W+600W) by using the two input ports simultaneously. Charging using both ports at the same time results in fully charged batteries in only 3 hours.Last, but not least, except for the detailed specs and an explanation of new functions, there are two more questions that many people will be concerned about: How long can I operate my items and how does the after-sales services function for the BLUETTI products?According to official information released, the EP500 is shipped with BLUETTI’s exclusive customized, long life LiFePO4 battery cells.  The self-developed battery management system including the battery pack has a maximum 6000+ charge cycles. According to the average household electricity consumption of 3kWh per day, the BLUETTI EP500 can achieve up to 40 years of theoretical service life without using any grid energy! In addition, BLUETTI also provides a 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support for this market leading EP500.  From what we can tell with current consumers’ feedback, BLUETTI is trustworthy in terms of after-sales service and support.The pre-order for EP500 will begin on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at 6:00 AM PDT, March 15th. It is estimated that the price for super early bird perks will be lower than $3000.Please subscribe via this link for more information about EP500.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

Baseus 70W Car Vacuum review

I’d be lying if I told you that I knew I would be reviewing a handheld vacuum for a technology website. Let alone a vacuum meant for cars. Then 2020 happened and here I am putting words together to share with AndroidGuys my review of the Baseus 70W car vacuum. Having grown up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, my parents owned the OG cordless car vacuum cleaner, the Black & Decker DustBuster. While over 100,000,000 DustBusters have been sold since they arrived in 1979, the original design left much to be desired in terms of suction power and battery life. Fast forward 40+ years, can the Baseus 70W car vacuum out-suck the portable vacuum I remember as a kid?Unboxing and DesignThe Baseus vacuum came well packaged in typical cardboard packaging. Open the outer box and you are greeted with see-through plastic packing material allowing you to view the vacuum cylinder in all its glory. Beside the vacuum, a secondary box contains accessories and reading material. Accessories include: storage bag, USB-C charging cable, blower hose, and 2-in-1 suction nozzle. The 2-in-1 attachment includes a crevice tool and brush. The brush can be slid forward or backwards to reveal the crevice tool. The reading material consists of warranty, instructions and “More Benefits” folding card. “More Benefits” details contact information for support as well as a list of Basues’ social media presence. I’m guessing that this is added regionally since it is written exclusively in English while the other documents are presented in English and Chinese. The instruction manual was very difficult to read for my aging eyes, so luckily; I was able to find an electronic copy (PDF).The Baseus vacuum takes a cylindrical shape. It’s designed like a slim travel mug or a slightly stocky MagLite. It’s made entirely of plastic but feels hefty and well made in hand. There is a single on/off switch located just off center. Turning the vacuum on activates a single LED light. On the opposite side of the switch is the USB-C charging port. The LED light blinks while charging and lights solid when it is fully charged. PerformanceTurning on the Baseus A2 70W Car Vacuum, I immediately notice something I haven’t heard in a very long time; a motor spinning up over a few seconds. The sound reminds me of electric ducted fan (EDF) model airplanes of years ago. Although I didn’t tear down the vacuum to confirm, I’m guessing the motor is brushed versus brushless based on the spin-up. This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker but note that it takes a few seconds for the vacuum to maximize its sucking power.According to Baseus’ Amazon store, the vacuum boasts a 6,000mAh battery with 18+ minutes of usage. Depending on the state of your vehicle’s interior, I’m guessing that the dust cup volume is more likely to be the limiting factor versus battery life. Click here to watch videos of the Baseus A2 Car Vacuum in action.But does it suck? The Baseus 70W car vacuum is advertised at 5,000 Pa (pascal) of suction power. Since I’m not familiar with suction measurements, I spent a fair amount of time trying to determine how this vacuum compares to something I’m at least qualitatively familiar with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on Dyson or Shop Vac brand vacuums and their respective suction ratings in pascals. I was able to find that the Dyson offers 270 air watts of suction power but without a conversion to pascal readily available, I wasn’t able to quantify differences. In my research, I found that a decent vacuum should at least be able to hold its nozzle on a wall when turned on. To be fair, this was referencing canister or upright vacuums that you would typically use to clean your whole house. In my unscientific experiment, the Baseus was not able to hold itself to the bottom of my hand when the dust cup is in place. Baseus A2 Car Vacuum CleanerRemove the dust cup and it is able to suspend itself. I removed the filter from the dust cup and placed that over the motor and Baseus could still suspend itself, but barely.I couldn’t find comparisons for suction power but Baseus vacuum advertises itself as both a sucker and a blower. So how well does it blow? I was able to convert 5,000 Pa to about .73 PSI, a measurement I’m at least sort of familiar with. After attaching the blowing hose to the Baseus, I attempted to blow dust from my computer keyboard and monitors. Some of the loose dust was displaced but this doesn’t compare to the canned air I use around my office which dispenses at around 100 PSI.ConclusionI don’t necessarily see myself carrying the Baseus 70W car vacuum in my cup holder as they suggest. More likely, I will keep it in my office where I can occasionally sweep the crumbs out of my keyboards as I tend to eat lunch and multitask on a daily basis. Gross, but it happens pretty frequently. For me, it comes down to convenience. For $45 it’s not necessarily a significant investment. I could never see myself trying to vacuum my car’s interior as part of routine cleaning but for the occasional spill, this thing would be super handy to have around.Compared to the Black & Decker DustBuster of my youth, the Baseus 70W vacuum would leave it in its dust (pun intended) in terms of suction power, runtime and the ability to hold dirt. The only area I think the DustBuster might have performed better is in terms of vacuum opening. With only approximately 1.5 x .75” opening, even popped popcorn isn’t going to be able to be vacuumed up in the Baseus.

