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Top Places to Travel During Spring

Though many would say that summer and winter are the best seasons to travel but my view is a bit different. I would say spring is the best season to grab your bag packs and set out on a blissful journey.

This is because the weather is temperate which means it is neither too warm nor too cold. Moreover, the hotel prizes and plane fares are a bit cheaper compared to the other seasons.

However, you can even find cheap hotel during the peak season as well with the help of Travel Gooru. This online platform will make your itinerary easy than the easier ways.

Here is a list of some of the best destinations for spring:


Being a two millennia old city London has a lot to offer to its tourists. In the spring the weather is great for exploring every corner and streets of this majestic place. You can enjoy the natural sights of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

If you wish to avoid the tourist crowds, then try to go within the first two weeks of spring. Some of the best hotels where you can stay in London are: Hotel 41, Corinthian Hotel London and The Goring


Madrid is the largest city and the most populous city in Spain.  This place is filled with culture and vibrant places to explore. Moreover, what can be better than listening to gentle melodies of Spanish guitars with a glass of Sangria. You will also be amazed by the architecture and the mesmerizing paintings all over the city.


As the mid-spring approaches, the snow on the streets starts to melt, giving you the flexibility to venture throughout the Old Montreal and the Montreal Botanical garden. You will be surprised to see how the old and the modern world has merged.

Some of the old exotic houses are now transformed into restaurants, so you can spend a quite relishing time. This city has a lot to offer you if you are a history buff. You can also explore the ancient cobblestone streets of Vieux- Montreal.


If you are a history and a music lover, then Lisbon has to be the place you hit on this springs. The city will amaze you with its spectacular views and ornate architecture. The locals are very friendly and traveling around is very inexpensive here.

The food is very delicious and spicy as well. An average meal will cost you around 30 euros per person in Lisbon. If you are first time and low budget traveler, then Lisbon will be the best place to travel this spring.


Are you fond of red rocks and desert vegetation? If your answer is yes, then Sedona is the place for you to visit. It is best to go there in springs to catch the scenic beauty of this alluring place.

There are a lot of trails to hike including the famous “Cathedral Rock Trail”. In the town side, you could see the Tlaquepaque arts and also visit the crafts village. This city of Arizona has a lot to offer you if you are a keen wanderer.


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