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60+ Must-Watch Animated YouTube Channels in Every Category

Youtube, as an open platform, has allowed independent creators to build their content just like the way they want it, without any management layers in between. In such cases, multimedia artists (or you might call them animators), have the full-fledged access to create animated videos for entertainment or educational purposes.

For you and fellow animation junkies, YouTube provides tons of animation channels with a wide range of animated content so you can find something that perfectly suited to your tastes and sense of humor!

What interests you? Slice of life humor? Satirical movies and TV shows reviews? Or nursery rhymes for the ankle-biters? You can easily find them with a bunch of different types of animation techniques and styles on the platform.

As an Explainer Video Production Company, we are going to give you references for the animation channels that are worth watching. That’s why we’ve created a broad-ranging list of them.

The list below is not based on any external study of data such as total viewers or subscribers count. The order of the channels on the list is also random. You can filter through this list of the most suitable channels you might be your new favorites.


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