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Google’s AirPods rivals, the Pixel Buds Pro, are now $50 off


Pixel Buds Pro in coral color with the extra eartips.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

If you’re an Android person, then you’re likely already aware of Google’s excellent range of Pixel smartphones. Recently, the software giant (that also makes hardware now) released a pair of true wireless earbuds to complement its phone lineup. Google’s Pixel Buds Pro aren’t just great rivals to the iconic Apple AirPods — they’re among the best true wireless earbuds money can buy — and they’re on sale right now for a 25% discount that knocks them down to $150. That’s a $50 savings off their usual $200 sticker price, and here’s why you should buy them.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro

In the U.S., Android devices have always lived in Apple’s shadow (although that’s not the case worldwide, where Android phones enjoy a larger market share). That includes not only smartphones but smartwatches and earbuds as well. Apple kicked off the true wireless earbud revolution when it removed the 3.5mm audio jack from its phones and launched its famous AirPods, but it took awhile for a great Android alternative to emerge.

Samsung had a good go at it with its Galaxy Buds, which are pretty great — but for our money, the Google Pixel Buds Pro are the best true wireless earbuds for Android. They sound great, their active noise cancellation (ANC) is excellent, transparency mode works very well, they offer multipoint Bluetooth connectivity for use with several devices or for simultaneous linking with two dev ices, and they nestle comfortably in the ear. Battery life is also very solid, with the Pixel Buds Pro delivering up to 31 hours of total battery life when using the included charging case and when used without ANC.

One drawback is that there’s still no iOS Pixel Buds app as of now, so iPhone users won’t be able to avail themselves of tuning options. That said, we found the default tuning to be very good out of the box, so that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker — although the iOS crowd is probably still better served by the AirPods Pro. Check out our AirPods Pro 2 vs. Google Pixel Buds Pro comparison for more analysis, if you’re curious.

Nonetheless, if you’re an Android user, then the Google Pixel Buds Pro are absolutely the true wireless earbuds to buy. Ongoing headphone deals make this proposition even sweeter, as Amazon has the Pixel Buds Pro marked down to $150 right now, saving you a cool $50 off their normal $200 price. They come standard with a slick, pocket-friendly wireless charging case, too.

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