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4 Essential Mobile Apps for Content Marketers On The Go

Your phone isn’t just a tool for amusement. It can help you improve your work productivity too. There are amazing apps for content marketers to take advantage of. Here are four apps every content marketer should download.



ideas for fresh content is a perpetual challenge for marketers. Your blog needs two elements to provide real value.

  • You need to answer the questions your prospects your asking.
  • You need to answer those questions better than the competition.

It’s tougher than it appears. Articles about topics like “How to Get Blog Traffic”, have in-depth articles that would make Charles Dickens blush. So, you need to find obscure questions via long tail keywords. Perhaps they’ve already been answered, but you can answer them better.

That’s where Quora comes in. Oftentimes, people ask questions here because they can’t find a sufficient answer on Google. Some Quora questions never get answered. The site is ripe with opportunity. You can download the mobile app, and peruse the questions people are asking in your industry. Once you unearth a good topic, you can write a great post.



Oscar Wilde has a great quote about reading. He once said,

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

Content marketers should be voracious readers. That’s why read it later technology is so valuable. Occasionally, you’ll stumble on a great article you don’t have time to read. If you use Pocket, you can save that article and read it later. Another benefit of Pocket is that you don’t need an internet connection to access your archive.

google drive

Google Drive

Many agencies and marketers are using Google Drive in place of Dropbox. You can sync Google Drive with your phone and share documents with your colleagues. This is indispensable because you won’t always be near a PC. Additionally, you control what the recipient can do with the document. There are three different options for Google Drive.

  • View- The recipient can only look.
  • Comment- The recipient can make suggestions.
  • Edit- The recipient can change the document.

Google Drive is a robust tool for content marketers. Additionally, Google Drive is no longer just an idle curiosity compared to the behemoth Microsoft Office. It’s a legitimate competitor that is eroding the huge base Microsoft Office has built up.

ted talks


The Ted app shares lectures from some of the globe’s most insightful experts. These people are leaders in their fields, presenting cutting-edge ideas. What better place to gain the knowledge you can use to create great content? Better yet, you can make your own list of videos to consume at another date. Just like Pocket, you can access your playlist even when you don’t have Wifi.

Never Wasting a Second

We live in a mobile-first world. There are various situations where we have access to our phones, yet not our computers. Content marketers don’t need a desktop to hone their craft, to get work done. There are plenty of things that can be done on the phone.

This productivity starts with having the right mobile apps. Your phone is what you make it. Hopefully, you’ll boost your efficiency with the apps mentioned above.


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