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Mobile application penetration testing at a glance

Security inside a mobile environment plays a crucial role. The client-side must be well-protected and safe as well as the hardware, network, and file systems of the device. Therefore, nowadays there are special services for providing mobile application security and penetration testing in order to protect both clients and companies from cybercriminals. 

General mobile pentest is aimed at the identification of the weak points in the mobile app, as well as directions of possible hacker attacks. It is much more preferable to utilize it before the app is delivered to the user. At this stage, the company still can make modifications to the design or code, or even postpone the official release. The last way is quite logical because it is cheaper than probable financial losses after successful cyber attacks. 

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy vendor, pay attention to the service provided by Hacken. The company is well-known among specialists, it has affordable penetration testing pricing and highly qualified testers.

The pentesting of the mobile apps performed by Hacken can be done in four steps:


The team of specialists, who will perform the test, communicate with a client in order to obtain all the necessary information about the app, the existing security measures, and the problem that may be faced.


The in-depth analysis procedure means looking for all the potentially weak entry points and vulnerable places inside the app.


At this stage the pentest itself takes place. It is a kind of a ‘safe’ attack that is provided by specialists in a way that is not expected by the creators of the app.


At the last stage security experts write a report that represents the discovered results. Moreover, the client gets useful solutions and ways to avoid all the probable attacks of cybercriminals.

Altogether with Hacken, you can get a pentest of high quality and safety to stay protected.

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