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Android Vs iOS: Which Smartphone Is The Best For Mobile App Development

The app industry is booming at a high pace with the help of over 5 billion users. We rely on apps for many of our day-to-day activities.

The use of applications is increasing and they have become an integral part of our lifestyle.

They are playing a great role in the digital expansion of businesses. Android as well as iOS are in neck-to-neck the app market industry.

Android due to its variation in cost covers a wide range of markets, whereas iOS holds a huge number of loyal customers.

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According to Statista, 88 percent of all the smartphones that were sold to end-users were phones with the Android operating system.

As of 2016, Apple’s iOS is the second most popular operating system for smartphones.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system held around 13.5 percent of the global smartphone market share in the second quarter of 2020.

Now here, with the above stats you might be overwhelmed with Android’s market share, but do not forget the monetization and strong customers you get in iOS.

iPhone app development services have been working to develop dynamic applications. When it comes to the selection of the best mobile app development service provider between the two most loved platforms Android and iOS, we need to get a deep insight into them:


Android is based on the open-source ecosystem. It means you get multiple combinations of hardware and software.

An open-source ecosystem drives more users hence more and more developers. A developer gets the opportunity to apply her/his creative and innovative mind.

An Android app development company has a better user perspective due to its rich experience over the years.


Apple has profitable and loyal users. On this platform, any application is well tested and then accepted by the play store.

If you are developing an app with high lure towards monetization, then this will be the best platform for you.

Here, users are used to paying to get apps. Downloading paid apps is not an issue here, unlike android.

Android Vs iOS

Technical Aspects

We will go through several aspects ranging from complexity to cost to the time consumed and more. Here, we will be discussing the following features:

  1. Development Complexity:

When the face-off is between Android and iOS in context to development complexity, iOS is leading in this area.

It is much easier to develop an iOS application than an android app. This is mainly because Apple has limited types of devices, so its screen size and aspect ratio are fixed unlike android, where developers need to go through a complex process.

  • Development Cost:

An iOS mobile app developer needs a MacBook for the development process, which simply skyrockets the entire cost.

MacBook is a must to install XCode and implement coding easily. On the other hand, android app development is time-consuming so the overall costs involved in the process get high.

So, here if you have the hardware then iOS is preferable, and if you do not have it then Android. Here no one wins.

You can take the help of android app development services to develop android applications.

  • Development Time:

 The entire cycle of android app development is considered to be 30 to 40 percent slower in comparison to iOS. This happens mainly due to the high complexity level of Android app development.

  • Deployment:

Android applications do not have to go through a strict, tightly packed deployment process. So, it is easier to deploy an Android application than an iOS application.

iPhone app development is easy but the acceptance of the apps by the app store is a lengthy process.

Marketing Aspects

  1. Market Share:

Android applications have a very large community of around 88% whereas iOS has a comparatively smaller market of around 21 to 22%.

So, if you want to build an application to drive more users then Android should be preferred.

Android users are clearly dominating when it comes to market share. iOS app development services keep a keen eye on market share and new tech entries in the iOS industry.

  • Market Share Of Applications:

In terms of availability of apps on both platforms, the Google Play Store is leading with 2.6 million apps, followed by the Apple play store with 2 million applications.

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  • App Revenues:

Here, we need to consider two factors – the reach and monetization – to get an approximate idea of the revenue generated.

Android covers a very big marketplace, so here the main sources are in-app purchases, subscriptions, pay per download, and advertisements.

iOS covers a small marketplace but has able users. Most of the applications can be monetized and yet it does not affect the number of their downloads.

According to a survey, iOS is leading by generating $14.2 billion followed by Android with $7.7 billion.

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Some More Useful Features

  • Security And Privacy: iOS is well recognized for its great security and privacy. Users purchase all kinds of applications from the Apple play store so there are very few chances of any discrepancy. The security of android is a bit less but a lot of advanced technology is being added to increase it.
  • Customization: Android applications are more flexible to customize. This is because it has an open-source ecosystem with a very big community. On the other hand, iOS applications are not flexible for customization. A mobile app development company USA has been helping to customize applications according to business.
  • App Updates: Both Android and iOS take time to update apps. iOS applications take around two weeks to update which might affect your business. Whereas updating an Android application takes several hours.

Which One Should You Choose?

Scoreboard says Android is leading iOS by one point. This infers that both the platforms are equally valuable, and the selection depends on the context and purpose.

If you are targeting the mass, go for android. If you are developing apps for a monetization purpose, iOS will be great for you.

Final Note

By now you should have got an idea about both the platforms. Both these platforms are marvelous when it comes to app development, and you just have to select according to your project.

If you are interested in building a mobile application, you can take the help of a mobile app development company.

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