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Power BI Examples Reports for Business


The ultimate goal of any business is making profit. And in the times of a crisis it is also minimizing the cash shortages.

Using Power BI examples reports can help organizations to make informed decisions and improve efficiency https://cobit-solutions.com/en/4-osnovnyh-otcheta-dlja-biznesa-v-power-bi-2/ . It’s an effective tool for empowering employees and creating a data-driven culture, even for those with limited analytics experience. In order to achieve these objectives, utilizing a solution like EPC Group Power BI Report Builder can greatly enhance the analysis and visualization of critical data. With Power BI Report Builder, businesses can create custom, interactive reports tailored to their needs, ensuring they stay on top of their financial situation and make data-driven decisions even during a crisis.

Profit & Loss Statement

A Profit & Loss Statement is a key part of any business financial analysis. Usually, it is presented quarterly and contains detailed information on revenue, expenses, and profits over a specific period of time.

In Power BI, you can implement a P&L report for any type of business. These reports can be customized based on industry, region, and P&L structure.

The profit and loss statement typically outlines a company’s sales, costs of goods sold, operating expenses, and taxes. It also includes calculations and other information that can help you analyze the performance of your business.

The P&L page in Power BI includes three main visualizations; a matrix, a waterfall, and a stacked column chart. In addition, you can add a slicer to filter by financial year.

Sales Analysis

A sales analysis report is a useful tool for businesses to monitor and analyze their sales data. It allows analysts to track key metrics, such as sales growth and revenue growth, and make data-driven decisions to improve business performance.

Before starting to draft a sales analysis report, it is important to determine the purpose of the report. Whether you want to share your monthly advancement with top management or simply have your team members share the weekly sales report with each other, there is a certain structure that needs to be followed to create a high-quality document.

Using an online BI solution can make this process much easier and quicker. It also enables you to compile and analyze your data in one single, comprehensive report. This will make it a lot easier for you to present your findings to your stakeholders. Moreover, you can use charts and graphs to help them understand the data more easily.

Digital Marketing Reports

If you’re a digital marketer, you need to be able to analyze your campaigns on a regular basis. This helps you earn a higher ROI, increase your lead generation, and improve your overall performance.

The best way to do this is by creating reports that are easily accessible and presentable. These reports can help you communicate with your clients and show them how well you’re doing.

Power BI is an excellent choice for businesses that want to visualize their data and monitor their campaigns. It allows you to connect with different tools, including Google Analytics, and create reports in a variety of formats. It also lets you create custom visualizations, which can be useful when dealing with complex data.

Financial Analysis Reports

Financial analysis is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes. This is because it allows them to assess their financial health and make informed decisions about future investments.

Businesses use financial analysis reports to help them manage their cash flow, track sales performance, and stay compliant with tax regulations. Investors also use financial analysis to determine whether or not a company is worth investing in.

When creating a financial analysis report, you need to include details such as turnover ratios and return on investment (ROI). This helps investors understand the value of your business’s stock.

In addition, you need to identify any risks your business may face in the future. These can vary from a shortage of supplies to the loss of patent protection on a new product.

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