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The Different Editing Tools Of GoGoPDF

Many websites on the internet give you access to PDF tools for your PDF files, but not all are safe to use. Some of them contain viruses, numbers of ads, and some require you to download their services on your computer. The GoGoPDF website is one of the few websites that give you free access to all its PDF tools and is free to use.

This user-friendly website has a total of 26 tools categorized with the following categories: Convert and Compress, Split and Merge, View and Edit, Convert to and from PDF, and the Sign and Security. All of them are very useful, especially for people who always process different PDF files daily. Here are some of the editing tools of GoGoPDF you might want to learn.

Adding Watermark To Your PDF File

In this modern world, businesses are more famous through social media, all products are posted on social media, and they can quickly be promoted to thousands of people. Not only online businesses, but the same thing goes to documents that are sent through emails. That’s why before posting our products or sending them through emails, we should add a watermark.

A watermark is a logo, signature, or stamp placed on the photo of your product or document. GoGoPDF can help you add watermarks to your files by using their “Add watermark to PDF” tool, which can be found under the Sign and Security category. Here are the basic steps on adding a watermark to your document:

  1. Select the document and upload it to the conversion box of GoGoPDF.
  2. Once uploaded, you can now type the text that you want to add or attach the logo, then position it to where you want it. When done, click the Add watermark button.
  3. Wait until the processing of your watermark is done.
  4. You can now email or download the new watermarked file to your computer.

Deleting PDF Pages From Your PDF File

Deleting unnecessary pages from an existing PDF file format is difficult, especially when you don’t have the exact tool to do so. Good thing because GoGoPDF has the “Delete PDF pages” tool on their website, which you may found under the View and Edit category on their Tools bar. Here’s a simple guide for you to take note of when deleting pages from your PDF file.

  1. Upload the file where you want to delete some PDF pages to the website’s toolbox.
  2. Once you have done uploading the file, select the pages that you want to delete.
  3. Save the changes you made to your original file.
  4. GoGoPDF will process the deletion of the pages, which will take a few minutes.
  5. Once it’s done, you can freely download the file to your computer or laptop.

Adding Number To Your PDF File

Adding up a number to your document’s pages is difficult when you don’t have the exact tool for that since PDF files are difficult to edit. GoGoPDF has this tool under the View and Edit category, known as the “Number Pages” tool. Adding numbers to your PDF file pages will become easier for you to track on which page you are currently viewing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Upload the PDF document you wish to add numbers to your computer.
  2. Once uploaded, you can freely choose which PDF pages you want the numbers to appear and then save the changes you made.
  3. Select the options available on where you want to share your new PDF file, whether through email or social media, by copying the link.
  4. You can download the file to your devices, such as laptops or smartphones, once the process is done.

Editing Your PDF File

Editing a PDF file is a hassle and can eat up a lot of your time. We need to edit the document and change some details, usually demanded with our superiors.  GoGoPDF has the tool you need for this PDF problem that you can find under the View and Edit category, the “Edit PDF” tool. Below’s a quick guide on how you can edit your file faster:

  1. Upload the document to the toolbox.
  2. Choose the editing options available, edit then save the file.
  3. Download the newly edited file to your computer.


These editing tools are essential ones when it comes to our PDF files. It helps us be more creative, correct different information, and efficiently and quickly with the GoGoPDF editing tools’ help. The tools mentioned above are more on the editing side of a PDF file.

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