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6 Super Mario Games To Play In 2020


Everybody knows about the famous game Mario which is a classic one. When we rewind the clock, those were the earlier stages of video game development, and Mario took the Industry by storm as from youngsters to adults, everybody fell in love with it. The thing is, Mario was not the first name for the character, but instead, Jumpman was the first game with Mario’s character in it, and later they named the game Mario which evolved into Super Mario. To know about the reviews of the Patrol Rom, find out here. Mario’s character has appeared in tons of games associated with Nintendo from then on. Fast forward now to 2020, there are more Super Mario games, and some people who are new to it don’t know which one to pick, so now we are going to hit up the top 6 Super Mario games to play.

1.  Super Mario Bros:

Always begin with the classic one, which brightened the days of many people when they came in. The game, which created the buzz and the light for the upcoming series of Mario games, was first released in 1985. Honestly, even I could remember how addicted I was to this game and how we used to talk about it at our school. Those were some happy days. The graphics shouldn’t be questioned as it won’t be that good, but the story plot is nice, which I can’t reveal as it would spoil while you play it.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2:

Time for some 3D fun as said Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 3D game, and trust me. The game looks much more appealing to the eyes. The angle of the game won’t be a side view but rather be a straight angle one. The game was upgraded with some new powers, and it gives us a feeling that all the previous versions of Mario games are combined with a new pitch of ideas, which led to the creation of this game. A must-play game if you’re into 3D animation with some good stories.

3. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Gold Coins:

A game that is kind of intruding can be clearly labeled as this one. You get to know about Mario’s childhood friend Wario and the castle’s rift in this game. This is the first Mario game that is marked about friendship and betrayal, and the character development with new powers is amazing. The story is also amazing, so that it wants us to play right away to see what happens at the end.

4. Super Mario 3D World:

Super Mario 3D World is the best 3D game ever released on Mario’s version, as the name suggests. They are famous for the 3D and the amazing adventure experience they bring in. They also brought this as a multiplayer one, making it quite successful as more friends could get to play and experience the wonder. Some fun stuff to mention is the costumes and new powers in this game, entertaining while playing.

5. Super Mario Run:

I would like to mention this game because of the adaptation of the company. Beginners could very well enter this game even with their eyes closed as they are developed for android phones, and the controls became a lot easier just tap to jump. Newbies can download and play without any difficulty. It can be considered a go-to game when you are bored or experience a short, quick gaming life adventure. You can start to play this game whenever you feel bored or if you’re waiting for someone, you can quickly finish a level or two to pass the time.

6. Super Mario Odyssey:

The game, which can be quite long with more adventures and secrets, is Super Mario Odyssey. They broke the rule in this game that Mario should only be as a Mario but instead, there is a character that enables Mario to accurately change his form into any nearby object. They also granted him some new abilities, which is quite fruitful in the game’s long process.


Mario’s evolution is very incredible as these games are there from our young age till now and who knows our grandchildren could witness it. The versions mentioned above of Mario are considered to be the greats of the game, but still, there are many versions of the game you can go for. Nintendo understood their customer needs, and they are developing these Mario series with their best. These games are worth your time to spend, and I can assure you that you will fly into the world of Mario. After completing the 6 Super Mario games and you still find yourself in Mario world and want to continue but need some suggestions on picking up, let us know if you want a part 2 of this, and we are more than happy to give it to you guys.

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