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Top Tips for Businesses amid COVID-19 to Buy Followers on Instagram

With the COVID-19 crisis tearing the world apart, businesses, people, and communities are struggling to survive in these troubled times, embracing the new normal. When it comes to companies and brands, the wellbeing, health, and safety of their staff as well as customers are the top priorities.

When businesses are shutting down and people losing employment, you can make the most out of Instagram to promote your products or services. According to an article published on Socialmediatoday.com, brands can host a live question-answer session on Instagram, related to their products and invite an industry influencer or brand emissary, who likes your brand to give the required boost to your message. Read on to learn about the tips businesses can consider amid the pandemic for more Instagram engagement.

Highlight your message and reach out to your audience

Even during lockdowns and social distancing, your business can reach out to its targeted customers through Instagram, despite, whether you are open, shut temporarily, changed your business model, or offering discounted deals to help your customers. You can get your brand message out to show that you care about your buyers and helping them at these troubled times. It will prove your commitment to the community as a whole.

Make the best use of your feed to share highlights and communications so that your audience can view the content over time. Post content that shows compassion to help your community stay optimistic and motivated.

You can also run paid campaigns to improve the reach of your business messages, especially if you would like to reach out to a more niche audience. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, you can offer food delivery and takeaway services to deliver family combo meals.

Grow business online to buy followers on Instagram

Social distance and staying at home is the new normal amid the pandemic, and therefore, your business needs to communicate with its audience through creative ways on Instagram. You can use this photo-sharing site to stay relevant and provide customers the things that would like to use during the corona crisis. For instance, if you are selling books, you can also trade in hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves amid the pandemic.

You will need to unite communities amid the crisis, offering more ways to shop on the digital landscape instead of visiting your brick-and-mortar store. You can keep your audience informed and amused by using video content to buy followers on Instagram.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. You can bring the community in one place through Instagram Live.

You can host events or question-answer sessions on Instagram Live. Many businesses, celebs, and influencers are educating people about the corona pandemic as well as entertaining their audience. If they can, so can you. Beauty brands are now hosting live bootcamps to share nail care tips and asking the customers what they would want, such as manicure tips, nail treatments, or free deliveries of beauty products.

Talk to your customers

When your Direct inbox is loaded with messages, stay on the top of all communications by managing your message effectively. Set up a FAQ page to answer the usual questions asked by your customers.

You might not have the time to answer all buyer questions. Then, you can share the most common questions asked via your stories or feed, using the FAQs page.  Try to highlight the most important questions by answering via the FAQs page.

Some florist businesses online acknowledge the customer messages they received in the Direct inbox through a posy in their feed as well as shared the important answers in the FAQs page, mentioning how people can support each other amid social distancing.

Provide more ways to shop online instead of in-store shopping amid the pandemic

People are staying at home and venturing out very less unless essential amid the COVID-19 crisis, Therefore, your business should make it easy for them to shop online and post content on Instagram so that customers can access the required information.

Ensure that website address or URL is mentioned in your Instagram bio, and if your store is closed temporarily or operating for restricted hours, mention that too in the bio. In case, you provide gift cards, let your targeted audience know so that they can make the best use of it to support your business.

If you are selling products, make use of shopping tags so that buyers can purchase right from stories and feed. When you do this, your items will populate in your profile shop for your customers to browse the items they like, while being present on your Instagram profile page. For instance, Chipotle providing free services amid the pandemic is highlighting this info in stories and feeds.


Use these tips to boost sales amid the corona crisis instead of shutting your business permanently. Offer freebies and educate your audience on how to stay safe to prevent community infection spread.


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