This super-sized ethical hacking bundle is just $42.99

For all of the scary notions and ideas that spring to mind when you think of “hacking”, there’s plenty of good that can come from it. Hacking isn’t strictly a bad thing. Done right, you can leverage hacking to better your life, automate processes, and have more fun — all without breaking any laws.Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s age of ever-growing digital threats. Whether your goal is to build a business or simply stop your secure data from being breached, learning the ropes of hacking can be the perfect leg up in sales or counter-measure against cyber thieves.The AndroidGuys Deals Store has a terrific value-packed collection of training centered around the proper way to hack your life. The 18-course All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle is designed to arm you with the tools on both sides of hacking.Featuring some 132+ hours of content, there are nearly 1,700 lessons to take you from newbie and novice to knowledgeable and learned!People tend to fear what they don’t understand and with this collection you can put fears to rest and truly empower yourself.CoursesComplete Python 3 Ethical Hacking Course: Zero to MasteryComplete Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing CourseWebsite Hacking in Practice: Hands-On Course 101Hacking Wireless Networks: Theory & PracticeHacking in Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking Mega CourseHack People, Systems & Mobile Devices: Advanced Social EngineeringLearn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration TestingLearn Server Security with BitNinjaAll-in-One Hacking Guide: From Zero to HeroPenTesting with OWASP ZAP: Mastery CourseMastering Burp Suite Community Edition: Bug Hunters PerspectiveKali Linux Hacker Tools, Tricks & TechniquesBug Bounty: Web HackingLearn Network Attacks & SecurityMaster in Hacking with MetasploitIntroduction to Python & Hacking with PythonEthical Hacker Certification CourseComplete NMAP: Learn Ethical Hacking with NMAPWhere to BuyYou can pick up a lifetime access to the 18-Course All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle for only $42.99 in the AndroidGuys Deals Store. Valued at nearly $1,700, the whole kit can be yours for 97 percent off.Save even more!In addition to the savings above, when you buy through AndroidGuys Deals, for every $25 spent, you get $1 credit added to your account. What’s more, should you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.If this is your first time buying, then you are also eligible for a further 10% discount when you subscribe for email updates.How about a freebie?Not looking to spend any money today? That’s alright, we understand. Why not visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and take something anyhow? Go ahead, grab two!

Metro offering the Motorola One 5G Ace to switchers for just $20

T-Mobile on Friday announced its prepaid brand Metro has begun offering the new Motorola One 5G Ace smartphone. Indeed, the handset has a retail price of around $280 but customers who switch from another carrier can grab it for as low as $20.The Motorola One 5G Ace Metro’s first 5G handset from Motorola and features a 6.7-inch display, triple rear camera system, and a 5,000mAh battery. Powered by Android 10, the phone features hardware that dances in the middle of the pack of today’s devices.The big draw, however, is the 5G connectivity, which is built on the T-Mobile network. As the first generation of devices with 5G support were typically priced near $1,000, the $280 price tag is a breath of fresh air.To receive the Motorola One 5G Ace for $19.99, customers must switch to Metro and show an ID for verification. Existing Metro subscribers can pick up the phone for just $89.99 by adding a line of service. No port-in is required nor is ID verification.

