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6 Most Interesting Technologies in 2020

Are you keeping up with technology trends during coronavirus? If not, then you are missing out. Technology trends for 2020 have already begun to change our experience of the world. This is especially true in the business/organizational space and our spheres of life. Even businesses such as casinos haven’t been left behind with many offering features such as 30 free spins

If you’ve been following technology trends news, then you are aware of how some technologies we never thought would exist will impact our way of life for the next decade. 

Science is changing how we do business, and the different technology trends after COVID-19 have the potential to change the technology space as we know it. 

Granted, technology trends in 2020 have become disruptive, but they are also exciting. The different innovations are bound to keep us busy and wanting more. 

Nevertheless, as new technology trends appear, there is a concern and worry about the future of work and the imminent impact of emerging technology trends by industry and its effect on the workforce.

However, with computers having the potential to change the current workplace, it is evident that technology trends for the future will leave space for innovation as workforces leverage more on technology for day to day solutions.

So, what are the latest technology trends in 2020? How attractive are the latest technology trends that call to our attention? Below, we give you an overview of 6 of the most exciting technology trends in 2020 that’ll influence our spaces. 


1.      The Internet of Things

It’s not prideful to state that the technology trends now are nothing without the internet of things. It is one of the technology trends that’s on everyone’s lips and for a good reason. 

The internet of things technology trends refers to the interconnection of computing devices through the internet. These computing devices are found on everyday machines that we use to send or receive data via the internet. 

Some technology trends examples that are already being affected by the internet of things include cars, security systems, electronic appliances, vending machines, and even speaker systems. 

If you’re still having trouble comprehending these technology trends, here’s a brief explanation. The internet is more accessible to populations worldwide. As a result, more devices have the capability of being connected to the internet via Wi-Fi connections. 

Therefore, this creates the perfect opportunity for all things to be connected via the internet through an on/off switch. 

2.      Block-chain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Technology trends history has shown us the power of blockchain tech. Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular uses for blockchain technology and has overtaken quite a few other technology trends in the last decade. 

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money or currency that gets its security from cryptography rather than a formal government. One of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. Even though it was associated with the dark web, it is now a lucrative and legitimate financial asset. 

As a result, large corporations like Facebook, Walmart, and Microsoft are now creating their cryptos as brands exploring and developing alternative technology trends and methods of doing business. 

These types of technology trends will see enterprises opening up to work with a new crop of consumers, such as those with no accounts in banks or those who prefer cashless transactions.

3.      Growing Need For Edge-Computing

Think about this for a minute. How many online companies have you entrusted with your personal information or data? How many have built their relationships with you by ensuring that the data you give them remains safe from third parties? 

Many of these companies rely on a centralized source (the cloud) to bring data to you. Edge computing is part of technology trends that are about ensuring computing gets closer to data sources. In any case, to better understand this issue, it is necessary to understand how corporation business is evolving. Think of it as previously relying on information from the center of the cloud but now getting it at the edge. This means the distance between the server and the clients is significantly reduced.

4.      Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends

Machines are slowly transforming the world as we know it by learning how to do human tasks and mastering acts that would be referred to as actions of human intelligence. Machine learning is among the latest technology trends that apply artificial intelligence to provide systems with learning methods without being programmed for specific tasks.

Computer programs develop machine learning through data acquisition and using the data acquired to learn things on their own. It is quite an intricate process that starts with getting data in any form through past instruction or experience. After that, the machine will look for any useful patterns within the data and then make their own choices in future tasks depending on the data they analyze. 

5.      Human Augmentation

Are you wondering what we’re talking about? If you’re a regular customer in the fitness industry, then you are already in the know. Nevertheless, are you curious about the fitness tracker you wear on your wrist every day without fail? That is what human augmentation is: improving performance with wearable technology.

Technology trends in the fitness world help us live productive, safe, and healthier lives. In the future, humans may merge with technology to help them lead more productive lives than we do now.

6.      Facial Recognition and Computer Vision

We’ve already seen technology trends that can “see” and differentiate facial features and structures of individual humans. Well, this is the future of devices. Think about the potential uses of this feature for matters of security. 

Just like humans do, it’s only a matter of time before machines can correctly visualize or ‘see’ the world. Even though this feature may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the end of it anytime soon. 


Technology trends have increasingly taken the world as we know it by storm. They are changing fundamental aspects of our day-to-day living and work. As much as they seem to improve how humans do things, are they all necessary? 

As much as they are appealing to discover and exciting to implement, technology trends do certainly pose a certain doom over the workforce in their near future. But, with the space for innovation, not all is lost. 

So, which technology trends excite you the most in 2020? Which ones are you looking forward to experiencing? Tell us!

About the Author

Ellen Royce is the technology news correspondent for a well-known online magazine. She’s a self-described techie who lives and writes in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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