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Top Identity and Access Management Software of 2021

The way we work and the way companies work has drastically changed over the years. Software development has had the biggest role in these changes. Owning a company without some amount of digitalization and automation is very rare. Not only is that rare, but it has also become a standard in many cases to have such software.

One type of software that has gathered huge attention is one used for identity and access management. This software is used to generate a digital identity on a cloud or an app. This identity is important, as different identities can have different access to the data stored on the cloud or app. Not only is it important to differentiate identities for data access but also for the changes that a user can make.

New specialized software

Trying to rank which identity and access management software is the best can be a bit tricky. The answer will mostly depend on what kind of other software you intend on using. If you are using Azure AD, opting for DynamicGroupSync for Azure AD might be a good choice for you, as it offers you to create new MS teams groups from your AD groups. These kinds of small features can not be found so easily. Unless you look for specialized software. These features can have a significant impact on what is a good option for you.

The companies that make specialized software know the pros and cons of the targeted software. They are much more likely to understand what they can do to bring more advantages. One of the most important being the ability to add and remove members from the synchronized groups.

Security trends in 2021

Having someone unknown barge in your company’s door and pretend to be a worker is certainly something you do not want happening. That is why you have physical security that can authorize or deny entry. For the same very reason, you have identity and access management software. It is used to not only differentiate identities within the company but also to differentiate them from the people who work and those who do not.

Someone unwanted accessing your data and authorization protocols has become a new danger in this age of technology. Hackers are a new danger. Being a successful hacker can bring a big amount of money as a way of holding precious data for ransom. Gaining access through identity and access software has become a prime target for this kind of illegal activity. Making sure that identity and access management software is safe and secure has been one of the goals that most companies are working on right now. Especially now with the aforementioned hacking problems and the pandemic.

Security can not be perfect

Most software uses some sort of encryption or multi-factor authorization for security. Some of the most notable ways of improving security have been through using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor all of these processes and look for risks and breaches. This is more than enough to keep you safe, for now at least until quantum computers become more common. When this happens, most of what we know about cyber security will need to be changed.

One of the ways to keep your company safe from these attacks is just by regularly sorting who has access and who does not. Some companies do not remove former employees from their lists.  These accounts can hold access to sensitive data. By regularly removing and monitoring your lists you can greatly decrease the chance of an accident happening. This can be done manually, but having an AI can help a lot with this. It can track the activity of all accounts and report on anything suspicious and accounts that have not been used in a while.

Thinking outside the box with new tech

2021 has brought many new features besides the basic features that identity and access management software offer. Not only that, there has been recent improvement in the basic features. For example, there is no longer a need for more than one person to approve a certain change in a financial plan for example. The software itself will look into the sent request. It will comply accordingly with the given rules and regulations. This is a popular new improvement, as the software can be ‘’taught’’ about regulative statutes and act upon them.

What is next?

As this software has been used, it has been noticed that some features might be overwhelming. A new strategy is to separate identity management and access management into different offerings. Not only that, some companies are breaking down their software into just a single sign-on, authentication, advanced server access, and others.

This makes the software much more adaptable to other clouds or apps. This is not limited to only clouds and apps but can be used to protect physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, and other technology.

Why is that important?

The development of these objects, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), has brought this technology into mainstream use. They are used in smart homes, agriculture, ocean research, and the possibilities are endless. As some of these processes get automated, there is a new field for hackers where they can breach and take control of something. Getting the protection you need for your IoTs in time is very important and that is possible to do now with new identity and access management software.

The world is changing very rapidly with the increase of new research and new technologies coming together. This has had a big impact on our day-to-day tasks and is affecting our jobs and companies greatly. These changes have brought many positive things with them. Although it is sometimes hard to follow through with everything, looking at what is new is very important and useful.

The top identity and access management software of 2021 are significantly different from what they used to be. Many new specialized features are now present along with new security. All of these features and new ones that are coming could not have been done without the use of AI. It is exciting to see what will come next for this new and very big field of research.

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