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An Ultimate Guide to Calendar in SharePoint

Today, the business world is very competitive. Because of this, top-notch technology is required to help companies succeed and stay ahead of the competition. Collaboration and communication are of the essence. Calendar in SharePoint is the solution.

This Microsoft calendar, which is mostly recognized as SharePoint calendar, is one of the most powerful features that allows a user to have good management of events and appointments as well as reminders. Many different calendars can be kept on the same site. With a feature known as SharePoint calendar overlay, the user can create separate calendars and overlay views as well. If you want to learn more about this useful tool, continue reading.

Uses of a Calendar in SharePoint

A business can use a calendar in SharePoint in many beneficial ways. For instance, to make deadlines, the company can create a number of calendars. With these, the administrators of the company can organize their teams.

SharePoint calendars can also be synchronized with Outlook so that the user gets access to any event in the Outlook interface. Therefore, the members of the team can just receive information without looking at the calendar in SharePoint.

The features of a calendar in SharePoint allow the users to get access to any of their calendars anytime using their internet-enabled devices.

The Features of a Calendar in SharePoint

Does a calendar in SharePoint have additional features? Yes, it does. Let us check out some.

l  Overlays – The overlays feature gives users a composite view of the calendar. This simply means that a user can view all the upcoming events on the same page. With this view, any confusion involving calendars that exist at the same time is eliminated. They are usually arranged according to the user’s needs.

l  Good functionality – The user has a chance to create team calendars whenever they want to share any important information as well as get information on what other members of the team are up to.

l  Integration and maintenance with Outlook – A calendar in SharePoint can be used for synchronization or integration of calendars with Outlook. It is very important to understand that if this is done, a new calendar in Outlook will be created. With integration, the employees in a business can communicate and collaborate on different projects, therefore saving time.

l  Microsoft SharePoint calendar – This feature mostly helps the user to manage events, any company appointments, meeting reminders and the like. Furthermore, it contains the metadata, which is, on the other hand, related to the events of the business.

How Can You Create a Calendar in SharePoint?

Creating a calendar in SharePoint is very easy if you follow the right steps. Also, it is important to check whether you have access to SharePoint’s site. The site should also be available for any other user within the team. If you want, you can check out this VirtoSoftware post to learn more.

The Bottom Line

For your business to continue growing, you need a calendar in SharePoint. It is meant to help you manage the company easily by organizing teams, meetings, and deadlines and making any changes to the business if the need arises.

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