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Raid system in World of Warcraft – basics and benefits

In many online games, raids play a key role due to the general demand, interesting gameplay, the opportunity to earn the best rewards, and interesting mechanics of the behavior of the boss and his retinue.

World of Warcraft is no exception and offers players raids as a full-fledged opportunity to earn equipment, weapons, try out their efforts and builds, gain levels and earn gold.

The game begins to introduce you to the mechanics of the dungeon fairly quickly, but it provides various options for leveling up and gaining experience, gold and equipment, so that you yourself decide what you want to do in the World of Warcraft, and not stupidly follow the instructions of the system, which would produce a million identical characters with the same build.

Usually, raids are dungeons with three difficulty options:

  • Plain
  • Heroic
  • mythical

Depending on the selected difficulty, the gameplay, the difficulty in the behavior of the boss and the final reward will change, and you will not be able to jump between difficulty levels until you complete the previous variation of the raid.

Passing raids, especially mythic difficulty, is not an easy task that requires a high level of training, a well-played combat group and the presence of good performers in each of the roles. Therefore, in order to earn a good reward and get the entire drop for yourself, you can apply for a service to a special Skycoach service. It works with all current raids and is even accepting pre-orders for the new Aberrus raid, The Shadowed Crucible, which comes out in May. You can order Aberrus raid boost right now and get the new and best equipment and a mark in the achievement system almost immediately after the launch of a new dungeon.

What is a raid by the standards of an MMO RPG

A raid is a dungeon that is considered a temporary zone and is inhabited by many monsters and creatures under the leadership of three bosses of varying difficulty. Players challenge dungeon chapters for experience, equipment and weapons, achievements, and just plain fun gameplay.


Bosses are enhanced monsters with great strength and often have their own retinue.

They have strong attack and defense, a large supply of health and always drop equipment, weapons, or jewelry when they die.

Each boss has a set of unique abilities – these can be skills for moving out of sight, jumping to close the distance to ranged characters, jumping away from melee characters, defensive skills for absorbing damage, reflecting damage back to the enemy and other skill variations.


Each raid has equipment requirements that all participants in the campaign must have, otherwise the system will not allow you to start the process of entering the dungeon.

The raid itself, if successful, will reward equipment above the minimum level, so you will not have problems with the constant accumulation of good items.


Often, the way to complete a raid differs depending on the main mechanics and behavior of the boss, but the general essence of the tasks and behavior is almost the same.

It’s better to keep the boss in the center of the room – it’s easier to react to a change in his behavior and move away with damage at close range, or vice versa, get closer with ranged attacks.

The tank should be in constant contact with the boss and concentrate on keeping as many targets on him as possible, and forget about dealing damage until the enemy retinue is destroyed, and the group concentrates on damaging the boss.

Don’t replace the tank with attack classes – someone needs to soak up the most damage without having to resurrect. The healer should just keep the defender healthy, and not not constantly save his life by sparing him death.

The healer keeps a medium distance from the group and is placed between melee and ranged fighters. He must be able to not only heal allies in any scenario, but also move in the right direction in time, depending on the attacks of the boss.

For better damage, it’s best to balance between melee and ranged combat to have the potential to deal high damage regardless of the boss’s agility and weaknesses. Ideally, if there are limits – fighters with increased damage for a limited period of time, but under such a skill they must wait for the boss to appear for maximum implementation until the next skill.

New raids and updates for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is primarily based on the LOR component – the further development of the plot of the world of Azeroth and the explanation to the players why events are developing in this direction and what preceded current events.

Very soon, the first raid called Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible will appear in the world of Azeroth on the Dragon Isles, and players will go to conquer new bosses in order to get parts of the updated equipment, which will be considered the best on the server.

Prehistory of the new raid Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible

The dungeon is named after Aberrus, an ancient scientist who studied the changes in the world and how to control them. He conducted experiments in his laboratory, which will become the main place of confrontation, since many dragons rushed there in order to capture the knowledge available there and turn it to their advantage. Groups of players representing both the Horde and the Alliance go there to prevent them and leave the balance of power of the universe at the current level and save Azeroth by putting their conflict in the background.

One of the nice innovations is that now 200 guilds from both factions will get their place on the wall of fame if they win the Mythic difficulty raid.

All of the new bosses will occupy the four wings of the Aberrus Lab, and players will gradually gain access to each new stage over a two-week span, just like in the Shadowlens update.

Each of the current bosses will have special items for each class, so when going through the raid, you can focus on one of the chapters of the dungeon to get equipment for your hero and help other players do the same and gain important experience in parallel.

Each hero will have the opportunity to collect a set of special equipment that will change characteristics depending on the number of items from the set that have been collected. Even two items will be enough to change the characteristics, and a full-fledged set will radically change the class’s capabilities in the battle against the bosses from the Aberrus raid.

At the end of June, the final stage of the added raid will be released and players will be able to end the invasion and complete the entire Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible dungeon chain.