Friday, December 8, 2023

Are You Ready for a Tech Makeover?


Have you been struggling with an outdated phone, a home security system that’s not getting the job done, or a computer that is slow or inefficient? If so, you are in need of a tech makeover. The condition is more common than people suspect. Outdated devices tend to creep up on consumers who simply don’t remember when they last upgraded their computer, bought a new smartphone, or done routine checks on their house alarms and locks.

If you own wearable tech devices like fitness bands, health monitors, and high-end earphones, there are even more things on your to-do list for an overall tech upgrade. Depending on what you need to replace, fix, or buy, the price of a full-scale device makeover could reach into the thousands of dollars. Here are some points to consider to keep costs low and cover all the expenses.

Pay for Everything at Once

You’ll save money by purchasing several items or paying for multiple upgrades simultaneously. This is especially true if you work with a single vendor who offers discounts on larger purchases. Another reason to do a one-time, all-around makeover is based on timing and logic. Say you take out a personal loan to cover a $2,500 makeover for smart locks, phones, a smart watch, your home computer, and a laptop.

Not only will you likely get a nice discount from one or two service providers, but you’ll only need to log one date on your calendar. Next time you want to upgrade your technical items, you won’t have to dig through files and receipts to see when you bought which item or service. Fortunately, you can take out a personal loan from a private lender and pay for the whole makeover at once. The advantage of working with a private lending source is that you’ll have access to higher borrowing limits and competitive terms.

Replace Smart Locks and Alarms Together

Speak with a home security specialist about locks and alarms. Many of the newer systems are integrated and offer many more features at a lower price than older, separate units. Home protection has come a long way in the last five years, even as prices for all-around systems have come down.

Opt for Computer and Laptop Upgrades

Unless your devices are way out of date, or you know how to build your own electronics from scratch, consider purchasing upgrades instead of buying new devices. In most cases, even a five-year-old computing device can be enhanced with more memory, higher-end video, and audio, as well as a few peripherals like portable chargers and wireless headphones.

Phones and Tablets

Phone technology in both Android (by Google) and iOS (by Apple) have continued uninterrupted since both operating systems came into existence more than a decade ago. They’re both used in tablets and phones, so you’ll likely want to stick with whatever system you currently use, even if you buy a new phone or tablet. Consider speaking with your phone service provider before buying a new unit. Most sellers offer significant discounts for long-time customers and special deals that are not available online or in retail stores.

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