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How can you use influencers for your marketing campaigns?


A few years ago, the concept of influencer marketing was limited to a few celebrities or reputed bloggers. But with the rise in internet usage, social media has experienced a boom and paved the way for the new generation of influencers to emerge.

This, in turn, has enabled marketers to leverage the power of such influencers for effective brand promotion. So, if you are thinking to do the same, you need to get in contact with the right kind of influencers and optimize their influence to the fullest.

Read on to find out more about influencers and various ways by which you utilize them for your promotion campaigns on best webinar platforms.

Who are influencers?

To simply put, influencers are those individuals who possess the ability to influence others. They are someone who wields that influence through various social media platforms.

Thus, influencers can be those who have a huge following on social media platforms, and the content they publish attracts great followers. Some of such notable individuals are:

  • Dedicated bloggers
  • Business leaders
  • Sportspersons
  • Celebrities
  • YouTubers

By hiring the right influencer whose vision aligns with your own, you can help your brand reach valuable prospects and drive interactive engagement.

Categories of influencers

Based on your budget and your targeted audience, you can choose from 5 different categories of influencers which are mentioned below:

  • Mega-influencers: those who have more than a million followers (E.g., celebrities)
  • Macro-influencers: 500k-1 million followers
  • Mid-tier influencers: -500k followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10k-50k followers
  • Nano-influencers: 1k-10k followers

By spending time on each category, bearing in mind their differences, and measuring their benefits against your objectives, you can further better understand which type of influencers are best for your brand.

How can you optimize influencers for effective marketing campaign?

Here are a few golden ways by which can easily utilize influencers to run an online marketing campaign.

1. Impose more accountability

As online marketing campaigns have been considerably impacted by various mischiefs and frauds, many so-called influencers have started to gain fake organic traffic. This traffic consists of mere bots and is of no significance for your campaign.

Hence, knowing about an honest influencer should be crucial if you wish to not lose any of your money.

Moreover, you should even ask for more responsible behavior from the hired influencers. As influencers, they must be crystal clear about their relationship with your brand and should give a sincere and honest impression about themselves so that their influencing strategies should reflect rectitude and openness.

2. Demand brand-relevant tone and values

The content your influencers develop must resonate with the look and feel of your brand. The tone must be suitable in the manner you want to better position your brand in front of your target audience.

Hence, it would be appropriate if you research your influencer way before you hire him/her. This can allow you to pick the best possible option, one whose content can successfully relate to your brand.

So, to reap the proper value of your marketing efforts, you should always search for creative and distinctive content that is community-driven.

3. Demand for creative content

You would never wish for your influencers to just copy-paste content from the web and publish it on their social media accounts. Instead, you would want your influencers to create catchy, original, and engaging posts which can direct your audience’s attention towards your brand.

Moreover, genuine content creators won’t just stop with creating mere texts, but they also add stunning videos or attractive creatives. Also, the content created should be in sync with the personality of the influencer, which in turn, would have laid a strong impact on the audience.

4. Work with B2B influencers

With the global pandemic changing almost every aspect of our lives, B2B marketing is no exception. This has forced marketers to do more in less.

One unique way to run successful marketing campaigns is to re-invent influencers with B2B marketing. You can learn influencer marketing by joining the best institute for digital marketing in delhi.

B2B influencers are known for their reputation, which they have built based on their experience and influence in the industry.

To go about B2B marketing with the help of influencers, one can join hands with industry experts to create content together. Or include influencers in case studies to avail more comments and likes. Using a platform for your micro-influencer marketing can help you filter out irrelevant micro-influencers and find the perfect match for your brand.

Final thoughts

Influencers are here to stay but how are they going to optimize their power for running online marketing campaigns will keep on changing in the years to come.

However, as of now, the techniques mentioned in the article are effective in 2021 for you to properly utilize influencers and drive huge traffic towards your brand.

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