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pCloudy: Feature-rich continuous testing platform makes mobile application testing easier than ever

With mobile applications becoming popular day by day, brands are facing the challenge of fulfilling the dynamic demands of the customer and availing the finished product as quickly as possible. Hence the developer and QA teams are looking for technological solutions which are faster, qualitative and convenient. As a result high end technologies like agile, continuous integration and mobile devops are being implemented for mobile applications development. Agile SDLC provides the flexibility to make modular or code changes at any point of time, while continuous integration and mobile devops empower the app development by providing ready to deploy codes at the drop of the hat.

Having a continuous testing platform which works on continuous integration and mobile devops environment is the need of the hour but an idol platform will be the one which is dynamic to customers requirements and develops features to make their testing life simpler and easy. pCloudy is a comprehensive continuous testing platform which consists of multiple features to make testing simpler. In this blog we will review pCloudy as a comprehensive testing platform for both mobile and web applications and explore its features which provides a holistic solution for mobile and web application testing.

About pCloudy

pCloudy is a cloud based continuous testing platform for testing mobile and desktop web applications. It consists of more than 5000 device browser combinations for testing mobile applications which enables cross browser compatibility for all the mobile devices available in the target market. It ensures high speed mobile application testing by enabling continuous testing. It supports multiple integrations like Appium, Jenkins, Jisra, Github, Slack etc to ensure a systematic ci/cd pipeline. It supports integration of AI based futuristic tools like Opkey to enable codeless automation testing. It consists of an independent platform called browser cloud for testing desktop web applications consisting of multiple device browser combinations to support compatibility for various devices in the market. One of the greatest advantages of pCloudy is that being a virtual cloud platform it can be used from anywhere and is accessible for 24/7, also it eliminates the high cost of constructing physical labs.

Before exploring the comprehensive features of pCloudy let’s discuss how pCloudy provides efficient manual and automation testing results.

Manual testing

In pCloudy you can perform functional and non functional testing of mobile applications parallely on various real time mobile devices simultaneously. You can perform testing of both IOS and Android mobile applications. You can get a detailed analytical report of testing as you get a wide variety of statistics like session video, device logs, screenshots, data usage, memory usage, CPU usage, battery consumption and frame rendering count.Testing of applications in real mobile devices will provide accurate results. Parallel testing provides a large testing coverage and also increases the speed of test by multiple folds.

Automation testing

However systematic your ci/cd pipeline is, you cannot expect efficient results without good automation testing tools and frameworks .pCloudy supports multiple automation tools and frameworks like Appium, Robotilum, Calabash, Espresso etc to increase the performance and quality. A good set of Automation tools and frameworks also produce good continuous testing results. In pCloudy you can perform parallel testing of an application on multiple devices which increases the speed and quality of app testing by multiple folds.

For performing automation testing in pCloudy you need to select the automation test suit, the number of devices, the test cycle time, the test suite and test cycle name etc and you are good to go. Executing automation test cycles is very simple and easy in pCloudy, also being a cloud based platform you can carry it anywhere and access it for 24/7. This was a brief on how to perform automation testing in pCloudy.

Now let’s explore the latest features of pCloudy to understand their contribution in making testing seamless and easy in pCloudy

Browser Cloud

Browser cloud is one of the giant features in pCloudy responsible for desktop web application testing. It is basically a cloud of laptops in which you can perform parallel testing of web applications on multiple real devices simultaneously. It consists of multiple device browser combinations to assure the 100% compatibility of application under test against multiple devices in the target market.


Wildnet is a feature that enables our users to test their internal or private server in any Android or IOS device present in pCloudy. Generally all brands are very skeptical to test their internal or private servers for security reasons and hence require a staging server to perform testing which is very time and cost consuming. Wildnet provides a security shield between your internal server and the devices in the pCloudy, thus eliminating the cost required in setting up a staging platform.

Object Spy

This feature makes the automation testing very simple by extracting the object names directly from the pCloudy device and runs inspector sessions, instead of extracting from the Appium desktop.

QR code/barcode scanner

QR code scanners are used by 90% of brands for scanning qr codes for product or user identification, the QR code scanner in pCloudy helps the user to scan any barcode or a QR code on any Android device present in pCloudy.

Capability Configurator

The capability configurator simplifies the testing task by automatically providing the required information while filtering. While creating automation test scripts you require certain capabilities like device name, platform version, test cycles, test suites, time to run the single device etc. to execute the test cases. Capability filter enables to generate the desired capabilities directly using certain filters.

Data Persistent

This feature helps the pCloudy admins in data maintenance by enabling them to delete all the older reports based on some settings. Here the user is notified well in advance before deleting any files.

App Language Change

This feature helps the users from overseas to use pCloudy in their native language. They can change the language of the installed application by using the “App Language Change” in their native language.


A comprehensive platform having features to make testing faster, qualitative and simpler is the need of the hour and pCloudy is one of its kind platform which has been on the go in delivering innovative features for making testing simpler than ever. Hence pCloudy is highly recommended if you are looking for a mobile application testing platform which is dynamic and delivers high performance mobile applications.

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