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Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Ecommerce Platforms

Have you just heard subscribed to a new cloud ecommerce platform for your online business? Are you wondering how to get the most out of it? A cloud ecommerce platform is a digital solution that uses cloud-based technology to run online businesses such as hosting the marketplace, processing payments, and inventory management.

Digital commerce benefits a lot from such technology because vendors can access their products page from anywhere and update them quickly. Services are accessible from different devices as well.

That said, let’s dive into more details about the cloud ecommerce platform so that new users can learn more about it. If you are also planning to buy an ecommerce solution for your new business, this article will also help you decide.

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How a Cloud Ecommerce Platform Works

As mentioned, the solution uses cloud-based technology. This involves the use of many servers with each offering a different solution toward one goal. According to experts, a cloud ecommerce platform may work as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) where service providers hire resources and build ecommerce apps on them. It may also work as a platform as a service (PaaS) where solution providers build their ecommerce apps on certain platforms. And lastly, a software as a service (SaaS) where service providers offer complete software to provide digital commerce services.

SaaS such as Virto Commerce offers more functional solutions and anyone who is looking for a cloud ecommerce platform to launch a new business should consider this option. But if you have already subscribed to any other option, the best thing is to take advantage of the available features.

Features of a Cloud Ecommerce Platform

Newbies who have already subscribed to a cloud ecommerce platform should know the features to take advantage of. Likewise, those who are about to make a decision should learn more about them so they can choose well.

  • A thriving marketplace – The main goal of getting an ecommerce solution is to enjoy a thriving marketplace with ready customers for your goods. Your choice should have one.
  • Multivendor capability – This feature allows all vendors to manage their product page on the cloud ecommerce platform without any delays or permission seeking.
  • Headless ecommerce solution – This is the option that describes the roles of the vendor and those of the cloud ecommerce platform. The vendor works on a few roles at the front end while the platform deals with all the rest at the back end.
  • Virtual payment systems – Apart from being virtual, payment should be processed securely and accurately. Luckily, most successful cloud ecommerce platforms have an efficient payment processing capability.
  • Inventory management and reporting – The platform should help to manage the inventory and other data and make the necessary reports.
  • Integrations – Since the cloud ecommerce platform cannot offer all the solutions a digital commerce needs, it should focus on integrations with third-party solution providers.


It is important to understand these features of a cloud ecommerce platform so you can take full advantage of them. But if you are about to choose the best solution for your new ecommerce business, you know what to look for. As you know, it is always good to make the right decision.

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