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5-Best & Free Web Applications of Secure Self Storage Units

Living in the 21st century enables us to lead our life with ease and convenience in every sense. A good deal of our life revolves around our presence on the internet and social media. No matter your requirements, you will find your best match on the internet, and it will often exceed your expectations. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the best solution on the interwebs.

The same goes for the self-storage industry. Now when everyone lives their lives on the internet, they should have better access to self-storage units on the internet too. People don’t only look for cheap storage nowadays, and they look for ease and convenience too. There are hundreds of web applications launched for this purpose, but not all are helpful or free. Browse through our list of the five best and free web applications that will help you manage your self-storage units in the best possible manner.

1.  storEDGE Management Software

storEDGE Management Software is top-of-line self-storage software that is designed to facilitate storage for business owners. This software is integrated with advanced features that makes managing a storage business a breeze. You get features like online booking and rentals, cloud-based control tools, and custom dashboards.

This self-storage software is highly recommended as it comes loaded with features that will make you a pro at handling storage unit business. The catch, though? It is not free, but you can sign up for a trial version from them.

2.  Self Storage Unit Size

Now this application was overdue for a long time. Do you need to rent a storage unit but don’t know what storage size will be perfect for you? Even if you are getting a cheap storage deal, you do not want to pay for space that you will not utilize.

Get this app and solve your dilemma. This application lets you make a rough inventory of all your belongings and, after accessing your stuff, we recommend a storage size that will be perfectly suitable for you.

This self-storage application is perfect for tenants and self-storage owners alike. Another great thing is, it is free.

3.  WebSelfStorage

WebSelfStorage application is a U-Haul affiliated storage management platform. This application is perfect for small-medium storage facility owners such as STORED. WebSelfStorage has been in the game for 15 years, connecting small business owners to potential customers.

Self-storage business owners can hugely benefit from being on WebSelfStorage as it gives them an exclusive platform to market their storage business. It does have a fee but look at it this way, and you will put your business out there with this application.

4.  Unit Trac

Unit Trac is an application designed especially for business owners and vendors. This app will boost your productivity with features like lease management, credit card payments, storage facility map, and financial management.

This application is recommended for small to medium-sized storage facilities. You can keep track of all your leased and empty storage units with this app.

5.  Sortly

Sortly is an inventory application that works like a charm. With this app in your life, you do not need anything else to keep track of your stuff. Depending on the features, this application can be used by both the tenants and owners. You can print custom QR codes and labels, check-in and check-out your stuff, and categorize everything with this app. You can categorize, keep track of everything you own. This app is used by large organizations as well as small and medium-sized business owners. Whether you want to keep track of your King Cross storage or be aware of your belongings in your office, this is the best app for you.

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