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Best SSD deals: Samsung 990 Pro discounts


As recently as a decade ago, you would most likely be using an HDD, which tends to be quite slow and takes up an absolute tone of space, even the smaller form factor ones made for laptops. If you wanted something a bit more fancy, like a modern M.2 SSD, you’d be paying a huge premium even for smaller sizes like 256GB and 512GB. Luckily there have been huge leaps in technology and manufacturing, and these days you can get your hands on the best SSDs for a pretty good price. Not only does that mean that you can save space, but you can also load Windows and your applications a lot faster, something we expect to see in the best gaming PCs and gaming laptops.


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Our favorite SSD deal


If you’re looking for something that’s top-of-the-line and won’t break the bank, then the Samsung 990 PRO is probably the way to go. It has the newer PCIe 4.0 standard, which makes it a great PS5 SSD if you can get it a heatsink, and it has a read speed of 7450 Mbps and a write speed of 6900 Mbps, so it’s lightning fast. The 2TB model here has been discounted down to just $190 from the original $250, so you’re saving a pretty solid $60 in the process. There is a 1TB version that’s cheaper if you don’t think you need that much, as well as a 4TB model that’s great for those who have a tendency to hoard data.

More SSD deals we like


Of course, if the Samsung 990 PRO isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there are some other great options you can take advantage of, such as the 980 Pro, which is just one step down and still a pretty good way to go. Of course, there are more budget-friendly options as well if you want to upgrade from an HDD and don’t need the fastest speeds possible. Obviously, the smaller capacity you have, the less it’s going to cost, so if you know you don’t need a lot of storage space, it’s worth going for a smaller size.

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