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Secure and Easy PC Remote Desktop Software [Free Download]

About PC remote desktop software

PC remote desktop software makes it possible to access and operate a remote computer from a remote place. Thus, you don’t need to arrive at the place to physically access the PC and use it, which decreases the cost and time spent on the road and improves the effectiveness. With the increasing numbers of remote workers, PC remote desktop software has become an essential tool for individuals and businesses.

AnyViewer: a must-have remote desktop app for Windows PC [free download]

It’s well-known that Windows computers have a built-in remote desktop feature that allows a computer to be accessed remotely. However, there are weaknesses that can be ignored in Windows’s built-in remote desktop program. For example, to connect to a computer behind a NAT, port forwarding, or VPN is necessary; you and the one on the other end can’t share the same screen, and you can’t connect to Windows 11 or Windows 10 Home via the tool.

Therefore, you can try AnyViewer, a must-have remote desktop connection program for Windows computers. It supports you in sending a control request, which needs approval from the user on the remote PC or complete unattended remote access to your own computers. Now, see why it is outstanding.

  • No extra setup required: When you access a PC from an outside network, like accessing your company computer from home, you don’t need to configure the router’s port forwarding, which can be extremely difficult for the one who has no computer expertise.
  • Screen share: When you use AnyViewer to control a PC, you and the one on the other end can view the PC screen at the same time; thus, you can assist him/her more conveniently.
  • Wide compatibility: Whether the PC is running 64 Bit or 32Bit, Windows Home or Enterprise Edition, you can use AnyViewer to connect to it from your local device. The local device can be a Windows PC, an iPad/iPhone, or an Android device.
  • Strong encryption to protect data: AnyViewer uses a strong algorithm, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, to encrypt data between the connected devices.
  • Stable connection: AnyViewer enables you to enjoy a stable and smooth remote desktop connection without the trouble of session drops and disconnections.
  • Remote file transfer: On the controller window, you can transfer files between the local PC and the remote PC.
  • Multiple monitors: It’s available to connect to a PC with multiple monitors, and all monitors can be shown on the window, or you can specify only one monitor to display. 

The aforementioned features are available in AnyViewer Free Edition; you can upgrade to its advanced plans to enjoy more.

  • High-quality image: This mode improves the image quality of the controller window, especially when you use the resolution of the recipient is beyond 2K.
  • Privacy mode: To prevent others on your remote PC from viewing the data and information on the screen and operating the PC, you can access in privacy mode to back the screen and disable the physical keyboard & mouse.
  • Multiple sessions: You can control multiple computers from one computer at the same time to manage multiple PCS simultaneously.

Of course, you can assign and manage more computers as well if you upgrade to its advanced plans.

Now, free download the remote desktop software, AnyViewer, on your device and start a secure and stable remote session.

[How-to guide] Connect to a remote PC with AnyViewer

On the host computer: Double-click the installation package to install and run the remote desktop software. Create a new AnyViewer account and log into it.

The device will be assigned to the account automatically after signing in. You can get one-click access to an assigned computer from other assigned devices.

On the local device (Windows, iOS, Android): Install; fire up the tool and log into the same account. Then, go to Device and click the remote PC. Finally, click One-click control, and you can see the screen of the remote computer.

If you only need one-time remote access for assistance, device assignment isn’t necessary. You can connect to a remote computer with device ID and control request.