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Follow These Tips and Make Your Site User-Friendly

Web accessibility revolves around making a website user-friendly to all the web users. It should be accessible on all operating systems and all the people with physical incapacities. If a person who visits your website has some issues regarding viewing the content, then it is possible that you may lose a potential client. Therefore, you must keep your site updated and run all types of accessibility tests necessary to increase the accessibility of your page.

There are different types of browsing technologies that you need to improve accessibility testing. Some web TVs do not allow horizontal scrolling, while some handheld devices have limited scope in developing scripts for them. Besides that, most of the viewers suffer from connectivity issues. If the connection is less than 56Kb, then users usually turn the images off for faster loading of the site. Moreover, you have to take care of several fields while designing a website such as scripts, tables, images, electronic forms, and other multimedia. An accessibility toolbar is essential while carrying out any accessibility tests.

It offers various advantages to the company as well as the user. First and foremost, it increases your customer base. Secondly, you can also uncover any usability issues during this. Also, incorporating some accessibility tools can help in modifying your site and going beyond the compliance. Running proper web accessibility tests can help you keep any legal complications at bay.  In the US, an approximate of 2,000 web accessibility lawsuits was filed in 2018. Such cases have increased the visibility and the importance of using accessibility checkers. Accessibility tests also help in making your site more probable to be found by search engine optimizations.

On the other hand, accessibility tests help in fulfilling the needs of a niche audience; that is people with disabilities. Your site should be compatible for people with all types of disabilities such as visual, cognitive, hearing, and motor disabilities. A lot of these people don’t find compatible sites and end up not buying any products online. If companies work on this issue, then the revenue generated from this audience will be enormous. By doing this, the organizations are also most likely to attract disability rights activists and supporters.

Below are a few steps you should follow to make your site user-friendly:

  • Validate your Site

You may think that your code is already perfect but not necessarily. If there is an invalid code, you might not see a visible bug. When programmers manually write the code, it is of human nature that you might miss out on some parts of CSS grammar or HTML. The result of such an event leads to a reduction in the standard of the page. Carrying out a validity test can save your time and money. It offers tons of advantages. Validating your code reduces the likeliness of cross-browser issues. It decreases the probability of any code bloat. After running a validating checker on your site, your page becomes compatible with a broad range of technologies and plug-ins used by various people.

  • Automated Accessibility Testing

It is an invaluable step in accessibility testing. Automated accessibility testing provides leverage to its users that it finds faults which you can easily miss if manual testing is carried out. Various service providers offer their checkers at a minimal charge. Some checkers are also available free of cost online. You can use any of these validators or choose to buy an affordable test package which has excellent reviews. If you wish to learn more about different accessibility tests, visit Siteimprove.com.

  • Manual Testing

Manual testing has equal benefits as well as disadvantages. It also comes with a lot of risks. But sometimes there are some flaws which you can best improve with human intervention. Even if you go for automated accessibility testing, make sure you go through the results thoroughly and decide depending on that, whether it is vital to carry out manual testing. Manual testing, along with assisted automated tools are the best combo for testing accessibility of a website.

  • Keyboard Testing

It is a preliminary step which you can do yourself. You have to hide your mouse and try to navigate the page with the help of your keyboard only. It lets us view any problems from a different perspective. Some people don’t like to use the mouse and are more inclined towards the keyboard for everything. Every form field, link, or button must be accessible through the keyboard. 

  • Screen Reader Testing

You have to install a software solution to conduct screen reader testing. The software will configure your screen. Most of the web designs rely on visual hints. Try to browse on your webpage and check if you can find any vital information missing. Screen reader tests help in defining the core functionality of your page and making it accessible by that.

  • Target Audience Testing

Web designs have evolved, and different types of conventions exist now to provide customers with the best service. Conventions help in various courses of web surfing. It helps to navigate a new site. Also, links appear in different color and underlined, easing the process. Small pictures on shopping website can be clicked to zoom in, giving a better visuality.

You have to carry out web accessibility tests for the best quality design for your webpage. It does not mean only fulfilling the criteria and checkpoints of different tests. Every firm has to consider running accessibility tests to target more people. It increases the customer base and helps the company to expand its web presence. Testing is not expensive, with numerous sites available online. Although the reliability and accuracy rates will vary. Once you are sure what type of requirements you have, you can choose which type of tests you need for your page. Services range from a simple automated accessibility test to rigorous regular audits. For such audits, a company will need a high amount of capital and is suitable for a big company with regularly changing website.

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