Save big on these best-selling online training courses for coding

What was your resolution for 2021? Was it to be a better person? Learn a new skill? Change your career? How are you doing with it so far?If learning to code is something you’ve ever considered, we’ve got you covered. Head to the AG Deals Store today and you’ll find a number of great online training bundles designed to help teach you a coding language.We’ve collected a handful of the most popular options in our storefront, all of which are offered at incredible prices.The Complete 2021 Python Programming Certification BundleStrengthen Your Programming Career & Up Your Earning Potential with 12 Courses on the World’s Leading Programming Language $50The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification BundleAmp Up Your Programming Skill Set with 270+ Hours of Content on the Leading Coding Languages — Taught by Top-Rated Instructors Ft. Rob Percival, Nick Walter, & More! $60The Complete R Programming Certification BundleTake a Deep Dive Into One of Today’s Most Important Data Wrangling & Visualization Concepts in 35 Hours of Training $29The Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime AccessThis 7-Course Collection Is Your Fast Track to Creating Apps & Games with C# $29The C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to ExpertBecome an Ultimate Pro in the C++ Language with 47 Hours of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced-Level Programming Instruction $15The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle Develop Expertise on the Leading Programming Language & Create Actual Programs with 10 Hours of Content on Java Fundamentals, Collections, Classes, and More $36Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for BeginnersDiversify Your Coding Skill Set with This Open Source Language Developed (And Used) by Google $15Kotlin for Android: Beginner to AdvancedMaster Programming Essentials & Create a Slack Clone with This Kotlin Crash Course $19

