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Shop AG Deals! These are some of the top deals this week

If you’ve followed AndroidGuys for any length of time, you know that we promote a daily deal for items in the AG Deals Store. Whether it’s software, a service, online training, or a gadget, each week day brings a new promotion.Today we’re putting together a collection of some of the best deals of the week. These are things which we may have previously highlighted as well as new things we think you’d appreciate learning about.HumBird Bone-Conducting SpeakerThe HumBird Speaker is the world’s smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker that allows you to have a different but always spectacular listening experience anywhere. Using cutting-edge bone conduction technology, it delivers a high sound volume, being 4 to 5 times louder than the average cell phone speakers’ volume, reaching up to 115dB, and it allows you to personalize the tone quality. $27Taskolly Project Manager: Lifetime SubscriptionTaskolly is an easy, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. It’s a software that will help you and your team to manage work and tasks so you can focus on being productive. Easily plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, by using a single project planning software equipped with all of the right tools, all in one place. $39All-in-One Android Charging Station & ConnectorClear your mind and desk of unnecessary wires and items with this All-in-One Android Charging Station & Connector. With HDMI port, SD/TF card reader, and USB ports, this dock is a convenient way to extend the capabilities of your smartphone. It’s compatible with a variety of peripherals such as external hard drives, keyboard, and mouse, and has productivity and entertainment options. It supports HD display and makes you phone a second monitor. $104Photo Backup Stick UniversalThe Photo Backup Stick Universal is an all-in-one picture and video backup tool for computers and phones. Preserve your favorite memories from all your devices to one location. With the Photo Backup Stick Universal, you can back up from Windows computers, laptops, and tablets, Mac computers and laptops, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, and Android phones and tablets all with one tool. $54DottedSign Pro e-Sign PlatformPioneering in e-signing on mobile devices, DottedSign lets you effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others in a legal and secure process. Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper. Ensure your important business cases do not slip through the cracks. Use DottedSign to complete your work, including NDAs, sales contracts, lease agreements, permission slips, financial agreements, W9 forms, and more.  $50FamiSafe: 3-Yr SubscriptionMore than half of kids, 3 years old and above, now have their own tablets and as they explore the digital world by themselves, potential risks like cyberbullying, sexual predators, and so on are just a few clicks away. FamiSafe lets you protect your kids in an all-around way. Control screen time, track activities, limit the use of apps, block inappropriate content, get instant alerts, and more. With up to 30 devices in one account, you can make sure your kids are developing good online habits and safe from the threats of the internet. $50FunEasyLearn: Lifetime SubscriptionLearn English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, or any of the other 25 languages with FunEasyLearn, the world’s most powerful language learning app.  By combining proven memorization techniques and gamification tools, FunEasyLearn not only keeps you interested and motivated at all times, but also makes learning kind of fun. You need less than a month of regular learning, to see how much you can grow. $39HCG1 Pro Gaming HeadsetIf you’re a gamer and you want the best gaming headset to help you hear every footstep, every movement, and every gunshot, this HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset is the perfect gear for you! Offering superior sound quality, versatile connectivity, and a clear microphone, this headset maximizes your gaming experience and lets you stay a step ahead of every game. $104

Why now is the best time to buy the latest AirPods and iPad

Apple has never sold its iPads and Airpods at a price this low, and it may not do again. This Prime Day is your last chance to grab an affordable Apple gadget.

New Beats Flex earbuds flaunt fierce features for $49

The new Beats Flex come in at $49 and offer an extended list of features for that price.

Forget AirPods: These JBL true wireless earbuds are just $40 for Prime Day

Today for Prime Day, you can get your hands on these JBL True Wireless Earbuds in white at 60% off for just $40.

Bose and Sony are both competing for your business with exciting Prime Day deals

Now, Bose and Sony are duking it out for your discount dollars, and that’s in addition to Prime Day Deals.

The best headphone deals you can shop before Prime Day 2020

Prime Day kicks off tomorrow, October 13, but if you can't wait that long for a new pair of headphones, there is already a range of deals you can look into.

The best cheap headphones for 2020

Did you know that cheap headphones can actually sound good? Here's a list of the best budget headphones that look, feel, and sound like higher priced pairs.

The best cheap headphones for 2020

Did you know that cheap headphones can actually sound good? Here's a list of the best budget headphones that look, feel, and sound like higher priced pairs.

