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Home News Aggressive WiFi to cellular Handover - What is it?

Aggressive WiFi to cellular Handover – What is it? [All You Need To Know]

Ever faced a situation when you are connected with the WiFi of your workstation and the cellular data takes over? This happens when the cellular data overtakes the WiFi connectivity and allows your device to buffer. It is a common symptom for most of the cellular phones when the WiFi signal is too weak to get connected. Sometimes, it can give your data browsing a major boost when you get out of range for a WiFi network. Here is a complete guide that will help you to understand the advent of having a great cellular handover and how it can benefit you.

WiFi to Cellular Handover

The cellular data handover takes place when the device is connected to the WiFi and is currently facing types of network issues. The cellular data becomes the first to respond to bridge the gap that is formed. Thus, you can always get an uninterrupted internet streaming service. The mode of work becomes easier as your phone gets connected with the access points in the coverage area. These access points can easily be adjusted and also twisted according to the available requirements. When the signal strengths of the WiFi are high, the access point is near to you. These access points can be easily adjusted according to the location and the owner can also set up a cap limit to the number of connections.

Access points work in a simple format- the further you are from the location, the signal points will start getting down. When it goes completely down and the phone is not being able to catch any data, the cellular data becomes active. This is a part of the handover that also allows you to get a hands free experience of fast internet. It does not depend on how close you are to the nearest WiFi access point. Once the handover takes place, the mobile network does not even search for any public or private WiFi. This is why you can get full use of the bandwidth offered by the internet service provider. Even during the rush hour when so many devices are connected with the WiFi router, having cellular data handover is always a big advantage.

Advantages of enabling Handover

When it comes to the handover situation, a lot of devices are already prepared to use this. However, they will get help impressively if you know the right way to do it. Since most of the smartphones have this feature enabled right from the start, it becomes easier to find out about what will be the best inline option. Once the handover is enabled, irrespective of whether you are in the weakest wifi zone or not, it will startup. This feature allows you to get the right internet structure just when you need it. This is why you will never run out of the mobile data in case you are doing something important and do not want to leave it unfinished.

Most of the modern smartphones are designed to fetch the access points. When you keep the wifi mode enabled, it automatically fetches the data and will give you the right resources to catch the network. This is why it becomes easier when you return to a secure hub and the phone automatically gets connected. Because of this feature, you may also be able to save the data packets. This also happens when you go out. The WiFi card tries to catch the nearby access point and then it can remember the data. However, when you drop to zones where the signal is low, the handover takes place. This is why it can operate without stopping you from doing what you would do.

Disabling WiFi Assist

If you want to disable the wifi assist, it is not the toughest job either. Smartphones are now run on different platforms and this is why they might have different settings available which will simply help you to turn off the data when you do not need it.

For Apple Devices

  • If you are on the Apple device, the first thing that you need to do is to open up the settings page present.
  • Scroll down till you find the main menu of the cellular settings. This will open up the location of the mobile data model.
  • Once you reach here, scroll down and then find the option of WiFi Assist. Simply tap on this option to turn off the WiFi mode available.
  • This will automatically stop the wifi to get connected to other possible hotspots available all around you.

For Android Devices

  • The steps to block the WiFi assist for these devices are a bit twisted. Nevertheless, you can go to the WiFi settings page.
  • Once you go there, you will find the Menu icon present. Tap on this and then scroll to the available advanced options.
  • You will find that there is another option called the network switch. Simple check if the icon is marked on. If it is on, you need to turn it off by tapping into the option.
  • This will stop the wifi from working and will allow the cellular data to take complete control of the device. You will be able to browse the internet with the cellular data that is available.

Using Across Devices

The ability to use WiFi for most of the devices is very limited. It happens when you carry a Smartphone and you have cellular data engaged with this. However, if you do not have such, it is the time to get one done. Smartphones usually come with dual-mode options that include both cellular data and mobile data. This feature is specifically available for the people who would love to use the option of carrying data outside the home where a stable wifi network is not available. This is why they are very limited to the use of smartphones as well as a few specific devices like the tablet.

Some electronic tables allow you to include cellular data transmission. One such device is the iPad. If you have an iPad, you may be able to utilise the data. This is mainly because they are more specific to use when you are outside. Also, the iPad allows you to insert a sim card in the dedicated slot. This will help you to easily carry the device from one place to another without having the risk of losing out on the network. If you have the GSM sim installed on the tablet, you will be able to quickly configure the device and start using it. The process of wifi disabling on the tablet is quite similar to that of smartphones. If you are using an iPad, follow the steps that we have mentioned above based on Apple categories.

WiFi Calling

Today, work has become flexible. This is why calling from outside your home is also an important aspect. Using options like wifi calling has become so important for individuals who wish to take the steps of success. Who would like to get the call dropped when you are just shaving an important conversation using the wifi calling mode. This is when cellular data takeover becomes so handy and also useful in nature. Because of the feature, the device quickly switches to the cellular data. Once you reach out of the WiFi zone, it gets connected and thus, the call dropping options simply stops.

WiFi calling is a simple feature that allows you to easily make calls with the help of cellular data and without any active plans. You won’t have to pay lengthy bills to activate the wifi calling mode. Infact, when the wifi assist is enabled, it automatically gets connected to the strongest zone so that you can also save cellular data. If you completely disconnect the wifi assist, it will constantly consume the cellular data and might leave a huge effect on the bandwidth and the quality of the calls.


Usually, the aggressive data handover is also known as WiFi assist. It comes up as a handy option when you are looking forward to gaining uninterrupted internet browsing. Sometimes, it becomes much easier to get uninterrupted internet browsing when too many people are connected to the internet router and you can get easy services. This will help you to gain fast internet with the help of direct cellular contact. You must choose a proper data pack plan that will support your high-speed data requirement needs. To know more about routers and their connectivity you can go to this source.

Having aggressive cellular data is always of big help. Even while you are watching movies or opting for an HD video, having a strong internet connection is very important. They allow you to get easy data browsing without losing your connection or getting your internet dropped. When you face low or poor internet connection, you may have to restart the internet multiple times. Weak WiFi connections will never allow you to stream movies. Instead, having strong cellular data will always give you the upper hand. So why not opt for such options?


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