Proscenic M6 Pro Vacuum review

As a young kid, I remember sitting in the living room of my parents’ house and watching as a salesman pushed a tank of a vacuum cleaner demoing its incredible dirt lifting powers. Those Kirby’s were heavy, expensive, occupied an entire closet and they didn’t even sweep the floor by themselves.Fortunately, my parents had four children to automate their household chores. In reality, we swept about as efficiently as the original robot vacuums; in random patterns, bouncing off walls and occasionally abandoning the job when a neighbor stopped by asking us to join them in a game of kickball in the street.Fast forward 40 years and there are numerous autonomous robot vacuums available. Alongside “famous” brands such as Roomba and Neato are multitudes of less famous brands including EcoVacs, RoboRock, etc. Announced in December 2020, I was able to test the Proscenic M6 Pro vacuum against my dog and cat, who shed fur on the daily.DesignIn the box you get the M6 vacuum, remote (with batteries), 2x side brushes, an extra HEPA filter, mopping attachment, extra mopping pad, and a mopping/vacuuming dustbin. You also get the usual quick start guides and instruction manual.The M6 vacuum is round and measures about 13.75” wide and at its tallest 3.75”. Onboard is the usual set of sensors including fall detection, wall/bump sensor, and tilt sensor. Navigation is handled by IPNAS 3.0. I am not familiar with IPNAS and unfortunately wasn’t able to find much about it online. I’m guessing that it is Proscenic’s fancy name for lidar since it is also referenced in their marketing material.One thing I really liked about the charging base is that it allows you to coil the AC adapter cord so that only the necessary length extends to the wall outlet. Finally, the M6 is powered by a 3200mAh which equates to approximately 110 minutes of cleaning time.PerformanceThe first couple of days with the M6 were not smooth to be quite honest. Setting up the vacuum was relatively easy. You need to download the Proscenic App; which I’ll cover later, in order to connect the M6 to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You add it by first connecting to the ad-hoc network created by the M6 and inputting your home network SSID and password. Once the M6 is connected, you’re ready to map your floor plan.The instruction manual doesn’t give much detail from a quick start perspective. The only option I saw was to tap start. The M6 makes an announcement and takes off from its charging base.You can watch as the M6 builds a map of your house within the app. It was really cool to see actually! A dot moves along tracing your walls as the IPNAS sensors scan objects placed throughout the rooms. It does a really good job of building the floorplan. Once the edge is determined, it begins methodical back and forth vacuuming.Click Here to Watch Videos of the M6 Pro in ActionBecause rooms aren’t yet defined, the systematic sweeping may fall weirdly between rooms or ½ way in a room that has no objects blocking the M6’s path. Near the end of its battery life, the M6 returned to its charging dock with a notification that vacuuming will resume when the battery is charged.Unfortunately, it never went back out and eventually its internal clock must have timed out and what mapping was completed was lost. Strike one.Strike two came the following day when the M6 attempted to sweep again and wasn’t able to find its way back to the charging dock and died. Again, the map was lost. 1 of 6 On the third day, I was able to successfully map the downstairs portion of my 3,600 sq. ft. house. Finally! I was able to use the app to section off rooms of my house, as well as, place virtual barriers where I knew the M6 would likely get stuck. I scheduled cleanings through the app to start cleaning on day four.Day four arrives and the M6 finds itself stuck on an anti-fatigue mat I have in my kitchen. It had successfully navigated the pair of mats I have placed in the kitchen on three previous days but for whatever reason, it couldn’t on the fourth try. The app showed a “tilt” error which required moving to a level surface for recalibration.Unfortunately, the M6 was stuck in a weird loop where only the edge brush spun but nothing else responded. I found no way to reset the M6 despite prolonged research on both Proscenic’s website as well as their Amazon store. After about 10 hours of running, the battery finally died.Trying to reset the M6; I reset the device and as a result lost the map! Fortunately, the error cleared itself and I was able to start the mapping process again once the M6 was fully charged. Strike 2.5!Eureka! I ran the M6 in edge clean mode and after about 40-45 minutes; the lower level of my house was fully mapped. I was also able to loosely separate rooms (more in the app section) and add virtual barriers.Since then, I can honestly say that the vacuum has performed amazingly well. The only final hiccup was I needed to set the time on the robot itself so that it ran at the scheduled times. It ran, but it was not according to the times I set in the app. I discovered that you need to use the included remote to set the time on the M6.AppThe app is visually appealing. Setting up Wi-Fi was a breeze and followed the steps that other devices use to broker exchange of Wi-Fi password. The only way I think set-up could have been easier is perhaps to allow QR code scanning to add devices.The app allows you to remote control the M6, schedule cleaning times/days, review previous cleaning records, view/edit floor plan maps, create virtual barriers, adjust suction power, and toggle between vacuum, mop, or sweep and mop.Within the settings menu; you are able to change the vacuum name, set quiet mode hours, turn on/off voice guidance on the M6, memory map on/off, breakpoint clean on/off, reset map, zero calibration, and view product consumables usage (e.g. HEPA filter). While most of the settings are self explanatory, it would be helpful if there were information buttons or descriptions available for settings such as memory map and breakpoint clean. Checking the online manual doesn’t offer any clarity either.It would be really nice if you could import/export the floorplan maps so that you could upgrade from one vacuum to the next. Or in my case, back-up and save the map before needing to reset the device. I believe that the maps are only stored on the M6 vacuum itself.The only ongoing negative opinion in my review of the app and the vacuum is related to mapping. The first one is easily addressed; include a quick start tip that instructs users with larger floor plans to run edge clean mode only the first time.The second is separating rooms on the map can be greatly improved. For whatever reason, adding “virtual walls” to separate rooms snaps to seemingly random points. This creates weird separation in adjacent rooms where the “virtual wall” does not coincide with a real wall.Because I schedule my living room to be swept separately from my home office, there are two areas of my office that are cleaned at different times. Seriously, my first-world problems are brutal. Nonetheless, it slightly diminishes from what I would otherwise consider a solid hardware and software product.ConclusionOverall, I’m very happy and impressed with the capabilities of the Proscenic M6 pro vacuum. The vacuuming capabilities are fantastic. It is methodical to the extent that even those with obsessions over carpet lines would be satisfied.It easily transitions between carpet, tile and hardwood flooring and only got hung up once on the thicker, albeit smooth, anti-fatigue mat. To be fair, my previous Shark robot vacuum would consistently get stuck on that mat too. However, the Shark never required a complete battery drain to reset the device.Even the mopping feature worked well in my tiled laundry room. I honestly can’t see myself using that feature often as it would require either setting up specific areas to mop or removing all area rugs, etc. Combined with the fact the vacuum can only hold about 6oz of water, the mopping capability is limited in my opinion.Compared to similar robot vacuums with equal mapping and navigation capabilities, the M6 is a great deal. The M6 is available on Proscenic’s Amazon store for $369.99. A $70 off coupon brings the cost down to under $300. Or it’s available directly from Proscenic’s website for $429.

