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How to Google like a Pro! Top 10 Google search tips

Millions of users use Google search in daily life for various queries. Google is a great tool to solve your queries. But without mastering google, you can not get faster results.

Around two trillion searches happen annually. People are using Google to get every piece of information. People use google search from checking Google calendar to solve daily queries. Not only Google calendar Google search is best to find live TV shows and sports.

Students often turn to Google when researching about their projects and assignments. There are a number of great open source tools for students. These tools make their research more accessible. Some of the essential open source tools for students are:

●     Inkscape and Ottobib

Students are given with previous readings to get new and unique ideas. To start with it, they research previous writing in books and online resources for help. International standard book numbers are provided to writings. The listing can be taken in APA, MLA and other formats. Ottobib gives the catalogue in various formats. The repository accepts 10-13 ISBN digits to take the request forward. A free vector graphics editor established in the year 2003. This helps to create and edit line arts, diagrams etc.

●     Google reader

It provides information to the public. The tool listed a set of doings. This adds a front page depicting the different news items. The users are allowed to mark the read items. Importing and exporting the subscription catalogue is also available.

●     XMind 7

This tool can capture ideas to clarify, think and promote collaboration. It supports mind maps, tree diagrams etc.

This tool provides an efficient time management task. The email, news chat facilities features supported by the product.

●     GanttProject

This tool helps in collaboration. It provides a work breakdown structure. Features like the generation of various charts are best. The product is available with 20+” languages. Illustrations, diagrams, line arts designed in this tool.

●     Google Calendar

The user must have an account to access this app. Numerical computations feature available. This app is best as a batch-oriented language. Unix system calls and functions can be used.

And other than these tools, here are some other Google search tips that you can apply for more effective results:

1.    Use the exact phrase and words


One of the most commonly used search tricks is using the quotation mark to search for the exact word.

Follow below search, and you will get only pages that contain the word “Carrot”. Followed by the phrase “Smoothie.”

“Carrot Smoothie”

The same trick works for exact word queries. Example if you look for “mining,” Google will as well display pages that have words “miners.” Before you were using plus sign and search for +mining but presented, you have to insert words within quotes.

2.    Excluding words


The minus sign lets you define words that should not appear in the search bar. If you are looking for something about veg recipes that should not occur with non-veg then use the below key.

Veg recipe -nonveg

3.    Use a colon to search a particular site


Many a time, you may have to Google search for contents/articles on a specific site.

Then you can use the Political news site:timesofindia.com. This will search all content about trending political news. But only on timesofindia.com. All other search results will be excluded. If you want to extract specific content on a particular site, this can be a better shortcut you can use.

4.    Look page that links another page.


This google search tip is a bit complicated. Rather than searching for a particular page, you are searching for a page that links to a specific page.

If you like to check who cited a Times of India article on their site, you can use this trick to get all sites that link to.


Using the above code, it displays all pages linked to Times of India website. The URL you are looking for can be anything.

Be careful though the more specific it is you tend to get few results. Not all use Google search trick, but it can be beneficial for people who rely on search consoles to get every bit of data.

5.    Use Relevant words


The tilde operator is this reverse of inserting a single word in quotes. It looks for relevant terms, not just words you type. Example if you run ~geek you will get results related to geek.

“Linux” is the most relevant word to geeks, followed by “Greek.” “Nerd comes in third.

6.    Use asterisk Wildcard


The asterisk wildcard is most useful. If you use an asterisk in a search term on Google search, it leaves a placeholder that is filled by the search engine next. This is a smart way to get song lyrics if you do not know all the words.

“Come* right now * me”

Google looks for phrases knowing that asterisks can be any word. You will get The Beatles song “Come together as a result.

7.    Use google search for calculation.

Google search provides Google calculation to perform simple math problems. You can use this to solve complex questions or difficult one. It won’t solve all the math queries.

Here is some example with syntax.


Plack’sPlack’s constant

If you use the first syntax, it will return 45. It shows a calculator that you can use to get answers to more questions.

This is handy if you have to do some quick math but don’t want to do it your hand. If you look for a second, it will provide the number value of Planck’sPlanck’s constant.

So it can do maths, but also it helps to solve a math problem by displaying values for general mathematical terms.

8.    Search multiple words at one time

Google search is flexible. It knows you’re expecting results by searching only a single word. Thus you can look for multiple searches.

You can use one word with the second-word phrase. This benefits you to narrow down the search to get what exactly you are looking for.

“Best career opportunities” or “How to plan a career”.

By searching this, you will search both phrases. Even you can use chocolate or dark chocolate. In this search for pages that have either chocolate or dark chocolate.

9.    Use those words which websites use.

It is an important tip. When people use Google to track the web, they use the same language, which is commonly spoken. But websites do not use the same language as people do. Instead, they use language that is an expert language.

Replace “I have a flat tire” by “repair a flat tire.”

Replace “My stomach hurts” with “stomach relief”

Try using phrases that are found in a professional site. This can help you to get great results.

10.                       Use descriptive words

Most things described in multiple ways. “DIY hacks” The word “hack” refers to a computer programmer cracking security in a system. But when used in conjunction with the term “DIY”, it changes the meaning.

If you have an issue in finding what you are searching for. Remember that people may search what you need differently.

There is not an excellent particular example of it. But if you search for something you can’t find answers. Try looking for the same question using different words.


Google search is a vital search tool. Using the above tips, you can find anything and everything you can ever get on the World Wide Web.

Finding the latest stock price or even new movie song lyrics, Google search helps you do it its best.

Author Bio: Mary Jones is the co-founder and editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades, which focuses on career counselling for university students in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Mary helps students with their marketing reports and assignments. She has extensive content editing experience and has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred and Scripted in the past. She has also authored blogs on Lifehack.org, Wn.com, Medium.com, Minds.com and many more digital publications.