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Canada Post: Your Guide to Sending Your Package

If you are a “man on the move” or a woman moving from country to country or state to state exploring and working on the move. Sending postage can become challenging as it differs  in some places as to how to proceed with sending packages local or international. Something as simple as a misspelled word can get your package lost forever, so it’s important to confirm whether you are in good standing or need to re-think your packaging.  

How to Send a Parcel Through Canada Post

If you want to send a parcel through Canada Post, you can simply head on over to one of their 6000 post offices near you in Canada. Be sure to confirm their rules and regulations and make sure that you check their items forbidden list to ensure that the items you are wanting to send will be approved. You can check out Canada Post packages tracking to track your parcel directly online and get updates on the status of your parcel.

Packaging sizes

Confirm that your letters, documents and cards have the right amount of postage for their next location.  Anything shipped across Canada or into the USA may not weigh more than 30 kg’s. Make sure if you use your own box or parcel that it meets the requirements. Small flat rate boxes measure around 35 x 26 x 5 cm and can be packed with a maximum weight of 5 kg. Medium flat rate boxes are 39 x 26 x 12 and weigh up to 5kg. Large flat rate boxes are 40 x 30 x 19 cm with a max of 5 kg load capacity.

International Packages

For international packages remember, your package is required to meet international Customs regulations and aviation security standards. Forms for international shipping can be filled in online as a customs declaration form.

Where to Find your Tracking Number

A tracking number is needed to be able to track your parcel, unfortunately, for security and privacy reasons they are not allowed to keep personal details. The number you need to track your parcel with is printed on your package label and your receipt only. So make sure to create a backup of your paperwork as soon as you can.

The tracking number for Priority, Xpresspost or a Regular Parcel with delivery confirmation included, is found at the bottom of your tracking receipt. If you are sending it internationally, including U.S., then the tracking no. will be on your shipping label and also on your receipt.

There are only a few formats these numbers are in and they are;

  1. 11 or 13 alphanumeric characters ending in CA. Example: 12Ab03K45k6CA
  1. 16 digits. Example: 1123456789103416

Their website also offers good information if you have any questions.

How to Track your Parcel

If you want to track your parcel from Canada Post or any other package in the world, you can simply head on over to the PKGE website. Type your tracking number in the search bar, and click search. After a few seconds you will see your results and you can view your Canada Post parcel information related to its history and location.

Bottom Line

Parcel tracking works wonders for many customers world wide. There are so many companies that supply a service that it gets confusing sometimes to navigate between pages to find your parcels. With PKGE you can track a world filled with parcels.