The best Android phones available at Tello (February 2021)

Sprint is one of the largest wireless network providers in the United States, serving more than 54 million subscribers. As you’d expect, it features quite the handset selection, including models with 5G support. But what about its prepaid brand, Tello?Tello, as is the case with other MVNOs, has its own rate plans, customer service, and phone selection. Here, we’ll dig into the devices offered at Tello.READ: Tello Buyer’s GuideWe’ve gathered up a handful of the best phones you can purchase at Tello today. Although we do select one as the best overall (Editors’ Choice), the list below offers phones that work for a variety of user types.For what it’s worth, the handset selection at Tello is really limited light. Moreover, it’s fully comprised of refurbished models. We always suggest buying an unlocked phone for use with a carrier.Samsung Galaxy A51The Samsung Galaxy A51 gives users all of the great features found in the Galaxy S line and leaves out the unnecessary bleeding-edge stuff. It ticks the right boxes and leaves money in your wallet.The phone comes with a big 6.5-inche Super AMOLED screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and packs a 48-MP (wide), 12-MP (ultrawide), 5-MP (wide) macro, and 5-MP depth sensor. Inside is a generous 6GB RAM with 128GB storage capacity for videos, music files, images, and documents.Shop Samsung Galaxy A51 at TelloSamsung Galaxy S8It may be a few years old but that doesn’t mean it won’t handle your tasks. There’s plenty in here that can manage your tasks, play your games, and keep track of your social media.Features include a 5.8-inch display, 12-megapixel camera, and 3,000mAh battery. An octa-core processor is paired with 4GB RAM while storage is listed at 64GB. Need more room for files? Throw in a microSD expansion card slot for external media.Shop Samsung Galaxy S8 at TelloMotorola Moto E4Don’t need anything fancy or aren’t concerned with spending much money? That’s alright, there’s still something nice to be had. The Motorola phone has a decentWe absolutely love what Motorola does with its Android phones. They run a bare bones software experience that leaves things the way Google intended, and feature affordably priced alternatives to flagships.Here, you get a 5-inch screen, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, enough for first-time buyers.  Other things we appreciate? A water resistant coating and 3.5mm headphone jack.Shop Motorola Moto E4 at Tello

NET10 Wireless Buyer’s Guide (February 2021)

Most wireless customers are familiar with the big-name brands in Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Relatively few buyers, though, are as well-versed when it comes to the topic of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).It might surprise you to know that companies like Metro, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless operate on the T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T networks, respectively. These network operators license the towers and coverage from the tier-one providers and offer their own phones, rate plans, and customer service.NET10 Wireless is one such MVNO worth closer inspection.AboutAs a company that operates almost virtually, Net10 doesn’t have any towers of its own. What’s more, it does not have any official retail stores, paper bills, activation fees, or overage charges.TIPS FOR BUYING A USED PHONEWHERE CAN I BUY AN UNLOCKED PHONE?BUYING AN UNLOCKED PHONE? CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONSIt does, however have a presence at indirect sellers and locations such as Dollar General and Family Dollar. Net10 Wireless service plans and Bring-Your-Own-Phone SIM Kits are currently sold in Walmart, CVS, Best Buy, Walgreens and many other local stores. Its devices are available exclusively online via the brand’s website,PODCAST: What is an MVNO?Using both CDMA and GSM technologies, NET10 lets customers bring their AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or unlocked GSM phones.Rate PlansCustomers can choose from a number of options spread across various types of plans. For those who only needed the barest of necessities, the pay-as-you-go provides buckets of minutes. The Monthly Talk, Text, and Data plans range from $20 up to $65 per month and come with variable amounts of high speed data.Cheap cell phone plans that use the Sprint networkCheap cell phone plans that use the T-Mobile networkCheap cell phone plans that use the AT&T networkCheap cell phone plans that use the Verizon networkNote that all plans include unlimited data but allow for only certain amounts at high speed. Once you hit the cap you’ll have slowed (2G) speeds for the remainder of the bill cycle.$20/month: 2GB$35/month: 5GB$40/month: 10GB$50/month: 30GB (Includes $20 credit for international calls)$65/month: 50GB (Includes unlimited international calls)Select plans give buyers the option to save a few bucks per month by enrolling in Auto-Refill automatic bill payments.Family PlansNet10 Wireless refers to these as “Multi-Line Plans” as opposed to family plans. A new line of service can be added to any plan. The first line is discounted by $5 per month; each line after that is discounted by $10 per month (up to four lines).Handset SelectionCustomers can purchase handsets in one of two ways: buy outright or spread payments out monthly. The selection through the former leaves much to be desired with less than one dozen models to choose from. Opting for the latter (payment plan) opens the door to a wide range of phones with financing through Affirm.READ: The best Android phones at Net10 WirelessBring Your Own DeviceOne place where NET10 shines is in its ability to support phones from other carriers. Those of you who have access to an existing phone, or who might have purchased an unlocked phone elsewhere, can bring the device to NET10.Whether you’re looking for a new phone number or hoping to keep your existing one, NET10 works. Moreover, you can also keep your same network in the background, receiving the coverage you already know. Head to the NET10 page to check compatibility of your phone.

Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21

Are you the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone? Congratulations, you’ve got one hell of a device — one of the best of the year. Now, let’s make sure that gorgeous phone doesn’t get scratched or broken, alright?What follows are some of the best cases you’ll find for the Samsung Galaxy S21. The collection isn’t everything available, of course, but it is a pretty diverse selection.Blu Element 2-in-1 FolioFeel free to leave the wallet behind as this folio style allows for multiple credit cards and cash. It’s durable, stylish, and practical stuff and we love it. And best of all, it allows for easily attaching and removing the phone. Thanks, magnets! As low as $35.Case-Mate Soap BubbleDon’t be fooled by the flashy colors; this case has MicroPel antimicrobial protection. That means it’s as practical as it is stylish. And in today’s climate, that cleanliness is of utmost importance. As low as $40.Vena vCommuteA terrific option for those who wish to leave the wallet or clutch behind, this case has a hidden card slot for IDs, credit cards, or transit cards. Designed with drops in mind, it can take a tumble up to 26 times from four feet. The built-in metal flap works great with magnetic car mounts and can also double as a kickstand. As low as $50.ESR Metal KickstandSoft and flexible, this case provides protection against bumps without adding unwanted thickness. The highlight, however, lets you prop your handset up in both portrait and landscape orientation so you can film Tik Tok videos or watch YouTube clips. As low as $19.TotalleeWhen all you need is one ultra-thin layer of protection for your phone and don’t want to advertise any brands, this is the one you grab. As light as they come, these cases come with a two-year warranty. As low as $39.Gear4 Crystal PalaceWhen you have a phone with a gorgeous coat of paint, the last thing you wanna do is hide it under a boring case. This one is as clear as it comes and is slim, too, but it’s also tough. It’s equipped to handle drops up to four meters (13 feet), and will fights of germs. As low as $40.Tech 21 EvoCheck Smokey/BlackSturdy and strong yet not overly bulky, this case will safeguard against drops up to 12 feet. With just the right bit of thickness along the edges, you’ll appreciate the added lip around the camera. The accent design looks cool regardless of which color phone you have. As low as $40.Incipio GripHaving a phone case that handles drops is nice, but we don’t really want to worry about that do we? This case has multidirectional grip along the edges so your handset doesn’t go tumbling out of hand. But, unless it’s falling more than 14 feet you shouldn’t stress. Oh, and there’s a lifetime guarantee behind it all. As low as $40.Survivor StrongMinimal in design, there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Two layers of protection help keep your phone safe to big drops while it stays thin enough for wireless charging and zero interference in 5G connectivity. As low as $30.Otterbox DefenderOne of the first names in true phone protection, this case keeps your beloved handset tucked away nice and snug. It’s built to handle crazy amounts of drops, is backed by a lifetime warranty, and comes with a holster belt clip that doubles as a kick-stand. As low as $65.SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle ProThis dual layer rugged case features a built-in kickstand that doubles as a ring holder. Oh, and it has a rotating holster, too. With a 20ft drop test rating it ensures no matter where you use this phone its accessible and protected. As low as $27.Poetic RevolutionWith full 360-degree protection, this case has a sturdy back panel with a polycarbonate lip that houses a built-in screen protector. It’s a little on the bigger side, and it’s a tad tough to remove, but that just signals peace of mind to us. We’ve tried our to beat these cases up and they just don’t seem to budge. Bonus points for the built-in kickstand on the rear. As low as $19.Spigen Liquid AirConstructed from a shock-absorbing TPU material, this thin case is tougher than it looks. Its patterned design is not only cool looking but it also makes it easier to hold your phone. As low as $20.Speck Presidio2 GripSoft to the touch, the case protects your phone from drops as high as 13 feet. It’s almost like having an airbag for your device. The textured grip makes it easy to hold your phone with one hand, even for taking pictures. As low as $45.

