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What Is Solid Wood Flooring?

A simple wood flooring gives an aesthetic and charming look to the home’s interiors. Solid wood flooring is a classic flooring option that has been used for centuries. It is eco-friendly, durable, and natural. Solid wood flooring is considered the most sustainable flooring option, which can last up to hundreds of years. The selection of wood flooring materials is straightforward. Solid wood is preferable for most people who want to make their flooring look classy and rich.

Meaning Of Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is an original wood option available to the public. As the name suggests, solid wood is a piece of wood from top to bottom with even thickness throughout. This wood flooring can be refinished multiple times throughout its service life.

Solid wood flooring is very durable and strong as a huge amount of wood is stuck, which can be sanded multiple times. Installation of solid wood flooring can be done through gluing, nailing, or stapling it to the subfloor. These methods are generally used to fix the flooring to floorboards or the Timber sheet material. The recommended fitting for solid wood flooring is a permanent fix to the subfloor. If you want to know more read this article until the end.

Wood Kinds For Solid Wood Flooring

One of the best ways for categorizing solid wood is through its wood species. Generally, softwood is fetched from Coniferous trees such as Pine. On the other hand, hardwood originates from Deciduous trees like Oak. The solid wood species can be domestic or can be imported. Depending upon the need, the species of wood is selected and brought.

Domestic species include Oak, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, and Cherry. Imported species include Cumaru, Acacia, Ipe, and Jatoba. Out of all these species, Oak is one such species that stands out in terms of stability, durability, and style. The standard thickness of solid wood flooring is generally three-quarters of an inch. The planks are sawn in three different mannerisms.

Environment Of Solid Wood Flooring

When considering opting for solid wood flooring, it is important to consider the environmental factors of solid wood. There are high chances that the solid wood might react drastically to the changing moisture and temperature in the air. Technically, solid wood expands when it is humid while it contracts when it is dry.

The shrinking and swelling of the solid wood can create gaps between the planks over a certain period. Hence, it is important to take expert guidance before installing solid wood flooring in a specific location. Tons of people spend money on solid wood flooring instead of Engineered wood flooring as they are more natural and real.

The Bottom Line

Despite multiple wood flooring options available in the market, people like to go for solid wood flooring as they create a mesmerizing and classy look to the floor. The selection of wood species has also become a matter of grave concern nowadays as people are specifically going for White Oak and Walnut.

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