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Smart gadgets for pets – useful and unusual

Why do you need smart gadgets for cats and dogs? The answer, in fact, is simple – to make it easier to care for pets, to help promote a healthy lifestyle for them.

When it comes to pets, we can easily remember the manufacturer of food or accessories we prefer. But before choosing a brand among the manufacturers of smart gadgets for cats and dogs, let’s take a look at the most popular categories for our furry (and not so) pets.

Taking care of animals is not only walks and games, but also household chores. For example, Eurasier dog breed sheds heavily, so you do need smart gadgets to take care of it. The clipper allows you to take care of your four-legged friends at home, providing a high-quality and comfortable cut. It uses sharp ceramic knives, which are distinguished by high strength, wear resistance, they practically do not heat up during operation. The model has a triple noise reduction system, which will not allow your pet to get scared of a working machine.

Animal feeding gadgets.

It would seem, why not use regular containers? Animals love running water. Many cats, for example, do not drink from a bowl, preferring tap water. These animals may also like the automatic drinker. Due to constant recirculation, the water in it is enriched with oxygen and remains fresh all the time. It can also be used for dogs, since everyone loves water!

The automatic drinker can be equipped with a replaceable filter that cleans the liquid from feed pieces, small debris and microorganisms. In some models, medical devices can also be installed in a special compartment of the gadget, for example, a soluble pill that will rid the pet’s teeth of plaque, calculus and bacteria.

Next up are the automatic feeders. Dogs, like their ancestors, wolves, when eating, literally swallow food in as large portions as possible. Unlike wolves, in dogs, this ingestion can lead to some health problems. If you spend all days at work or often travel on business trips, the automatic feeder will definitely come in handy – the quarantine will end sooner or later. The tank of the automatic feeders allows you to store a supply of dry food and adjust the feeding program by the hour.

Such feeders can work both from the mains and batteries – if the light goes out at home, the pet will not remain hungry. To attract the attention of the animal, a voice message can be saved in the device’s memory, it will be played before feeding. These and other functions are designed to both simplify the process of caring for a pet and insure its owners in case of absence or sudden adventures.

If you just want to better keep track of how much your pet eats, check out the models with built-in weights. For example, cats are mobile animals. If the pet does not get enough physical activity, it becomes bored and gains excess weight. In order not to overeat and not to sprinkle food “by eye”, you can measure portion sizes right in the feeder.

Have you eaten, can you rest? Right! Please your pet with a smart house. It automatically adjusts the temperature inside and creates a pleasant atmosphere for sleeping and relaxing. A temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and an efficient temperature regulation and setting system take care of the pet’s comfort. Built-in thermal sensors detect when the pet is in the house and allow the owner using the application to find out about the conditions of his rest, set them up and receive notifications when the pet enters the house and when he leaves it. The house stands on a stand, has a stylish space design and an indicator light. And the rug inside the house can be washed in the washing machine!

When walking your pet in a poorly lit park, you may not always be able to see where it ran. With a luminous collar, this problem will be solved. The LED collar is equipped with bright LEDs almost around the entire circumference, which will help not only the owner see the dog, but also passing vehicles and pedestrians. To connect to a power source, a USB cable is provided in the kit.

What if your pet walks without a collar? Use a tracker that will allow you to know where your pet is at any time. You can check its location using a browser or a free app available for iOS and Android. It not only shows where your pet was a few minutes ago, but also allows you to track its position in real time via the Internet or a mobile application. To do this, you just need to start tracking mode, and you will see the path of your pet and its current location. The best choice for the conscious owner!

Back from a walk? Time to wash your paws! With the help of a paw washer, you can quickly and efficiently clean the claws of an animal from dense dirt after a walk on the street. To start cleaning, you need to take water from the tap into a complete glass with a special silicone cleaner, lower the pet’s paw inside and remove all the dirt with rotational movements. The device is easy and quick to clean after use and is made of safe silicone and plastic.

There are many smart gadgets for fun! Cats and small dogs can spend hours chasing the beam of a laser pointer, which is easily accomplished by its automated version. This silicone massager, created especially for cats, will give them a lot of pleasure, and can also act as a funny toy for kittens.

If you’re worried that your pet will be bored alone, consider buying a baby monitor. Often, the baby monitor is equipped with a wide-angle camera and a motion sensor that allow you to track the animal while you are not at home. With the built-in speaker and microphone, you can communicate with your cat or dog.

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