Learn to draw comic book characters with this training bundle, just $20

Are you a scribbler or a sketcher? Do you find yourself drawing little figures on notepads while talking on the phone? Ever thought about taking things a step or two further?There plenty of classes available to help beginners become solid artists; Learn to Draw online training bundle is an excellent option that focuses primarily on illustrating comic books.You’ll start out with a course on human form drawing, then move on to a step-by-step guide to drawing superheroes and drawing both male and female heads in comic style. And that’s just the start of it; there are 181 lessons spanning some 33 hours.How to Improve Your Figure Drawing Step-by-Step: Learn How to Draw the Human Form Like a ProfessionalHow to Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes from Start to Finish: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing SuperheroesHow to Draw Heads Step-by-Step From Any Angle: Draw Male & Female Comic Style Heads In a Variety of WaysDigital Painting Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Illustrating Fantasy Art Elements & CharactersEach of the four courses is taught by Robert Marzullo, a comic book artist and illustrator whose work has published in comics. Moreover, he has worked in 3D animation, and owned and operated his own design firm for over 15 years.For a limited time, you can purchase the Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle and snag all four of these courses for just $19.99. Head to the AG Deals Store today and save!Best SellersEarn Credits!For every $25 you spend in the AG Deals Store you get $1 credit added to your account. And, if you refer the deal via social media or an email that results in a purchase, you’ll earn $10 credit in your account.First Time Buying?If this is your first time buying, you are also eligible for 10% discount! Just be sure to subscribe for email updates.Free StuffNot looking to spend any money today? No worries. You can still visit the AndroidGuys section for freebies and pick something anyhow.

The best phones available at T-Mobile (February 2021)

With nearly 100 million subscribers, and highly-rated customer service, T-Mobile is the second largest wireless network provider in the US. As such, it has a wide selection of devices to complement the service, including phones, tablets, watches, and more.Here, we gather up a handful of the best phones you can purchase at T-Mobile today. Do note that this isn’t a list of the best overall which often focus on performance. Rather, our list aims to speak to specific users and demographics.Motorola Phone Buyer’s GuideSamsung Phone Buyer’s GuideCheap rate plans that use T-Mobile’s network Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraThe cream of the crop when it comes to Samsung’s 2021 phone lineup, very few handsets can rival its performance. Not only that, but it’s prettier than ever with the new color options, too.Come for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and the 12GB RAM, stay for the 5,000mAh battery and quad-core camera. Of course there’s plenty in between as well and it’s all in service of high-end prowess.Everything runs smoothly but it looks even smoother when you’ve got a 6.8-inch Quad HD+ display that delivers to the tune of 120Hz refresh rate. Shop Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at T-MobileSamsung Galaxy S21 5GThe flagship Samsung experience for 2021 is not only powerful, but it’s gorgeous, too. It looks unlike any of its predecessors on the surface and we couldn’t be happier.Internally, the phone is as about as powerful as they come, and should be more than sufficient for the needs of pretty much anyone. Whether you’re gaming, snapping ultra-wide photos, recording 4K video, or just hitting up your social media platforms, the Galaxy S21 is here for it.Key features for the phone include a 6.2-inch AMOLED display, at least 128GB storage, and an all-day 4,000mAh battery. You’ve also got an amazing camera setup, 8GB RAM, a monster of a processor, and an improved in-display fingerprint reader. Shop Samsung Galaxy S21 5G at T-MobileSamsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraThe Most Well-RoundedIf you’re looking for the biggest and most powerful all-around device from T-Mobile, this is it. With a screen size (6.9-inches) that rivals early tablets, it packs an upgraded S Pen stylus and cutting-edge hardware. Oh, and then there’s a first-of-its-kind 108-megapixel camera, too.Powered by Android 10 with Samsung’s custom UI, the handset has generous battery, tons of (expandable) storage, and downright sleek design. Choose from Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, and Mystic Black.Shop Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at T-MobileSamsung Galaxy S20 Fan EditionThe Flagship for You and IIf you’re on the hunt for a phone that you plan to own for a few years, you don’t want to cut corners. You want a flagship phone. The problem is that too many of them cost way more than we’re willing to spend.The Fan Edition of the flagship S20 is what happens when you keep the most important stuff and toss aside the frills (and extra cost).Here, you get a large screen with high refresh rate, a large battery, three rear cameras, and a modern Android and user interface. Offered in three colors, it’s the S20 you deserve.Shop Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition at T-MobileOnePlus 8Mid-range Money, Top-Tier PerformanceWe’ve fallen head over heels in love with OnePlus these last few years. Rather than releasing an expensive, annual flagship, it refreshes its portfolio as needed. And it doesn’t charge nearly as much for the experience. The OnePlus 8 comes in about $200-$300 cheaper than what you’d see from other bigger brands, yet it doesn’t skimp on the features. A giant 6.55-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate and 48-megapixel triple-camera array lead the way, but it’s just as appealing internally, too.Running Android 10, there’s a bleeding edge Snapdragon 865 processor, 128GB UFS 3.0 storage, and 8GB RAM. Add in a generous 4,300mAh battery with lighting fast charging and you see why we’re so fond.Shop OnePlus 8 5G at T-MobileMotorola Moto EFirst-time BuyerBuying your first smartphone doesn’t mean you start at the bottom and tip-toe about. The Motorola Moto E is the perfect way to learn what your needs are without breaking the bank. Moreover, there’s enough under the hood to keep you from looking to replace it anytime soon.For your money you get a large display, impressive battery, and dual camera system on the rear. Over on the software front you get a clean Android 10 install with helpful custom touches from Motorola. Flashier than it needs to be, the Midnight Blue is easy on the eyes.Shop Motorola Moto E at T-MobileSamsung Galaxy Z FlipYou’ll Flip for ItThe Galaxy Z Flip 5G brings back the familiar clamshell design that your parents had at the turn of the decade but with a much smarter operating system… and a heftier price tag.Fully opened, you’ve got a 6.7-inch screen that rivals other phones in size and quality. Under the hood are a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 5G support, and more than enough storage. Grab it in Mystic Gray or Mystic Bronze.Shop Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at T-Mobile