The best cheap headphones for 2020

Did you know that cheap headphones can actually sound good? Here's a list of the best budget headphones that look, feel, and sound like higher priced pairs.

Early Prime Day Deal: Save $50 on Jabra Elite 85H wireless headphones

These truly wireless, noise-canceling headphones are just $200, down from their regular price of $250 at Amazon.

Early Prime Day Deal: Save $50 on Jabra Elite 85H wireless headphones

These truly wireless, noise-canceling headphones are just $200, down from their regular price of $250 at Amazon.

Early Prime Day Deal: Save $50 on Jabra Elite 85H wireless headphones

These truly wireless, noise-canceling headphones are just $200, down from their regular price of $250 at Amazon.

Sony WH-1000XM4 review: The best gets even better

The WH-1000XM3 was one of the best. Will the new version keep it up? Here's our review of Sony's WH-1000XM4

TicPods 2 True Wireless Earbuds review

Mobvoi has made a name for itself over the past few years making several high-quality accessories, including its popular lineup of smartwatches and headphones. In fact, we’ve previously reviewed the TicWatch Pro 4G and TicPods 2 Pro here on our site. Now, Mobvoi has provided us with a pair of the standard TicPods 2 for review.DesignThere’s nothing too unique about the design of the TicPods 2; they don’t do much to stand out in a crowd of other AirPod clones. However, I was immediately impressed by how lightweight the buds and case are. After trying several pairs of true wireless headphones over the years, the TicPods 2 buds and case are among the lightest I’ve used.The case itself is a pillbox shape with two LEDs on the front used to convey battery life and Bluetooth pairing status. On the back, you’ll find the USB-C port for charging. Most Bluetooth headphones I’ve reviewed still use the outdated micro USB port, and I give Mobvoi a lot of credit for including USB-C on its midrange headphones.The body of the earbuds are made entirely of plastic without a silicone tip. That means two things, you’re not going to get a seal to help isolate your ears from outside noises, and they are unlikely to make your ears sore during long listening sessions.While the stems on the TicPods 2 mimic the AirPods design, they also serve a purpose by being touch-sensitive. This is where you will be able to manage calls, adjust the volume, and control music playback.ComfortWhen it comes to headphones, comfort is often king, and due to the TicPods 2’s style, they are extremely comfortable to wear. Without a silicone tip, they simply rest inside of your ears, combine that with the lightweight design, and you’ll be able to wear these for hours with ease.User ExperienceIn day to day use, the TicPods 2 were a joy to use. They sound good and provide some smart features, such as automatically pausing music when an earbud has been removed. Mobvoi was also clever enough to make the gestures require a double-tap, instead of a single-tap, which prevents you from accidentally activating them when handling the buds.For all the TicPods 2 do right, I did encounter two minor issues. The first being, that when opening the Mobvoi app it causes the music to cut out for a moment. The second is a personal complaint I have about adjusting the volume. There seems to be a huge jump between the third and fourth steps, where music goes from being barely audible to entirely too loud. I wish there were a couple more steps in between for a finer adjustment when controlling the volume.AppIf you care about music quality, the first thing you should do is download the Mobvoi app from the Play Store. Then, make sure you’re running the latest firmware. Next, you’ll want to enable aptX in the settings, which provides higher quality sound, and finally, adjust the equalizer.The Mobvoi app doesn’t give you extensive controls over the equalizer settings, but it does give you several presets to choose from. In my experience, anything was better than the default, so make sure you find one that suits your tastes.Besides improving the audio quality, the Mobvoi app offers other features that make it worth getting. One of the most useful is the ability to check the battery level of each bud along with the amount of charge left in the case. That’s very helpful for knowing when you’ll need to charge up next.Unfortunately, I was only able to view the battery level of the case from a pop-up when first opening the app. It would have been much more convenient if there was a way to view it on demand.Along with the battery levels and equalizer settings, there are also options to change the actions when using the touch-sensitive stems on the earbuds. The bad news is, the actions are quite limited and so are the gestures. Essentially, you are restricted to a single action controlled by double-tapping on either bud.I would have preferred assigning an action to each individual bud. For example, being able to double-tap the right bud to skip forward and the left bud to go to the previous track.However, I did find the sliding gesture to adjust the volume to be rather ingenious. The tickle gesture, as it is referred to, works well, and provides an easy way to adjust the volume without any physical buttons. Finally, there is also an option to long press to bring up either Google Assistant or Alexa.One last trick the Mobvoi app has up its sleeves is the ability to translate between several languages. It’s not exactly the real-time translation you can expect from the Pixel Buds, but it is a nice feature to have quick access to when you need it. Hopefully, you won’t need it too often though, because in my experience, it failed more often than it worked.Unfortunately, over half the time I was met with an error about my Wi-Fi connection, despite none of my devices having any issues on my network.Sound QualityAs I mentioned above, sound quality can be improved on the TicPods 2 by enabling aptX in the settings and choosing one of the provided equalizer presets. Once you’ve set the TicPods 2 up to your liking, the sound quality is pretty impressive for a pair of headphones without silicone tips for isolation.There is plenty of volume, and the highs help with instrument separation and vocal clarity. The biggest downside is that without isolation, the bass is never going to be as deep as headphones with silicone tips. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a low-end present on the TicPods 2, but if you’re someone who enjoys your bass, then you’ll probably come away disappointed.Battery LifeMobvoi rates the TicPods 2 for four hours of continuous playback and up to 23 hours overall when using the charging case. I was surprised to find they lived up to these claims, mostly because of how lightweight the buds and case are in comparison to other true wireless headphones I’ve used.Rest assured, even though these are so light you can forget you even have them in your pocket, they still have plenty of battery life to get you through the day.Final ThoughtsWhen it comes to true wireless headphones these days, there is an abundance of choice out there. If you prefer a pair that rests in your ears, then Mobvoi’s TicPods 2 are a compelling choice. For only $100 you’ll get up to 24-hours of combined battery life in one of the most compact and lightest packages around, along with good sound quality.The Mobvoi app also sweetens the deal by adding some additional features, and the gesture controls are convenient while being intuitive to use. If you’re looking for even more smart features, take a look at the TicPods 2 Pro, which include head gestures controls as well as hands-free voice assistant activation.Buy from Amazon Buy from Mobvoi

