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Top Reasons for Businesses to Use Window Decals and Graphics

Regardless of whether you have a retail store or an office, windows can be even more of an asset than you would assume, not only for increasing brand awareness but also for many other valuable reasons. A brief look at some of the top benefits of using window graphics and decals:

Boost Brand Awareness 

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is increasing the brand awareness among their target audiences so that potential customers know its benefits and can reach out to buy them when they need a solution. To ensure top-of-the-mind recall, the business needs to engage in various advertising tactics. Unfortunately, most advertising methods are unaffordable for small businesses. However, dressing up the shop or office windows with attractive graphics publicizing the brand can work wonders. Being at the eye level, they are highly noticeable by both pedestrians and motorists, and repeated exposure can bring about a high level of brand recall and act to drive traffic to the store. According to Marketing 91, brand awareness is essential for establishing trust in your business.

Point Out Your Business Location 

Window graphics are an effective way of not only elevating your brand awareness but also telling potential customers where your business is. Because windows tend to have a larger surface area and are at eye level, they are noticed far better than store signage that while being visible from a distance cannot be seen by passersby from up close. Also, you should appreciate that when you use window decals, you will be able to incorporate a greater degree of customization than what is possible in a standard shop fascia signage that includes only your business name and logo. With a window graphic, you can use high-resolution images and text in hundreds of colors to communicate your brand benefits.

Announce and Publicize Sales Promotions

Sales promotions are an effective way of driving footfall and boosting sales, which is why every retail business resorts to them regularly. If you are conducting a seasonal or festive sale, there’s nothing better than using a large and attractive decal on your shop window to announce it. People passing by your store will notice the announcement of the sale and will tend to pop in to browse and buy on an impulse. Publicizing sales using window graphics is more effective than promoting them using online or print advertisements. It is because they are more likely to be seen by your regular customers and people who live close by or visit the locality often and are best suited to be your customers.


Store window graphics are versatile. Not only can you use them to announce or publicize whatever you want but also can keep changing it as frequently as you want. Designing and printing custom window graphics are not only simple but also very affordable. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for the space because it is in your shop. The installation too is simple and easy and can be done by you without the need to hire professionals.

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