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Unlock the door from anywhere with August’s 4th-gen smart lock down to $183

The August 4th-generation Wi-Fi smart lock is down to $183.03 on Amazon. This smart lock has been selling for around $220 since late last year. It has never dropped below $200 on Amazon even for Black Friday. Home Depot has the next best price around at $211, but some retailers like Best Buy are still selling it for as much as $250, its MSRP.

This is the latest and greatest from August, who has been making some of the best smart locks around for a long time now. The 4th-generation lock makes some very important improvements. For one thing, you no longer need the August Connect. This was a device that served as a bridge between the 3rd-gen smart lock and your Wi-Fi network. It was how you connected the lock to your smart home ecosystem and enabled voice control. Without it, the best you could do was control the lock with your phone. Now you can just do all of that right out of the box.

Somehow, despite combining multiple devices into one, the 4th-gen smart lock also somehow manages to be 45% smaller than previous generations. And much like before, the lock works with your existing deadbolt. It takes just minutes to setup and doesn’t require a whole lot of engineering or anything. Pretty much anyone can do it.

Once setup, you can do things like use your smartphone’s biometric verification for an added security measure. Use the August app to send friends and other temporary visitors keys that grant them access to the lock you can cancel at any time. One of my favorite features of the app is using it to detect when you’re leaving or coming home so it will lock or unlock automatically based on the circumstance. Plus, the 4th-gen smart lock works with all three major voice assistants: Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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