V-Moda M-200 headphones review

In my opinion, V-Moda makes some of the most stylish headphones around. The hexagon-shaped ear covers give them an aggressive modern look while helping them stand out in a sea of headphones that use the standard oval or round shape.This sharp design also extends to the brackets and even on the headband, it’s clear that V-Moda puts a lot of thought into the style of its headphones.Not only does V-Moda care about the design of its headphones, but it also uses sturdy high-quality materials. When I first pulled the M-200 headphones out of the packaging I was immediately impressed by how solid they feel. There is no doubt in my mind that these headphones were built to last and will stand up to years of abuse.I was also amazed by how compact the M-200 is when folded up, coupled with the included carrying case, this makes them one of the most portable pairs of over the ear headphones I’ve ever used.If you thought the V-Moda M-200 headphones were done impressing me, you’d be wrong. While there is nothing particularly special about replaceable ear cushions on over-the-ear headphones, there is something unique about how the M-200 implements them — and that’s with magnets.This is the first time I’ve seen a headphone company use magnets to attach the ear cushions, and let me tell you, I’m a huge fan. Let’s just face it, magnets make everything cooler, including headphones.If you weren’t convinced already that V-Moda goes out of its way to make its headphones as fashionable as possible, then the custom ear shields would like to have a word with you. V-Moda recently added the M-200 series to the list of headphones that support custom designed shields.The kit starts at $40 and allows you to order a pair of custom designed covers for the ear cups. The kit includes everything you need, including the custom designed shields, screwdriver, and screws.V-Moda was even nice enough to include a set with our review unit in our signature color with the AndroidGuys logo printed on it. While we may be a little biased, we think it came out looking fantastic, and the metal covers feel high-quality and premium.Another nice design touch that helps with the usability of the M-200 headphones is the included headphone jack on both sides. An important little option for a pair of wired-only headphones. This will allow you to choose whether you prefer the headphone cable on either the right or left side.V-Moda also includes two separate 3.5mm headphone cables in the box. One of these is classified as audio-only, while the other is a multifunction cable with a microphone and button for playing/pausing and skipping tracks while listening to music. Unfortunately, the audio-only cable never worked properly for me. It would only output sound to the left side, but at least the multipurpose cable worked without issue.ComfortWhen I first tried on the V-Moda M-200s I was surprised by the lack of adequate cushioning on the headband. I’ve experienced a painful spot on my head in the past, even from headphones with ample cushioning. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I never once felt any discomfort from the headband while wearing V-Moda’s studio headphones.Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the ear cushions. For a pair of headphones that is meant to be worn for hours in the studio, I began feeling some ear fatigue after around the 45-minute mark.This is caused by how shallow the ear cushions on the M-200s are, resulting in the inside lightly resting on the cartilage of my ear. While the pressure starts out very light, it quickly adds up over time.What about getting a thicker pair of awesome magnetic ear cushions to fix this problem? I’m glad you brought that up. As far as I can tell, there are no replacement ear cushions available for the M-200 series. I was not able to find any on Amazon or V-Moda’s own site, which is unfortunate, because I am such a fan of this design and these headphones.One more thing to note about the ear cups on the M-200s, is that they do not rotate. That can be very useful when you are resting the headphones around your neck, making it more comfortable as you take a break between listening sessions.Sound QualityV-Moda has always had a reputation for strong bass, but this is the studio series meant for mastering music. Rest assured that the large 50mm drivers in the M-200 produce a clear balanced sound. Although, it wouldn’t be V-Moda if it didn’t have a little extra bass, but that’s okay, because that’s the way I like it.I put the V-Moda M-200 through several weeks of use, listening to several genres of music, including rock, pop, EDM, and more. They provided plenty of detail and separation of the instruments allowing you to experience music the way the artist did in the studio. However, if you’re a fan of headphones with deeper bass or a V-shaped sound signature, then you’re going to need to look elsewhere.Final ThoughtsV-Moda set out to create a high-quality set of studio cans, and they certainly delivered. Between the solid build quality, customization, and studio sound the M-200s add up to one great pair of headphones. My biggest criticism would be the shallow ear cushions, which should hopefully be rectified soon when V-Moda releases deeper ones. Besides that, these make a great choice if you’re looking for that pure neutral sound or need to master some music.However, if you’re not mastering music, the $350 price tag can be a little much, considering the M-200 series also lacks extra features such as Bluetooth or active noise cancelation. If you’re only looking for a great pair of over the ear headphones with all the bells and whistles, give the Bose QC 35 II a try which will give you great sound quality, Bluetooth, and ANC for around $300.Buy from Amazon Buy from V-Moda

