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Best 5 Jobs To Work In Vancouver With No Experience

When it comes to landing a high paying lucrative job, it is almost a universal notion that professionals need both qualifications and hands-on experience. That’s why young graduates scramble and connect with recruiters to get some experience anywhere they can.

However, some opportunities come with higher salaries with no demand for the extensive experience. TrustAnalytica is a leading brand in customer trust and brand recognition. The editorial team comes up with a definitive list of the best resume-writing services in Vancouver.

Characteristics To Find In The Best Vancouver Resume Services

To help professionals in their search for the best resume-writing services, we have outlined some of the characteristics that should be present in their prospective companies. Anything less and they can expect a subpar service. Here are the traits of the best resume services in Vancouver:

  • Range of products
  • Pricing
  • Customer accessibility
  • Guarantees and claims
  • UI/ UX
  • Customer reviews
  • Experienced staff
  • Delivery time

Before signing a deal with a resume service, professionals should look for these to ensure they get the best deal of the lot.

Excellent Jobs With No Experience

Now, let us take a look at some of the excellent jobs that professionals can secure without any experience. Keep in mind that they need some sort of technical or general qualification for professionals to be able to get selected.

Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant comes with its perks and privileges. You get to work in the best environments while traveling across the world. There is no experience needed to become a flight attendant and airline companies are more than willing to train you for the job at hand.

Medical Assistant

A certified medical assistant can make somewhere around $107,000 to $132,000 a year. This is more than many mid-level tech jobs. Since it is medical work, you may have to have some prior relevant qualifications. From nursing diploma holders to paramedical professionals, anyone can become a medical assistant.

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance claims adjustment is a challenging task. Professionals need to travel a lot and meet with parties to complete the evaluation. This is a field that is booming in this day and age, with commensurate salaries. The starting salary is around $43,000 and can be doubled in a year. The minimum education for an insurance claims adjuster is a high school diploma.

Tradesman With Union

If you are not into the college dream that will get you a lot of debt to settle later on, trades with unions can provide the best career trajectory. After completing the apprenticeship and journeyman programs, professionals can demand the best per-hour rates, along with insurance, vacations, pensions, and annuity. The prospective trades include electrician, plumber, construction worker, and so on.


Merchandisers are the beating heart of retail stores, both physical and online enterprises. They are entrusted with displaying products to keeping tabs on inventories to ensure that the supply chain goes on without interruption. Professional merchandisers can make decent salaries along with all the perks and privileges if they get to secure a job at a reputable company.

No matter which line of work you want to choose, you will need professional resume writing services to highlight your skills. Our list can help you get in touch with the best names in town!