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Amazing Techniques to Gain more Likes on Instagram

Everyone wants to get the most “likes” on Instagram. Users are usually looking for new, innovative ways to increase engagement on their posts every day. With Likes on Instagram almost acting as a currency on the platform, it makes total sense to get maximum likes if you want your post to rank higher in user’s news feed. This also helps to ensure that your future posts get more exposure.

Normal users feel good after a significant rise in likes on their posts. On the other hand, commercial Instagram accounts can benefit greatly with increased likes on posts too.

5 Tips to gain more Likes on Instagram

To help you take full advantage of this, we’ve listed the top amazing techniques to gain more likes on Instagram below:

1 – Share images that make an impact

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say and it’s true when it comes to social media. Once you post enough images, you can check to see which of these get the most Likes. This gives a better understanding of what kind of images make an impact on your followers.

If you have a business account, then you can check your competitors’ posts and see what they’re posting. Once you get a better idea of the kind of images that have the maximum impact and engagement among users, you can create similarly-themed images and increase the number of likes on your posts.

2 – Include hashtags and call-to-action buttons in captions

Social media marketing experts say that if you want likes, simply ask for them. Studies have shown that posts that have re-post requests tend to get re-posted more by viewers. You can do this by simply adding a request, like “please like this post and re-post” in the caption itself.

Research has also shown the inherent importance of hashtags in increasing a post’s exposure. Hence, experts believe that users should add at least 7 (seven) hashtags, but not over 15 (fifteen) every time you publish.

3 – Post at the best time

A research by Track Maven established that posts uploaded between 10 PM and 3 AM get the most interactions. The main reason behind this is that the competition is low during the time period. Few people tend to post in this time which means there are fewer posts competing for the top spot. This results in higher exposure for your post.

4 – Share on other social medial sites

If you have accounts with social media sites apart from Instagram stories, then you should also re-share your Insta posts on these platforms. Cross-sharing helps to attract more users to follow your Instagram account.

Fortunately, Instagram has dedicated share buttons for Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter for the posts you publish.

5 – Like posts published by others

Liking other people’s posts also helps you gain more likes on your posts. This strategy mainly depends on your business goals. However, you can also broaden your contact network by liking and sharing other people’s posts. This, in turn, makes people like your posts too.


The above-given tips are effective to gain more likes in Instagram. Make sure to let us know how these techniques helped you by simply dropping in a comment below.

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