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How to Create Effective Landing Pages for Lead Generation?

More than 68% of businesses incorporate landing pages as a part of their PPC strategy to generate leads for future conversions. Unlike a click-through advertisement, a lead generation ad warms up the user and entices them to fill up their details. A lead generation landing page should be considered the start of the lead generation funnel. Businesses can leverage it to capture as many leads and prospects as they can. Landing pages can be used to drive traffic, and boost conversions or search engine optimisation efforts. However, one minor mistake can drive away your conversions and hurt your lead generation strategy. Here, we present a handy guide on the aspects that you must keep in mind to create effective lead-generation landing pages.

Pay Attention to Content and Design

The content and design on the landing page play a significant role in enticing the users. Understand that a rough design or layout does not inspire confidence. If your goal is to generate leads, you need to focus on the layout and design of the landing page. Make sure you spread the content throughout the page and avoid writing long sentences or paragraphs. The user’s span time is short and you need to ensure that the content is written with that perspective in mind.

Write effective taglines and provide all the necessary information on the landing page. Additionally, theme and design should be done strategically as well. Make the design clear and appealing so that it lets the text breathe. Play on shapes and symmetries, and harmonize the theme colours to enhance the readability of the landing page. There are multiple websites from where you can take the landing page templates. Check different versions online and select a template that suits your requirements and aligns with your goals.

Create Offers Relevant to Audience

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the target audience. Content flow and structure should be designed according to the target audience. Make sure whatever benefits you are offering are relevant to the target audience. You may consider conducting a survey to analyze and understand the requirements of your audience. It will provide you with a path on how to create content and use lead magnets on the landing page.

Compelling Headers

An ideal landing page has an offer that is enticing and compelling for the users. Make sure that you highlight that offer in your headlines and do not leave it for the body or USPs section. Use it as a selling factor and appeal to the audience. Your headings should be compelling and converting. Use persuasive copywriting techniques to write effective copies or take assistance from an experienced professional.

For instance, avoid highlighting we are the biggest agency in Los Angeles. Focus on the numbers and the revenue growth achieved in a certain time. You can say something like ‘Revolutionizing the Digital Industry’ or ‘Helping Businesses Generate X Amounts of Profits’. While you can consider presenting your content in an appealing manner, you should avoid exaggerating or overpromising. Try to stick to promises that you can fulfil and deliver. Exaggerating can hamper the expectations of the audience which may further turn out to be an issue in your landing page campaign.

It is likely that you may get leads, but they may not be interested in your services. Henceforth, you should aim at providing clear instructions and highlighting the key aspects carefully. Analyze a few pages to gain an understanding of the landing page funnels and design your own approach to how you wish to target your audience.

Work on Call-to-Actions

Call-to-action plays a critical role on the landing page. You may have provided a full set of information, highlighting every USP. However, if you miss out on highlighting or making the CTAs clear, you may miss out on attracting the right audience. Call-to-actions can help trigger action and are undoubtedly the most important element of the landing page. Be very specific about the call-to-action you are adding to the landing page. Every word will have a different meaning associated with it. Some common CTAs are: Get More Info, Submit Now, Sign-Up for a Free Trial, or Asking for a Callback or Contact.

Pay Attention to Forms

When it comes to landing pages for lead generation, the forms may be the final step that you can never miss out on. Try to add instructions and make the form appealing to entice the users to fill it. Keep the following aspects in mind to encourage the users to fill out the form:

  • Only ask for the required information.
  • Use attractive colors to keep the users interested.
  • Keep it minimum as most users skip filling forms because of unnecessary questions.
  • Use checkboxes and buttons to make it easier for them to fill out the form.
  • Highlight the benefits that the users will get after filling out the form.
  • Give clear instructions on how the details will be used and the form is only for confidential use.
  • Optimize the form for mobile versions as a large number of audiences might be filling it out from their phones.

Consider creating two versions of the form to conduct A/B testing and identify what works best for your target audience.

Add Testimonials & Create Relevant Resources

The main goal behind the landing page for lead generation is to create awareness and build trust for your brand. Therefore, you need to provide references and testimonials from real customers. Consider adding videos or images of the users to make it more authentic. However, make sure that videos and images do not hamper the responsiveness of the page. Consider adding relevant resources catered to your target audience. You may choose between an article, video, e-book, infographic, or video.

These are some of the aspects you must consider while designing landing pages for lead generation. Additionally, you can consider testing different variations of landing pages for different types of target audiences to enrich the experience of the customers.

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