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Save 30% on these Crorzar security cameras

Need to keep an eye on your home or office? Maybe you’ve got the outside handled with a security system or fancy camera. What about indoors, like for the family room or the nursery?There are myriad options to consider when it comes to indoor security cameras, with prices all over the place. Finding a decent one that doesn’t cost all that much sounds is sometimes tougher than it sounds.Fortunately, there are brands like Crorzar who specialize in just that: affordable security cameras designed for rooms. And right now, we’ve got a pair of them on sale with a discount of at least 30%.Choose from the following two options in the AG Deals Store and save big on your purchase.Crorzar Indoor 360 Security Camera ($69.99)Guarantee the safety & security of your place by using the Crorzar Indoor 360 Security Camera. This security camera comes with a smart tracking and 360° coverage that enables you to monitor every nook and cranny of your home. It also has a 1080p HD video resolution that provides crystal clear images and videos. With night vision, this camera lets you monitor your home in the dark. This camera is easy to set up with an included AC power and Wi-Fi enabled connection.Easy set-up. Up and running as little as 2 minutesSmart tracking with 360° coverage. Monitor every corner of your home1080p HD video. Provide crystal clear videos3.6 mm professional lens. Produce high-quality imagesCrorzar Anywhere: Rechargeable WiFi Security Camera ($99.99)We can’t just simply compromise home security. And to make sure your home is monitored in real-time, Crorzar Anywhere always keeps an eye. This security camera features Wi-Fi connectivity and easy setup so you can go ahead and keep track of your premises right from your device. With clear quality and smart alerts, you will get notified when a movement is detected in the area under surveillance. This camera is durable enough to be installed both indoors and outdoors.Easy setup. Up & running in 2 minutes or lessCrystal clear. Record & watch videos in 1080p HD qualityEasy recharging. Up to 1,800 uses between charges2-way talk. See, hear, & speak through your cameraAdjustable. Get the perfect view

