Thursday, June 20, 2024

Visible shakes things up with six new features


Visible, the all-digital wireless carrier that’s backed by Verizon, on Tuesday announced a number of new features that its customers will certainly appreciate. Indeed, there are no less than six details to share as part of the changes.

Some of the features are a little more obvious to some subscribers than others, but all of them are positive steps forward for the carrier.

First up, Visible is now offering 5G coverage for it compatible devices, delivering speeds up to 200 Mbps. The faster network and access comes at no additional monthly cost.

Next, Visible is bringing its unlimited data, messages, and minutes to more consumers in additional locations. This now includes calling to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Visible is making it easier for subscribers to activate new devices by integration of eSIM technology. A number of today’s top phones allow for the virtual SIM card, but Visible is starting with recent iPhones first. Android handsets will be added in the near future.

The Party Pay feature, which was previously capped at four people per Party, is now expanded to allow for an unlimited number of people. The feature lets people share a rate plan for as low $25 per line per month.

  • 2 people in a party = $35 / line per month
  • 3 people in a party = $30 / line per month
  • 4 (and now an unlimited number of people) in a party = $25 / line per month.

Visible will now offer a referral credit for each new friend or family member who signs up for service. Each new line who signs up using your referral will brings your next month’s bill down to just $5. It doesn’t matter if they sign up for their own plan or join your Party Pay account.

Last, but not least, Visible is introducing a new Community forum to let members connect with one another. Whether it’s to learn best practices and tips, meet others for a Party Pay plan, or something else, the forum is a central hub for communication and collaboration.

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