Mint Mobile Buyer’s Guide (February 2021)

Most consumers are familiar with the big-name wireless carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Not nearly as many, though, are as well-versed when it comes to the topic of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).It might surprise you to know that companies such as Metro, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless operate on the T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T networks, respectively. These network operators license the towers and coverage from the tier-one providers and offer their own phones, rate plans, and customer service.In this write-up, we will profile Mint Mobile, an online-only MVNO who specializes in bulk savings.Cheap phone plans that use T-Mobile’s networkHow to check your IMEI number Tips for buying a used phoneUpgrading your phone? Here’s what to do if you’re selling the old oneAbout Mint MobileMint Mobile (previously Mint SIM) was launched in 2016 by Ultra Mobile, and utilizes T-Mobile towers to provide nationwide coverage. Mint exists online-only as it trumpets the savings passed on to consumers by not having to maintain a physical storefront.Mint started out relatively quiet and flew under the radar for a few years, but it has started making some noise in the space. In 2019 Ryan Reynolds purchased a stake in the company and is now considered a partial owner of the brand.Known as one of the most inexpensive providers within its category, Mint accomplishes this with a bit of a different take on prepaid plans. By selling data in bulk (blocks of months), customers receive deeper discounts than typical monthly fare.Are there any deals at Mint Mobile?New customers can sign up to Mint Mobile and take advantage of steep discounts on its rate plans. Sign up and you can get unlimited talk, text, and unlimited 5G or 4G LTE data for just $30 per month. You’ll just have to prepay for three months ($90) and it’s yours. After the promotional rate expires you can purchase a full year at $360 to retain that value.Rate PlansAs mentioned, Mint offers different packages in bulk. Plans include unlimited talk, text and data. In fact, customers get either 5G or 4G LTE, depending on what’s stronger in the area. Also bundled with plans are free calls to Mexico and Canada, mobile hotspot, and Wi-Fi calls.Subscribers essentially choose how much high-speed 4G LTE data they need on a monthly basis. As of today you can get the following plans.Introductory Rate PlansThe following plans are bundled for three months, meaning you’ll pay a one-time charge. Breaking the cost down over three periods breaks out as so:$15/month – 3GB high-speed data per month ($45 total)$20/month – 8GB high-speed data per month ($60 total)$25/month – 12GB high-speed data per month ($75 total)$30/month – Unlimited high-speed data per month ($90 total)Once the three-month period is over you’ll have the option to renew in three, six, and twelve month options. The longer the term, the more cost-effective it becomes. If you’re confident that you’ll stick around for the long run, save yourself the money by opting for the twelve month plan.Can you use your own phone with Mint?Customers can purchase unlocked devices and potentially finance through SmartPay, but Mint started out as a “Bring Your Own Phone” carrier and it is still a highly-promoted option. Mint is compatible with most unlocked GSM devices. You can check your IMEI to get started.Mint is routinely one of the best options available for customers looking to use their own phone, especially if it’s one purchased through T-Mobile.Are there any risks with Mint Mobile?Mint offers a 7-day money back guarantee when test driving its 3-month plan.What is Mint’s phone selection like?Should you wish to purchase a phone from Mint you’ll find a range of devices from all of the familiar brands. The current crop of handsets is a rather mixed bag, but there are top-tier models like the OnePlus 8 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.The phones are priced outright as well as monthly, with financing done through Affirm. Moreover, there are certified pre-owned models and reconditioned handsets, too.



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