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Home News How Social Media Is Contributing to the Popularity of Bitcoin

How Social Media Is Contributing to the Popularity of Bitcoin


Today, there is loads of hype going around in the market related to Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. In 2016, the only people who talked about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency were the developers. However, there has been a sudden environmental change where we can see people have normal conversations about the Blockchain and Crypto.

The sudden hyper about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has a link with the active social media platforms. Over the years, we have learned more about Cryptocurrency through social media than any other platform.

How Is Social Media Influencing People on Cryptocurrency?

It is very hard for people to spend their whole day without looking at social media news feeds. Well, this behaviour of the audiences has been used to create awareness among the people. If you can go back and see your daily news feeds, you will find that it has more crypto content.

You can even consider the technologies behind social media that have allowed people to taste the convenience of everything, whether you are looking for something or buying anything. Social media has been a part of their decision-making process. This attribute of the audience’s behaviour has been utilized to its full extent.

Social Media Account Became Bank Account

There are several social media platforms that have come up with an interesting method to bring in traders, investors, and common people towards the Cryptocurrency side. They have recently announced that they will reward the user for their time spent on online posting and sharing content.

They have ensured that they are not like the other social media platforms where the contents are covered with the trend; instead, if you have content that can bring value to the lives of the audiences, then their content will be shown first.

The network is very transparent with the operation. They have proposed that users creating content will get 65% of the revenue, and the user sharing the content will get 25% of the revenue. Hence, you can even consider your social media accounts as bank accounts for earning social earnings. According to APPICS, more than 15 categories of content will cover every niche in the industry.

Tackling the Downside of Social Media Networks

Social media platforms are one of the biggest stages to get maximum audiences. However, no matter how grand the stage is, it can backfire in the worst way if it is not authentic. To boost social media platforms’ credibility, companies are trying their best to come up with new securities methods to secure social media platforms.

Censorship and advertisement have always been an issue on social media platforms. However, with blockchain technology, social media platforms can be filtered to show the right advertisement to the right audiences.

On the other hand, with the integration of Cryptocurrencies, people were able to understand the concept behind the Crypto in the platforms. Recently, Facebook has launched its stable Cryptocurrency backed by the assets of some of the world’s best companies.

Exposing Cryptocurrency to the Masses

Social media has always been the first to catch up with technological trends. The same can be said for the Crypto as well. When every platform was neglecting the existence of the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, these terms were buzzing on the social media p[latfoems.

Social media platforms are aware of the fact that ease of use is the key point for anything to become the next big thing in the world. Understanding this fact, social media have tried their best to give Crypto access without any upfront financial contribution.

This is why social media are coming up with free token rewards to encourage people with the crypto trade. One such platform is the australiantimes.co.uk. It is a platform that offers users a convenient crypto trade.


Social media have always proven themself to be the dark horse of the market when it comes down to identifying any new trends. If you are in the trade market and want to keep an eye on the new trends to have an edge over your competitors, social media is the best platform.


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