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Essential Features To Incorporate To Make A Good Web Design

There are a few things that you must keep in mind when you want to create a good web design. There are a few features that you should essentially include in your design to make it stand apart from the others. These features will increase the potential of your website to attract more visitors and keep them engaged.

  • You must know that apart from the performance and functionality of the website, visitors look for more and better information in a website. They will stick to a web page simply because it provides them with the desired information. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you include all relevant and important information to your website.
  • The next thing to consider is the time factor. In addition to the abundance of such information, people will also want these to be available to them in less time. That means you will need to include text, pictures, videos and graphics that are relevant and important only. This will keep the load time low and the visitors happy and stuck to your site.
  • Thirdly, you must focus on the navigation factor. People will like and appreciate a site that needs less navigation to perform a specific action. Therefore, you should keep your website simple with the menus and action buttons included and located at prime spots of the page so that people can notice it quickly. Too much navigation will confuse them ending up in leaving your site.

There, make sure that you make your site comprehensive by adding only the relevant contents in it that too described in brief.

There are few other concepts that you should keep in mind as well while designing your website which will make your site popular just like LibertyLending.com and its likes and highly functional with a lot of people visiting it.

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Focus on the text

The text is one of the most important things in web design. This is something that will keep the visitors engaged.

  • It is important the you keep your text brief as well as explanatory.
  • Keep the backgrounds of the site clean enough so that it does not interfere with or hide the text.
  • Focus on the fonts and the text style so that these are legible and the readers do not need a lot of time to comprehend.
  • Lastly, and perhaps the most important thing to keep in your mind is the columns of the text. It should be narrow enough so that it is easy to read it on any screen.

Apart from the size of the text, make sure that it is appropriate to your brand value and your product. You must describe all the necessary details of your product and your brand without making it too big or confusing as well.

Therefore, a good text is the one that will provide all the necessary information and must be perfect in the hierarchy. This will make sure that you miss nothing. Also include a couple of links.

Simple and easy navigation

Navigation is something that is very crucial to make a webpage functional and popular. You must keep in mind that the visitors do not have much time to spend and therefore will give you a very short time, in fact to more than five seconds according to research, to your site.

It is within this very short time window that you have to grab their attention and make them perform a desired action. Therefore, you should make sure that they do not have to search for things on your website. In order to ensure that you must ensure that:

  • You keep the navigation bars and buttons simple, noticeable and easy to understand and use
  • The elements included in it should be consistent all through so that it provides the readers with a clue about the page they are on the site.
  • You must also focus on the minimal use of any frames and grids during navigation so that it does not become obtrusive at any point of time.

Apart from the above, it is also important to include an index on the map site. There must also a be few clearly visible and underlined links in attractive colors that coordinates properly with the page.

Add attractive graphics  

Apart from the informative text and proper navigation keys and buttons, the next important thing to keep in mind and include in your web design to make it more functional is the graphics, animations and/or videos to add in it.

  • Make sure that the color you use is bold enough to attracts the eyes of the people. How, these colors should coordinate with the contents of each page of the website.
  • If you add buttons to the graphics make sure that these are not big and dorky.
  • Also make sure that every button that you include has an alt label on it.
  • There must be a graphic link which should have and appropriate and matching text link.

Finally, make sure that the graphics you add turns off on its own so that every time the user does not have to look for the button to turn it off and continue reading your text.

Few general features

Finally, there are a few general features that you should focus on while designing your website. You must make sure that the site as well as all its pages with all the relevant contents in it. This will not annoy the visitors and keep them engaged to your site.

You must give extra emphasis to your homepage because that is the first thing that the visitors will see. Make sure that nothing of this page is hidden from the view of the visitors. Ideally, the home page of the website should fit into 800 by 600-pixel size. This will ensure a perfect fit of the page on the screen. Remember, the size of the home page will have an immediate visual impact.

To end, use proper quotes with your photos, subheads and caption, also make every page look like it belongs to the same website.   

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