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The best way to Microgaming’s Pachinko


Pachinko is one of Japan’s many cultural phenomena. Any visitor to Japan, if he is a gambler, should try playing pachinko slot machines. This game is insanely popular with the locals, and in almost every city you can find halls that offer all kinds of machines. What is the game, how to play and how to enjoy the process?

What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a Japanese game that is a combination of pinball and slot machines. Pachinko uses a lot of small metal balls that look like car bearings. The original Pachinko machines were completely manual and did not require an electric drive. Over the years, the mechanism of the Pachinko automaton has been improved. In addition, digital versions of the Pachinko came to the gambling and online casino market.

History of the Pachinko 

The name of pachinko slot machines comes from “pachi pachi,” the snapping of small objects in a crackling fire. Pachinko resembles the game of pinball. The player buys metal balls, pours them into the machine and then adjusts the rate at which they are fired on the playing field with a lever. A stream of balls then pours down through a maze of different obstacles. Most of the balls disappear, but some of them fall into special holes, and the game continues, only with certain changes on the playing field.

How Do the Machines Work?

This slot machine is a kind of vertical pinball, where your task is to get the ball into a hole, after which the screen will start spinning characters (as in a regular slot). Dropped 3 of the same – congratulations, you win. Winnings you get in the form of balls, which will fall into a special basket (sometimes they can simply be credited to a special card). 

If the basket is full and you still win, then you need to press the staff call button and you will be brought a new one, and the filled one will be put under the chair. It is forbidden to do it yourself. As soon as you decide that it is time to leave or just want to go to another machine, and you have a lot of baskets, then you have to call the staff again and your balls will be taken to a special machine, which will count them, and you will be given a check, with their number and value.

The Rules of the Game in Japan 

Pachinko is the most common slot machine in Japan. In its classic version, it is a vertically standing wooden panel with a huge number of all sorts of metal pins, as well as a device for launching balls, which in the course of the game must move on this panel.

If you find yourself in a pachinko game room and decide to try your hand at this simple but fascinating game, follow these rules:

After choosing a slot machine, go to the machine, issue balls (usually located to the left of the slot machine), put money in his coin slot and get the appropriate number of metal balls.

Take hold of the trigger lever, which is located on the bottom right side of the slot machine. Keep in mind that the angle of the lever determines the strength of the ball shot. The more the lever is turned to the right, the more force the balls will fly out. You can adjust the launching force by choosing the optimal position of the lever.

If luck smiles on you and you win the balls, do not lose them. The pachinko machine is very generous when giving out big winnings. It can overfill its own reservoir, overfill the reserve bottom tray, and fill everything and everyone around with these very metal balls, which will very quickly scatter all over the gaming room. To avoid such a result, be sure to stock up on extra trays.

Remember that when you win in pachinko balls you get more than just balls. Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to play these machines further, using the won props. In addition, the balls you can exchange for prizes – souvenirs, various small items, perfume or sweets. If you want to get the cash equivalent of your victory – well, you can easily exchange the prizes for money. 

Online Version of Pachinko

There was a time when Pachinko could be played exclusively in Japanese casinos but Pachinko has gained worldwide popularity. Today, you can play Pachinko on Casino has realistic virtual Pachinko games, identical to the real slot machines found in the best casinos in Las Vegas. 


The range of machines in Japan is incredibly wide. But there are some leaders here as well. Among Japanese slot machines, the Pachinko is the favorite one. Pachinko is a low-stakes game that isn’t exactly earned in cash, rather than special prize tokens that you can buy from another vendor.


What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a classic Japanese slot game that has been part of the culture for decades and still exists in a more modern digital form.

How to play Pachinko?

You need to make a bet on the machine and run the process by pressing the start button. At the top of the screen a ball will fall. He will bump into different obstacles. For the player to receive a payout, the ball must stop in one of the special cells.

Where can I play Pachinko online for money?

In Japan, finding slot machines “Pachinko” is not difficult, but in other countries, they are a rarity. You can play online Pachinko for real money on

What do you win at Pachinko?

The reward is determined by the number of balls won. For every 400 balls won, the consumer receives a gift worth 1,500 yen in other salons.

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