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Top 5 Accessories That Will Transform Your Bathroom

During a remodeling project, have you ever wondered why you are going through this again even though you just finished remodeling last year? You might be surprised to learn that many people, including yourself, tend to update and renovate their living areas regularly. For example, some people may replace their furniture after a specific period or install new kitchen cabinets. It’s never enough!

On average, we spend approximately one and a half years of our lives in the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom is one of the most important places in a house since it fulfills essential hygiene needs. A notable advantage of upgrading your bathroom is that it will boost the market value of your property while also ensuring your comfort.

If you are renovating your bathroom, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 accessories you should consider installing to make it look aesthetic while increasing its functionality.

  • Faucets and Showers

There are numerous factors to consider before selecting bathroom faucets, showers, and drains because your final pick can either enhance or ruin your décor. The color and finish of your bathroom faucet should complement the rest of your bathroom’s fixtures.

Replacing your fixtures ensures an appropriate amount of water pressure and drainage. Furthermore, high-quality bathroom fixtures eliminate the possibility of wear or corrosion.

  • Vanity and Storage

Installing vanity storage is a terrific method to get rid of clutter and keep everything in its place. The most crucial thing is to select an option that can operate around piping or fixtures, such as a water filtration system.

Make sure your vanity and storage meet the requirements of your cabinet; investigate options such as expandable heights or widths to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Bidet

Every year, Americans are reported to use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper. So if you’re tired of restocking toilet paper every month, a bidet is a viable solution. While many bidets might be costly and challenging to install, new ones on the market are well within budget.

There are numerous benefits of installing a bidet. For example, washing with water helps remove fecal germs, potentially preventing you from transferring bacteria from your hands to your surroundings or other people. It will also make your bathroom look a lot more elegant while also being environmentally friendly.

  • Ceramic Tiles

In any room in the house, the appropriate flooring can make a significant difference. Ceramic tile installation can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

They are exceptionally durable and unlikely to crack due to normal wear and tear. Moreover, they also have a functional protective coating that makes them water and stain-resistant. More importantly, ceramic tiles will provide your bathroom a luxurious appeal for you and your guests.

Key Takeaways

We hope that this list has assisted you in selecting the appropriate bathroom fittings. Finding the right balance between your ideas, functional demands, and budget is crucial when designing a bathroom.

Choose your bathroom fixtures carefully to achieve the ideal balance of functionality and luxury.

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