Insider.Games: Your opportunity to learn all about games

Gaming TodayModern gaming is a vast and complex hobby, which is full of different directions, genres, and tendencies. For fifty years, video games grew up from a niche entertainment for the close circle of people to one of the most profitable industries. The interactive media evolved from simple arcade automats to blockbusters and arthouse examples. The industry is actual and widely spread like never before to the point that it may be a bit confusing to navigate this world and to find games, which will suit you the most. Even with the great choice of free titles, there is a space for making a choice, left alone paid video games on different platforms. Choices seem endless and even frustrating sometimes. Fear no more because you have found a perfect place where you can learn everything about gaming and even a bit more. Insider.Games portal is your ticket to the fascinating world of interactive media. Hold tight.Game ReviewsOn the Insider.Games website, you will find reviews for the latest novelties of the industry as well on the time-proven classic of video games. The idea of the portal’s reviews is not to sell a game for a potential gamer but to show different sides of projects, their strong and weak points. It may seem odd to squeeze another portal with video game reviews in the crowded informational space. Besides, there are such giants as IGN or Rock, Paper, Shotgun, that already enlighten a lot of gaming news. Still, the more information about games appears, the lesser quality of this information is. Besides, modern video games journalists` reviews are more of praise and advertisement than objective evaluation.Insider.Games portal aims to provide a new perspective on video games review and create qualitative content for its users. The first and main audience of the portal is people who join the world of gaming recently but who want to learn more. You will find consumer advice in our reviews, as well as thorough critics of recent titles. Seasoned gamers are welcome on the website as well. Here you will find news about upcoming releases and gaming world events. Besides, you may share your opinion concerning reviewed titles and expand the portal’s thoughts. Video game reviews are not the only format featured on the website.Game RankingsThe amount of video games released in the last five years is more than one person can comprehend even in a decade. The choice may be overwhelming. Naturally, there are such things as overrated items as well as hidden gems of the video games industry. The ultimate goal of playing video games is to have fun (whatever perfect form this fun might be for you) and do not waste time on games, which do not belong to your league. Of course, diving into the depth of forgotten classics may be tiresome, but we already did it for you. Here, ranking of video games by Insider.Games may come in handy. The titles are divided into genres, themes, and platforms. You will find tops of best medieval, sci-fi, or horror games. Best RPGs, horrors, and actions are present as well. You will even find such tops as the best anime and porn games.The most resonating games are not always the best choice to apply, and even recognized masterpieces may be just an average odd job for a single gamer. Still, the mass of single gamers shall know what they may enjoy, remember the old classics, or discover something new.Gaming NewsThe new generation of video game consoles is upcoming. It means an avalanche of announcements, loud scandals, the rivalry between major players on the market, and fierce competition for the audience. Modern news about video games is not merely announcing of new releases or loud advertisements but a full-fledged part of the media sphere informational field. More and more companies enroll in the industry, try to debut with their gaming projects, or adapt famous gaming franchises to another form of media. All this news is a part of the video games industry, which Insider.Games portal illuminate. Gaming enthusiast or an average gamer – you will find something interesting on the Insider.Games portal.Gaming StoriesFinally, interactive media is not only entertainment and fun for end gamers but the endless creative energy of people who work in game development. The old saying about the irrelevance of video game plots became irrelevant itself. The complexity of storytelling, the visual and interactive representation of familiar art tropes may play with new colors in masterful hands. Insider.Games want to share with you the stories of people, who create video games, decisions, which they make during the development process, hardships, and limitations, which they have overcome to create fine-tuned pieces of interactive art.The stories of video game creation itself may be interesting. There are upcoming video series about video game developers or separate offices of creative minds who dared to create something extraordinary. While we are waiting for major releases, you may check out such stories on the Insider.Games portal. Interesting facts, easter eggs, and much more unusual content await.Final WordsThe world of gaming is massive. There are numerous releases and even more platforms to choose from. The possibilities are endless, and it is easy to get lost among them. Still, modern gaming is something more than videogames and their developers, loud announcements, and breathtaking achievements. Modern gaming is people who enjoy interactive media all over the world. Young and adult audiences; hardcore fans and casual gamers; Pc, consoles, or mobile users – everyone is united by their passion for gaming. To join the rank of gamers is to join a wide and expressive community, to learn something new, and to make new friends. Insider.Games portal is more than a place on the Internet where you can find the specifications for the newest game release or information about some obscure, old game. It is a place where people want to share their love and passion for the common hobby and where you will always find something for you.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.