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10 Things To Look For In A Laboratory Information System

Laboratories today face immense pressure to deliver accurate results quickly while maintaining regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. To meet these challenges, labs are adopting advanced laboratory information systems (LIS) that provide robust functionality via intuitive interfaces. With the global LIS market projected to reach $4.0 billion by 2028, selecting the right solution is critical.

A Laboratory Information System like NovoPath offers an innovative cloud-based LIS tailored for anatomic and molecular pathology labs. Here are ten key capabilities to look for when evaluating a modern LIS:

1. Intuitive and Flexible Interface

Look for a LIS with a user-friendly interface that simplifies adoption across roles. With thoughtful information architecture and minimal clicks to complete tasks, staff can quickly learn to navigate the system.

For instance, NovoPath provides a single integrated dashboard for managing diverse workflows. The interface facilitates customization to match each lab’s preferences. Users can set personalized defaults, create custom fields, build specialty-specific workflows, and configure rules-driven routing. This flexibility ensures optimal efficiency gains aligned to current and future needs.

NovoPath’s intuitive design with robust configurability empowers greater productivity. The South Bend Medical Foundation cut their steps down in half and reduced their lab time by 6 hours on average per case with NovoPath.

2. Seamless Interoperability with Existing Systems

A key consideration in laboratory information system selection is open integration with surrounding lab systems like instruments, middleware, EHRs, and software applications. So choose a LIS that provides bidirectional data exchange to eliminate manual result entry and transcription. For instance, the Novopath system readily integrates with most major EHRs for seamless order/result transmission and integration across your lab ecosystem.

This interoperability ensures rapid dissemination of results to care teams while minimizing errors from manual data re-entry. NovoPath has an open database and web services to connect with external systems flexibly. The LIS delivers a holistic view of patient cases by interfacing with other data sources.

3. Multi-Specialty Support and Collaboration

A Laboratory Information System should foster collaboration across specialties for holistic patient diagnosis. NovoPath consolidates tools for diverse subspecialties within anatomic and molecular pathology, including hematopathology, dermatopathology, gastroenterology, and genetics/genomics.

So look for a system that allows labs to unify workflows while maintaining the nuanced needs of each pathology subfield. NovoPath also enables fluid consultations; pathologists can easily share cases with colleagues across the hall or in another state, attaching visuals and comments. The software enhances knowledge sharing for accurate diagnoses.

4. Configurable Reporting and Analytics

Real-time dashboards allow convenient monitoring of testing status, pending cases, and bottlenecks. A LIS like NovoPath enables highly customizable reports and dashboards aligned to your lab’s unique KPIs, providing actionable data insights. The system offers a robust analysis of metrics like turnaround times, workload distribution, quality indicator tracking, staff productivity, and revenue analytics. Users can build reports incorporating any data field captured within NovoPath.

NovoPath provides the reporting flexibility labs need to extract meaningful performance analytics for data-driven improvement.

5. Collaborative Tools for Enhanced Diagnostics

NovoPath incorporates purpose-built tools to augment pathologists’ expertise through collaboration. Pathologists can easily share cases at any stage in the diagnosis process, enabling peer review for difficult cases. Instant messaging facilitates rapid consultations to drive accurate results.

The system’s image management with annotations streamlines consultations and virtual tumor boards. Pathologists can discuss visual findings in context. NovoPath also provides libraries of pre-defined diagnostic codes, helping standardize reporting. The software enhances productivity, knowledge sharing, and diagnostic consistency.

6. Cloud-Based Architecture with Robust Security 

Your chosen LIS should provide enterprise-level physical and network security, protecting sensitive data. The system employs redundancy, continuous backups, and failover to ensure uptime. To maintain compliance, look for a LIS like NovoPath that meets regulatory standards, including HIPAA and CLIA.

The cloud model simplifies disaster recovery with automatic offsite backups. It also enables automatic software updates without taxing internal IT resources. Users can access the LIS anywhere with an internet connection.

7. Superior Diagnostic Functionality

Intuitive navigation and robust tools help pathologists work efficiently. NovoPath’s diagnostic enhancements, from rapid access to images to automated protocols, empower accurate turnaround times.

NovoPath offers dedicated tools to optimize pathologists’ workflow, including automated case assignment, reflex testing, rules configuration, and image annotation. The system allows easy case review, organizing patient data, images, and reports on a single screen.

8. Project Management for Seamless Implementation

The cloud-based system enables rapid deployment with minimal disruption, quickly getting labs up and running. NovoPath’s team emphasizes change management and training for maximum user adoption. Their goal is a seamless transition to improved efficiency.

NovoPath provides dedicated project management and training resources to ensure smooth onboarding. The phased approach first focuses on integrating instruments and core functionality before expanding to additional workflows. Ongoing support helps labs realize the software’s full benefits. 

9. Commitment to Continuous Innovation

At NovoPath, ongoing research and development drive continuous enhancement of the LIS. The company solicits client feedback to expand features and address emerging needs. Upgrades are rolled out seamlessly without interrupting operations.

By continually expanding its capabilities, NovoPath ensures labs gain increasing value from the LIS over time. The system evolves along with the industry to meet changing lab requirements.

10. Value-Driven Pricing

The cloud-based model translates to lower overall costs compared to on-premise systems. You can consider NovoPath for your lab as it also offers scalable options that allow labs to expand capabilities as needs grow. The company partners with clients to ensure the LIS capabilities and pricing align with their strategic goals. NovoPath’s flexible value pricing helps labs maximize returns.

The company aims to deliver the maximum ROI on LIS investment through optimized workflows, enhanced efficiency, and consolidated systems. Make sure you choose a LIS like NovoPath with predictable pricing and no hidden fees.


For today’s pathology labs, NovoPath provides an advanced cloud-based LIS that ticks all the boxes: an intuitive interface, multi-specialty support, seamless integration, robust analytics, collaborative tools, stringent security, superior diagnostics, and ongoing innovation. By leveraging NovoPath’s capabilities, labs can achieve new levels of productivity, connectivity, and performance to serve patients better.