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How to Design a Free Logo without Any Design Skills?


Technology has changed many aspects in our life. Without exception, it does change how we design.

Perhaps more than any other asset, logos will immediately grab your customer’s attention and boost recognition, which is perhaps why the importance of a logo shouldn’t be underestimated.

The History & Revolution of Design

In old days, design was the “specialty” of art designers, designers used paper, pencil and eraser to illustrate something for viewers to appreciate.

Then, the emergence of Photoshop began a new age of design. To some extent, PS began a revolution that changed designing on paper to designing with a PC. But Photoshop is still a “belonging” for only a small group of people – It requires design knowledge and advanced PS-mastering skills. PS is still a untouchable thing for the mass.

Nowadays, many a design tool has been designed to allow average joes to use effortlessly. And logo design has never been so easy when you grab a right tool. Today, we’ll introduce one of them – DesignEvo online logo maker.

What Is DesignEvo?

It’s a browser-based app that’s designed to help people craft logo freely. It prepares over 10,000 professional logo templates that users can easily search and customize. These logo templates are juicy ideas and perfect design starting points.

By clicks, drags and drops, users can finish a logo design in DesignEvo. It deletes the complex steps of designing a logo from scratch using Illustrator.

When compare it with many an easy logo maker, i.e. Adobe Spark logo maker, we find DesignEvo is much delightful by offering a 100%-free logo download option (watermark-free). Who can reject a free piece? After designing your logo, you can order customized stationery items from StationeryXpress

How to Use Free DesignEvo to Design a Logo without Design Skills?

Before you start designing a logo, you’ll want to think over some questions about your logo, such as, “what color you’ll want your logo to be”, “what graphics or icons it must have”, or at least “how to describe your brand or business”.

Step 1. Design Preparations

For example, when your target is making a Technology logo for your blog, it’s worthwhile to search “Tech”,  “Technology”, “top Technology”, or “Technology news” to find technology brands. Check top 5 logo designs and try to find some design patterns of their logo designs.

Via doing this, you’ll find some illustrations or elements repeated in Technology logos. Like, you’ll notice there are many blue logos for famous Technology companies. These clues will help you much to design a better logo for your business.

Go to DesignEvo homepage, prepare yourself a free account by registration. Then, press [Make a Free Logo], then you will have access to 10,000+ professional logo templates.

Next, give a try on some keywords (or descriptive words) and hit [Enter]. It’ll retrieve some logo templates in this tag in no time.

When you see some logo designs you love, just give it a click, and you’ll enter the interface of logo design.

If you want to see more ideas before you design, you can make use of the heart icon on right corner of a logo template, it will save it to your favorite logo templates. (You can find them all by going [My Favorites] on the left.)

After clicking a logo template, you’ll land design interface. Here, you are allow to select any logo element to make any changes. To name a few, you can curve logo texts, change the color for text or graphic, or change text fonts. When you don’t like a logo element, you can simply select it and keystroke [Delete]. Its logo design navigation is composed of “Click”, “Select”, and entering texts.

After finishing logo design, preview and download your design logo.

[Preview] will present you with 6 logo using scenarios. By clicking [Download], you can choose the Free plan to download a watermark-free logo in JPG and PNG format at a maximal size of 500×500.

While if you need a logo at a larger size or want a logo in SVG/PDF format, you’ll want to pick DesignEvo’s Plus package with a payment. Honestly speaking, DesignEvo Free plan will meet the demands of many webmasters and bloggers.


DesignEvo is a really helpful, free logo solution. Whether you want logos for restaurant, company, or any other business, you can always easily find related logo templates for your design. It usually takes users seconds to minutes to fine tune a custom logo design.

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